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Why One Piece Sucks

Post Anime Sucks

One Piece sucks.  1)  Once they made it to the Grand-line it started sucking.

One piece started out great I mean the first 60 -65 episodes were great.  After leaving Loguetown and entering grand line this show went downhill fast.  This show started to become a weird adventure series that was actually strange and boring.  The great fights we had in the early run of the series are gone.   Luffy got his ass kick a lot later too.


One Piece sucks.  2) One piece doesn’t fucking end.

As the time of this writing One Piece is on its 545th episode, are you fucking kidding me?  Oddly enough it’s not even close to be done. One piece started broadcasting in 1999 and now it’s 2012.  Wow 13 fucking years and not much is happening.  Sanji is no closer to finding All blue.  I don’t know what the One Piece treasure is.  Luffy and Shanks hasn’t reunited yet.  Fucking thing keeps going and going, GOD just kill me now,   13 YEARS really?  AHHHHHH


One Piece sucks 3.  Fansubbers didn’t help the series.

Before One Piece was licensed by Funimation there were various groups that tried to translate it so we could watch it here.  One of the groups that survived and still continues as of this writing is Kaizoku Fansubs.  The problem here is they made it too Japanese and lost me as an audience.

One example of this were the attack names, during the fight with the Arlong gang (around episode 40) they made the bad decision to use Japanese names for the attacks. Basically every key fight scene they would use the Japanese name for the attack and translated it in small letter below.  This affected the fluidity of the scene because I would have to pause it to know the attack name. This was a dumb move for sure.

Fansubbers always has this bug up their ass on translations of titles as well.  She the Ultimate Weapon was always called Saishuu Heiki Kanojo for the longest time, even though the Japanese Poster said the English title.  Fansubbers always alienated me by doing crap like that. Other examples are:

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien : Rumbling Hearts
Sakura Taisen:  Sakura Wars
Ayashi no ceres: Ceres, Celestial Legend

By the way, all these anime above suck monkey shit.


One Piece sucks.  4)  That fucking Nakama thing.

God I hate this concept, it’s like Yugi-oh heart of the cards concept (which is fucking cheating).  Basically Nakama means comrade.  This is like a fucking cult thing again.  Basically Luffy has some weird idea or attachment to this crew.


One Piece sucks.  5) Less great battles after the grand line.

Before the Grand line, Luffy was actually doing a lot of fighting.  The battles were pretty good.  Luffy Vs Captain Kuro,  Luffy Vs Arlong, etc….

The fights were pretty good.  Of course after the Grand line there were a few. Mr 1. Vs Zoro, or Luffy vs Enel (which still should have been longer).   The fights were too far in between.  It was like every 50 episodes was one good fight.

One piece sucks.  6) Luffy isn’t a great character.

I did like Luffy a lot in the beginning, but I kind of got tired of him quickly.  Luffy is way too simple minded especially about being Pirate King.  He’s almost a child here.

I don’t like his name.  Monkey D Luffy, it’s hard to get people interested in One Piece if your character is named so oddly.  People oddly laugh at anime clubs every time the name is said.   Luffy is very stupid as well.  Half the time he gets into bad situation and then still can’t figure out he’s in trouble.


One piece sucks.  7)  Luffy Father is Monkey D Dragon.

Dragon is an infamous Revolutionary leader who has been attempting to overthrow the World Government. He is the World Government’s greatest enemy and is the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world.

I liked One Piece in the beginning because Luffy was a nobody who wanted to do something great.  It feels tainted that he has some connection to the previous Pirate King.


One piece sucks.  8)  Misc stuff.

It gets old that Sanji acts so goofy when he sees a pretty girl.  Zoro and Sanji are always fighting, they even can’t put away their difference during battle.

I was interested in what happened to the Going Merry (when it was broken).  It took too many episodes to sort it out.  I lost interested then.

These are my reasons why One Piece Sucks.

