Apr 172012

Anime Sucks

I wanted to do something unique for this blog.  I wanted to bash popular anime with my unique point of view.  I used to be a huge anime fan, but these days I’m a former angry anime fan, honestly anime sucks.

There’s one major flaw with anime that oddly enough is not addressed.  Basically 90%+ anime are based off manga that’s printed in weekly or monthly magazines.  The problem here is almost all anime end oddly (or a cliffhanger) or there are odd fillers in the main story.  The manga is also a spoiler for the anime, people who read the manga usually spoils it for the anime watching public as well.  So you are forced to read the manga to avoid spoilers and to catch up on the story, when you do that the anime sucks and doesn’t mean as much.

anime sucksI can’t count how many anime ends on a shitty ending or cliff hanger because of the manga crap.

I don’t know when my love starting to turn to hate, but it was a gradual process.  So now I’m here writing about why anime people love and I hate (or don’t like).  I never considered myself outside of the mainstream, but for some reason I am different.

I can’t understand the current anime culture, so I wanted to write about anime shows and why I think anime sucks.