May 162012

Why One Piece Sucks

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One Piece sucks.  1)  Once they made it to the Grand-line it started sucking.

One piece started out great I mean the first 60 -65 episodes were great.  After leaving Loguetown and entering grand line this show went downhill fast.  This show started to become a weird adventure series that was actually strange and boring.  The great fights we had in the early run of the series are gone.   Luffy got his ass kick a lot later too.


One Piece sucks.  2) One piece doesn’t fucking end.

As the time of this writing One Piece is on its 545th episode, are you fucking kidding me?  Oddly enough it’s not even close to be done. One piece started broadcasting in 1999 and now it’s 2012.  Wow 13 fucking years and not much is happening.  Sanji is no closer to finding All blue.  I don’t know what the One Piece treasure is.  Luffy and Shanks hasn’t reunited yet.  Fucking thing keeps going and going, GOD just kill me now,   13 YEARS really?  AHHHHHH


One Piece sucks 3.  Fansubbers didn’t help the series.

Before One Piece was licensed by Funimation there were various groups that tried to translate it so we could watch it here.  One of the groups that survived and still continues as of this writing is Kaizoku Fansubs.  The problem here is they made it too Japanese and lost me as an audience.

One example of this were the attack names, during the fight with the Arlong gang (around episode 40) they made the bad decision to use Japanese names for the attacks. Basically every key fight scene they would use the Japanese name for the attack and translated it in small letter below.  This affected the fluidity of the scene because I would have to pause it to know the attack name. This was a dumb move for sure.

Fansubbers always has this bug up their ass on translations of titles as well.  She the Ultimate Weapon was always called Saishuu Heiki Kanojo for the longest time, even though the Japanese Poster said the English title.  Fansubbers always alienated me by doing crap like that. Other examples are:

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien : Rumbling Hearts
Sakura Taisen:  Sakura Wars
Ayashi no ceres: Ceres, Celestial Legend

By the way, all these anime above suck monkey shit.


One Piece sucks.  4)  That fucking Nakama thing.

God I hate this concept, it’s like Yugi-oh heart of the cards concept (which is fucking cheating).  Basically Nakama means comrade.  This is like a fucking cult thing again.  Basically Luffy has some weird idea or attachment to this crew.


One Piece sucks.  5) Less great battles after the grand line.

Before the Grand line, Luffy was actually doing a lot of fighting.  The battles were pretty good.  Luffy Vs Captain Kuro,  Luffy Vs Arlong, etc….

The fights were pretty good.  Of course after the Grand line there were a few. Mr 1. Vs Zoro, or Luffy vs Enel (which still should have been longer).   The fights were too far in between.  It was like every 50 episodes was one good fight.

One piece sucks.  6) Luffy isn’t a great character.

I did like Luffy a lot in the beginning, but I kind of got tired of him quickly.  Luffy is way too simple minded especially about being Pirate King.  He’s almost a child here.

I don’t like his name.  Monkey D Luffy, it’s hard to get people interested in One Piece if your character is named so oddly.  People oddly laugh at anime clubs every time the name is said.   Luffy is very stupid as well.  Half the time he gets into bad situation and then still can’t figure out he’s in trouble.


One piece sucks.  7)  Luffy Father is Monkey D Dragon.

Dragon is an infamous Revolutionary leader who has been attempting to overthrow the World Government. He is the World Government’s greatest enemy and is the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world.

I liked One Piece in the beginning because Luffy was a nobody who wanted to do something great.  It feels tainted that he has some connection to the previous Pirate King.


One piece sucks.  8)  Misc stuff.

It gets old that Sanji acts so goofy when he sees a pretty girl.  Zoro and Sanji are always fighting, they even can’t put away their difference during battle.

I was interested in what happened to the Going Merry (when it was broken).  It took too many episodes to sort it out.  I lost interested then.

These are my reasons why One Piece Sucks.

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