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  1. I absolutely loved the dnesarks and animation style. It was visually beautiful. Some parts made me replay certain scenes just to see the motion and artwork. I loved it that much.But for me, it just doesn’t fit for One Piece. One Piece is meant to be happy, not a dark angst anime. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the artwork. But honestly, it just doesn’t fit. And the fact that they didn’t even squeeze in any Straw Hat comedy that makes us laugh out loud doesn’t help either.That’s not what bugged me the most. What bothered me the most was the fact that most of the characters were completely out of character. First we have Nami being angry at Usopp like a girlfriend/boyfriend fight while in the real anime Nami would of been really ticked off at first but would easily let it go. Then we have Sanji blaming Luffy for everyone’s disappearances and danger. No matter how stupid and reckless Luffy is and how angry Sanji would be at him, he would never go face-to-face to his own captain and say It’s all your fault .I’m surprised the actors didn’t say anything about it. But I guess that’s how it works.The plot really bothered me too. I saw plot holes. Lots of them. And to me, the story was weak. The villains and new characters were just bland for me. No parts made me cry, though I did smile a little at the end. I’m not bashing. I’m just stating my opinion. Though the One Piece 10: Strong World amazing.But it’s because Oda wrote it himself, isn’t it? Yup I guess that’s it. He needs to make more plots for the movies.^_^

    • I’ve cried plenty of times to this anime, I admit that. But holy shit, this series went down the shitter. I haven’t watched a episode for 2 months, and before that about the same time. If the show kept beeing as good as it was in the start it would easily be a 9/10, atm it’s 6/10. The score being above 5 only cause of the amazing start… What i’m getting at though is that if you never, or even got emotional, at the start of the show this is nit your kind of anime. At it’s prime, during the start, this show is a contender fir the best anime ever. And i’m not a ‘casual’, i’ve got a fair bit of experience.

    • It is true i haven’t cried much after the timeskip, but when i saw Rosinante’s death in law’s past, it feels like i haven’t cried in 3 years.

  2. Really agree with this guy. This anime is a disappointment

    • Agreed

    • Naruto Shippuden is a big dissappointmesnt,ODA IS AN IDIOT

      • And how is Oda an idiot. I hate people who just says something with no reasons after it. You just an ignorant biased kid.

        • OH shut up and let them feel how they feel…

        • Ok you all who say that one piece suck are dumb ass hell ok first one luffy and his crew entered the grand line of corse luffy is going to lose the people on the grand line have had years to use and perfect their devil fruit luffy has only had a few second it’s great that luffy has roots with the pirate king that means he was born to be a pirate and the battles are even better they are perfectly matched and are very sepectlar
          Next yeah sanji is Pevy but name one amine that does not have a pervy character and all the main characters on most animae are dumb and have no reason why they get into trouble also its good that one piece does not end there are many animae that dont make it past 12 eposide to see one that last for thirteen years is great so ur a idiot who said one piece sucks

        • Go put your fedora on and watch you children’s show.

        • Oda is a idiot since he let an amazing anime turn into a pile of shit.

      • fuck you dumbass u have shitty taste in anime

      • fuck you dumbass

    • You people are dumb as hell. You’re following the facts of an idiot. Did this dumbass really just say Luffy losing a fight is a bad thing? So it would be a good show if Luffy won every battle. Yeah, why don’t we just go have him fuck up all the admirals with no logical explanation. That would be great! One Piece never ends? Well of course it’s long you moron, it’s a huge ass story that’s going to take a long time to finish. If they made it a 100 episode series it would be a piece of shit. Don’t rush things, it doesn’t make them better. Also… Oda works harder then any of you. You guys sit on your asses saying shit about him. While he got put in the hospital for overworking himself and still didn’t stop drawing. I don’t give a shit what you people think of my response on this. Until you get a legitimate reason to why you think it’s shit then I’m disregarding your comment. PS. “It’s shit” and “Agreed” don’t count as responses.

      • I definitely agree with you, and I’m going to make a second comment soon. The guy who wrote this is pretty fucking retarded.

        • I agree with both of you. If One Piece was really bad, it would have ended much, much sooner. In addition, the parts such as Zoro and Sanji fighting and Sanji’s pervertedness would be so over the top that it becomes very funny. Example: Sanji almost dying of blood lost from seeing Nami after the two year time skip and during the Fishman Island Arc.

          • I kinda agree with you there. I remember Sanji seeing the Mermaid Princess for the first time, that whole scene was very funny. One piece is actually getting better. I’m catching up. Right now there is over 650 episodes. I did stop at around 200 or so. My problem with One piece is that it’s too long. Just cut the anime in half take out the extra stuff and you’ll have a great show. The weekly manga is the issue though, Manga just drags all the shows.

