Jan 052013

X-men anime sucks

I actually did watch some recent anime,  X-men anime is one of them.  I didn’t remember watching it until the trauma came back,  I guess I blocked it out.  This is definitely a trend of more bad anime coming.  How the hell can you fuck up X-men, well it did happen.  I’m give you my reasons why X-men anime sucks.


X-men anime sucks because: 1)  Art style is bad.

X-men anime sucks

Honestly I’m not very good at judging anime style art.  The problem with X-men is that all the characters look weird.  The color palette is strange as well.  Lots of purple on black stuff and then finally it’s super dark.  Lots of times it’s a little tricky to follow the action.  For some strange reason one of the major problems with this anime is the look, I just can’t stand the art style. 

X-men anime sucks


X-men anime sucks because: 2) Hisako character is lame.

Hisako is the audience proxy and we are suppose to identify with her..  Hisako is a very cliché anime character basically very meek unless she has to fight then she’s brave.  I can’t remember any interesting traits about her (nothing really cool either). 

X-men anime sucks

Her voice is very cliché as well (Japanese voice).  Everything about her seems to be cut out of all teenage girls in anime.  Even in the 90′s cartoon of X-men Jubilee had her issues as well, but she definitely did a better job than Hisako.  We should have had Gambit or Rouge, instead we got Hisako.


X-men anime sucks because: 3)  End Credits pissed me off and the villains sucked

I hated the end credits of this show,  because they had all the villains this anime was suppose to have.  Come on, you see Mystique, Magneto and the  Juggernaut . 

X-men anime sucks

Magneto is one of my favorite Marvel characters.  Magneto always brought an interesting view to the story and his ideas can be very polarizing (perfect anti-hero). 

X-men anime sucks

The X-men of the 90′s best episodes had Magneto.  Without really good villains the story suffers a lot,  The U-men and Mastermind just didn’t work for me. 

X-men anime sucks

The U-men especially were not memorable or interesting.  I couldn’t for the life of me remember any of their names.


X-men anime sucks because: 4)  Pick a bad setting for it

I just came off Wolverine and the X-men (which was criminally ended at Season 1).  The setting was basically Jean Grey became the Phoenix and died trying to stop it.  

X-men anime sucks

Both shows had a similar concept Jean Grey was gone, Cyclops was a wreck and the plot started on what events happened to cause the tragedy. Just watching Wolverine and the X-men this setting for the anime didn’t work. 

I had the same problem with the new Amazing Spider-man movie, although the movie was good I wanted to go past the origin story.  The new Superman movie could be similar as well.  Getting back to X-men the heroes also try to figure out the 2nd mutation which felt out of place as well.  On paper you see X-men fighting evil mutants to save the world, but it didn’t work at all here, the execution was poorly done.

X-men anime sucks

In the end it was a boring show,  I couldn’t even nit-pick on more points.  I couldn’t remember alot of this anime even though I saw it recently.  Madhouse did a few more anime Marvel shows like Wolverine, Iron Man and Blade, all of them looked pretty bad as well.  X-men anime was worse than Generation X 1996 TV movie (God was that bad). 


If you take a look at those X-men Japanese OP I found on YouTube it’s really sad how great this show could have been.

These are my reasons why X-men anime sucks.