          • Dressrosa part is getting better and better ,i just love one piece and if you guys want a great pne piece game just search on play store , “pirates online” i am playing it for 1 week and it is amaaazingg i already have luffy zoro jinbe chopper and some otger guys :0 if youl download this game then add me as a friend ,my name is ‘JorgeKent’

      • I aggree with you also i would like to say that for a person to sit and see 2 time from the start all episodes , reading all manga watch youtube funny and sad moment and reading theories that other fun write and reading random articles in onepiece wiki … I am proud to tell that i love OP , i am 23 and i will still watching it even at my 60s i will also saw it to my children and grand chlids , but the writter of this idiotic article about OP sucks , Naruto etc. is a numbskull !!! When you boy watching lets say for exp. Supernatural even when it is at its 11 season when it supposed to end at 4rth then you can say that they make it to sell more since people see it !! Then you can say that Supernatural take the downfall !!! BUT !!! I VERY BIG BUT !!! Y cant say its shit and the writer idiot or anything else !!! Y watch what y like as we do !!! Y dont have any ANY right mister to calling a thing I love shit because i dont do it to you !!! If y believe in god i dont tell y that god is shit !!! Its you beliefe not mine so you have any right to believe what y want either it is bad good false wrong right whatever !!!! YOU CANT FUCK WHITH OTHER PEOPLE BELIEFS IDIOT KID !!!! and if you try to counter me and tell me that my opinion dosnt count cause i am a fun then . PLEASE PLEASE please tell my your favourite series or your beliefs and let me make bad fun of it and then see how you feel ok??

        P.S.1 : Just to see that y can be on the other side but be nice to other fun i dont like Naruto ANIME cause it uses too much fillers for my tastes but i am fun of the manga that i read it till the end and guess what I AM PROUD AND HUPPY
        P.S. Also everything you told to justify that OP is shit as the other manga/anime that i am not a fun i will tell you this !!! You dont even know how to make a proper con to justify yourself for being a hater !!! Thing like shit shit shit shit isnt going to make me leave OP or any other manga/ anime
        PS 3 stop being a kid grow up and think before posting something that make us think bad of you kido!!!

        • Same here! Dude I will watch op till oda finishes it even when I’m 60 years I hope god will grant him a long life until he finishes it.

      • Right on man , I wish people cut one piece some slack. If you like illogical anime’s go watch bleach or one punchman. If luffy was suddenly stronger like your ichigo and saitama I wouldn’t have watched it, which means he will be the greatest in the end which will be epic. I intend to follow one piece until it is finished and see luffy live his dream.I believe one piece is the best anime of all time followed by code geasse, with its humour, battles and very great storyline. One piece took so long because luffy has to prove himself worthy of being pirate king, an example fighting a warlord, celestial dragon, the four emperors, fleet admiral or gorosei. If it ended suddenly luffy would be a fluke of a pirate king.

  3. This is clearly biased. You made a clear argument for Naruto because it’s bunch of plot hole ridden series. However, you did NOT read/watch good amount of the series. You clearly read Naruto up to Pain invasion arc but you didnt even give One Piece a chance? You’re one dumbass weeaboo scrub from what I can tell.

    • Dude, just shut up. whats the point of watching a show like one piece when it takes like 20 episodes for something interesting to happen. And then it takes them like 4 years our time to solve it. The fighting is as he said few and far between, and Luffy is my least favorite protagonist ever. I mean he fucking blows into his thumb and says Gomu Gomu. He’s basically Mr Fantastic’s powers, Naruto’s personality, and Natsu’s cockiness. It isnt biased. Hes basically the exact opposite by mostly stating facts and few opinions.

      • There’s plenty of powers that you could accuse of being a rip off of something else, you could claim that Ace’s powers are ripping off the Human Torch, and about Luffy’s personality, a little news flash for you…

        One Piece: 1997
        Naruto: 1999
        Fairy Tail: 2006


        • Mike has no right to say shut up to anyone especially on the internet where the verbal voice isn’t even active! If you do not personally see the point of watching OP. Suggestion: switch off.

          The end.

          Some of the western viewers can get really just *expletive here*. We are lucky to even receive anime in the first place especially since majority of the western cartoons are basically worst then donkeys’ balls (with very small percentage that is actually worth watching).

          To the OP (original poster) Sooo lazy……. and alienating pfft! Spoon fed brat!!!

          First off, (this part directed at Mike) as Gabriel pointed out, One Piece’s serialisation came out first before Naruto, even though the pilot manga of Naruto came out the same year. The TV anime started in 1999.

          Secondly (again directed at Mike and other repeaters), Shonen Jump requires certain ‘stipulations’ for their publications to have i.e. protagonist needs to have a special ability or unique personality to make them stand out.
          In fact, this fact should not even be said as it’s common sense, EVERY medium/ genre there is out in the World requires borrowing some ideas from one another – that’s how it has always been since. So if one character, for example, echoes or displays similarities to another from a different series, that’s normal and should be expected. So what? That’s not the point at the end of it, it’s always about the execution of these that should matter in the end. (i.e. DBZ inspired a lot of the current current active mangakas today, the same way that in the future OP will inspire that future’s future mangakas).

          Stating that Luffy’s ability is a rip off Mr. Fantastic alone won’t suffice as an answer. So what if he has the same ability. That similarity ends there. His cockiness is like Natsu? So what? There are many cocky protagonist or sub-protagonists out there. The similarity will always be there? So what? If you cannot elaborate more than that then you’ve just missed out on a potentially cool character there just because you are blind-sided by your bias.

          As I said, Mike, you’re not into One Piece. Easy. Switch Off.

          Thirdly, I highly disagree with the original poster commenting that some fansubbers shouldn’t have kept the original language when translated in english. That is what I call becoming a spoon fed audience. Even when I am watching shows in english I still look up some of the terms etc. just so I can better understand the points being made in that certain scenario or context. Why? Many things can get lost by simple misunderstanding or mistranslation.
          I am glad some of the fansubbers kept the original terms because there are sometimes no direct translations of japanese words into english. In fact, between any languages. Only something close to resembling the essence or meaning to the word. Want to best understand, pick up a book or pick up a language to learn.

          Fourthly, comrade, crew, friend – what you call a weird attachment basically says a lot about you incidentally. Jaded. Cynical. Period.

          Actually, I don’t really have nothing to do with you being jaded or cynical if that is who you are. I just think your opinions about the fansubbers a bit…. off. Even ungrateful really. Not to mention lazy as if every minuscule detail needs to be catered to you. Well, I’m sure you are not alone.

          Anyways, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for yours. Can’t please everyone.

          Personally, I like OP very very much. It’s 16 years since its been serialised and I have great admiration for Oda for various reasons. Sure, I stopped watching OP at some point some years back due to Uni, then work and stuff. But I am glad I tried it again as it’s certainly really refreshing, particularly as an artist as I think each character design is unique in their own way.

          • Wow, I absolutely agree with Joy. One Piece has a very elaborate story line despite it seeming to be a straightforward plot of simply finding the ultimate treasure. The anime addresses real world issues(ie: slavery, oppression, political corruption) through sub plots and certain characters which I find to be amazing. Oda’s hard work is truly remarkable and of course such an intricate plot would take a longer time to finish :)

            I love One Piece but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, the person who posted this “Why One Piece Sucks” should use more solid evidence to support his thoughts like how Joy did above. Otherwise they’ll just look like a troll hater :P

      • Are you fucking shitting me? Really? Seriously? If you think that one piece copied fairy tail than I’ve got a few words for you, you ever heard of gildarts?!? He’s extremely close to being the double of shanks, all those animes… They came after one piece I respect Oda he changed names for characters because of Naruto, and he wanted to prevent any confusion. Yes Oda bases his ideas on others but who doesn’t? He admits to it too he respects other manga artists and animators and said that Luffy was a mix of what he thought was Goku Indiana Jones and Ace Ventura. Heck many of the characters in one piece are based off of historical figures. ITS CALLED INSPIRATION. and just so you know if you’ve ever gone to japan the stores they have there will most likely have an entire section dedicated to one piece. there are also large sculptures of him there as well. OH and also both Oda and the writer of naruto are pretty good friends. He’s also friends with The creator of Dragon Ball Toriko and even collaborated with the creator of rave master a little when he decided to make fairy tail so don’t.

        • i like what you are saying along with the other OP supporters. to me one piece is the best thing ever created. i got into DBZ first and OP took me over. the original poster is just a bully. i want to make manga but i would go mentally insane and oda works his poor heart and mind not just on plot but art. i have so much respect for that man that he is not even calling the bitch ass haters out. he knows better and is not a child.

    • Well,Mikes right there no point watching one piece a cibai fked up anime when it does not even have a purpose on what they are doing.I mean come on do you even need 500 plus eps to find a fked up treasure,i bet the treasure is nothing compared to fate zero holy grail.And even Gintama a anime that does not have much purpose is better than one piece,and the name ShiroYaksha sounds way better than Monkey Dick luffy.

      • YOu were really biased. Oda said that he doesn’t give a freak if it would take milllions of episodes as long as he would finish it. I’m patient and I’m waiting for the ending until I die.

      • Your so dumb kid. Your bashing on a show you haven’t even seen. Thats making you look more retarded. At least watch or read to understand why the story is so long. Wow also such a kid too. Bunch of eight year olds complaining about names. That’s just being bias. There much worse names out there than Monkey D. Luffy. Yeah right, look at naruto. He’s chasing after his boyfriend. He wouldn’t become hokage if he can’t save one friend. That means if sasuke dies, naruto won’t become hokage. Naruto is an okay series but one piece is just much better than naruto. And to you Mike, do you witch series came out first. Exactly it’s one piece. So those personalities came from one piece.

        • Lol people say this. Luffy chased after ace, right. Wouldn’t that make ace his boyfriend. I personally think naruto is a ton better then that shit you call one piece. It’s been dragging on way too long. One piece took elements out of dragonball, naruto took elements out of dragonball, romanized legends and hunter x hunter. As far as Iv seen one piece fails, when it comes to story and even now it sucks. Repetitive as hell, they are going to be floating around for another 600 or so chapters until luffy becomes pirate king and they get one piece. Even haki looks like they copied that from naruto and Dbz.

          • Luffy doesnt follow ace idiot. I dont know where youre getting your info from. As far as youve seen it fails? Have youve seen the manga sales? 30 mill. while naruto 2 mill. How is haki copied from naruto and dbz. Show me an example of something similar of haki in naruto and dbz. How do you know one piece sucks when you havnt seen or read it. One piece storyline is the most deep and complex out of the big three. Your just pulling crap ass stuff from your ass. Naruto may be more popular in the US but not that much where anime originated from. Japan. They know more shit than the US. anime and manga wise. Its repetitive, okay so is naruto idiot.

          • OMG I’m just- where do I even start there is so much wrong with your comment. -.-

      • actually i believe the one piece is a secret weapon. robin is an archeaologist. According to Robin, the Rio Poneglyph (真の歴史の本文(リオ・ポーネグリフ) Rio Pōnegurifu?, literally translated as “True Text of History”) is the message carried by all the poneglyphs along the Grand Line. It contains the true history of the One Piece world (including the “Void Century” of which research is forbidden). the marines are secretly looking for it as well. and it is said that it is a weapon that can destroy the world. if you seen the episode in alabasta when robin decipher poneglyphs. and yes i copied and paste sue me. it does not say it is a weapon its just a guess. little hints and clues

      • Ok first off did you even watch one piece? The “treasure” is something no one really knows what the heck it is he only wants to become the person with he most freedom in the world I LOVED gintama so yes it’s only a little better than one piece in my opinion. And a it’s obviously going to take a while to go across the ENTIRE world when each of them have their own dreams that they want to achieve.

    • My god how did you even start something or did something this out of hand. OK calling the show stupid I can understand at some points, but calling Eiichoro Oda an idiot is just a bunch of shit. I think you should think about what you and these haters just posted because a friendly reminder, this is a sight of One Piece so your in our territory. Haters! You don’t see me insulting Naruto, which I hate, but I’m not making a point there.

  4. What’s wrong with you?
    While it’s true Luffy has some connections to the Pirate King, you don’t seem to realize that the Pirate King ISN’T MONKEY D. DRAGON; it’s GOL D. ROGER. Making such a stupid mistake just goes to show that you really don’t give a shit about the series enough to follow the plot.
    And I would love to know what you mean by “the battles starting sucking after they entered the Grand Line.” I don’t think you’ve got a clue about Luffy’s major battles, such as those with Crocodile, Rob Lucci, and Akainu (oops, that’s probably too far for you).
    PS Wonderful job with the grammar.

    • I never said Dragon is the pirate king. Everyone knows it’s Gold Roger it’s in the theme song. I’m just saying there is a connection that’s all.

      Yes there are good battles later, Luffy vs Crocodile wasn’t that good. Same with Luffy Vs Enel. I did like luffy vs Blueno and Luffy vs Rob Lucci. Even Zorro vs Mr 1 was good. Remember though, you have to wait around 100 episodes for Luffy vs Crodile and maybe 100 more for Luffy vs Enel and they aren’t worth the wait.

      • It seems the only reason you hate this anime is becuase you lacked the patience to stay with it.

        • TRUE

          • No, he just had the brains to quit something that’s not well written, and doesn’t has any sort of beauty on its art style; it’s rushed at worse.

            Plus, it’s obvious this is another anime prostitute made by Jump, eternalizing it so the Otaku fandom keeps on buying.

            Soul Eater only needed 54 episodes to tell a dtory from begining to end, and was memorable. Many others need less than 100 episodes to make you laugh, cry and shout. This needs 562 episodes to keep people alienized with a prouct. It’s like the Pokemon anime, if not worse.

          • Soul Eater manga (the anime is only an adaptation, a bad one) haven’t ended, yet! So in your standards Soul Eater is a similar prostitute like One Piece.

            Don’t compare Pokemon with One Piece, the demographics are totally different! Pokemon is directed to children and to potential player of the game, while One Piece is directed to teenagers.

          • One Piece -is- well-written. This guy’s points were all biased and made no actual sense. Dragon doesn’t even have anything to do with the Pirate King.

      • still better than naruto i guess. too much gay proud. chasing the boy who kicked him out.

        • I’d say naruto and bleach are much better then this piece of shit. Not to mention chasing the first friend that he ever had is all goods. Iv seen shippuden and the sasuke retrieval arc is not even that long. There’s more involvement from naruto and konoha 11. One piece became even shittier after the time skip. All I see is naruto getting better and better, same for bleach and who gives a shit about one piece. Manga sales may be high, but that’s just manga sales, which is nothing.

          • Please… don’t even try to compare, those animes are great but still full of damn fillers. It’s way too pathetic. You guys who say these things… One Piece is on the top at anime’s evaluation. Probably, you are some huge fans of Bleach and Naruto and you say OP is a shit because it’s a rival, or you’re not an otaku and you don’t understand anything about animes or, another option, you were too scared of the number of the episodes to see everything with an intelligent view. You, for example, Gohan, are a Narutard, that kind of person is hopeless, doesn’t know how to enjoy the fantastic world of manga and animes, most people don’t give a shit about you, you are a pain in the ass because you’re the guys that make people think we’re childish and weird, but not every otakus are just the tard ones. I really feel sorry for you

          • Another op tard, I can see why your kind is the most disrespected lol. Okay, one piece is nothing, manga sells $4 for each volume= nothing. Now stop being such a bitchy kid and think, one piece is only famous in Japan, it will never be famous worldwide, like naruto or bleach. Sad for you :D, but that’s life kid, I mean I can see you having no life at all posting such useless shit because you got butthurt by some other kid. Il put it in words you understand, naruto= ninjas everyone likes ninjas, one piece=gay pirates that give real pirates a disgrace, bleach= swords and a repetitive story, but still pretty good. The majority of the world favors naruto and bleach, while Japan favors one piece.

          • Wow you are obviously just watching Naruto and Bleach because they are more popular than One Piece, you are a disgrace to people who watch anime for the plot and characters. Bleach and Naruto are good anime, but One Piece is better than both of them, and you are watching for all the wrong reasons.

          • GodofWar2013- …… just because its ninjas doesnt mean its better. Thats the most retarded reason ever. Also i dont see ninjas with flashy orange jump suits non stealthy with super powers. So naruto is a disgrace of real ninjas. At least one piece follows pirates. Journeys, adventure, fights, mystery, and more. Pirates are not just about robbing rape and stuff. There are actually things like that in one piece. Check your facts first before bashing. Its because of 4kids. 4kids never trashed naruto but did to one piece. Thats why a lot of people dont watch it.

          • If the manga isnt good, nobody will buy it. duh. what the hell you saying. Youre just bashing one piece because it is a rival. You cant bash on a series that you have never seen or read before. its that simple. You think that one piece does not get better and better? The story and characters are more developed than naruto developments combined. Youre just being a biased 8 year old.

          • Are you kidding me godofwar2013? Even without the sales from japan one piece would easily beat naruto in manga sales and it is worldwide, If it wasn’t it wouldn’t be called one if the big 3 for nothing. Also regarding character development… I find that most characters in one piece have a much more interesting and touching background heck some of them made me want to cry.. Throughout the story all of them change a little in the way they think, they get a little stronger they make more promises. After the 2 year time skip they all grew A LOT stronger and have a lot more resolve in making Luffy pirate king, they are wwaaayyyy more open about it. You ever see those what you think about ninjas what I think about them? The author of naruto created a different concept of ninjas and so did Oda there were respectful ones bad ones dreamers and the one you just really liked. Same for naruto so please don’t hate or else I’ll hate on Naruto and let me tell you I have A LOOTTTT to say about that,

          • Guy I really think the real gay here is you , if you really like one piece you are surely a mentally retarded adult with a kid personality or a wanna be pirate with a spoon in the ass Naruto just wants to make know to Sasuke that he is taking the wrong choices at the moment and as a true FRIEND (which is something you may actually lack) he tries to make him gain his senses back but I think this is far too complicated for your 6 year old mental age to understand.

      • Are you just watching One Piece for the fights? If you are, please be patient but I guess you can’t anyways.

        • If you are watching this shoe just for the fights, just go on Youtube and search them all. There problem solved, now shut up and apologize to all us One Piece fans. And let me tell you something, the only reasons I’m into Naruto in the slightest is because of the fights, not in hell the storyline, Bleach is next to One Piece. But now your saying you liked some of the fights. Just as I thought you have no GOOD evidence the fights are bad. LOL!

      • if anime sucks then why watch it or be curios about anime, if you fucking hate one piece then why research about it and bash it.

        • That doesn’t make any sense. How can you tell if the anime is good or bad if you don’t watch it?
          I watched Bleach, Naruto and One Piece twice! Bleach’s first arc is exellent and the restis also good, but not as the first one. One Piece starts in a boring way, but after a while it gets REALLY good, if you focus on the story and characters. Naruto part 1 is reaaly nice, with a nice story and characters. Naruto Shippuden is the worst shit, with terrible character development and plot. The only good arcs are the Pain one and the first time they meet Sasuke again. After that all the meaning of Naruto was lost and I only saw shit.
          So the point is: OP is good, Bleach is good, Naruto is half of the way good.

  5. Only reason why one piece doesn’t have much plot holes is because it’s too simple. Hell it’s something i could have thought up of at 10. “Go to an island, some stupid shit happens, strawhats beat the bad guy, everybody becomes happy, they get some money or another nakama and do this for 13 fucking years” NICE FUCKING PLOT. Only thing that was good was impel down and whitebeard war. Oh and the bad guys never die, Lol you crushed my heart “YO ODA USE YOUR PLOT HAX” yay i’m alive again!!! Oh and Luffy’s a huge pussy.

    • Dude you’re such a regard there are more then just going to islands. I f you’ve seen the war then you should know that there will be a big war after the treasure one piece is found and also the mystery of the Will of D, ponyglyphs and ancient weapons o f mass destruction. you would never thought of something like that. naruto has the simplest plot. oh ninja kid wanting to become village leader. such a deep plot omg. naruto Chases his boyfriend and tries to find him. if saske dies he won’t become hokage. he even said it himself, “I can’t become hokage if I can’t eeven save one person”. horrible

    • Really? So your saying you could’ve researched a whole bunch of people created over 100 characters continued an anime for over 15 years have tons of people love it, keep their attention, made the concept of devil fruit and Haki create different arcs that brought people to tears about things no one else could. Create a anime concept with a endlessly expanding plot (which so far I have not seen from any anime). and Luffy is a huge pussy really? Really?! He risked his life over and over not to save himself but to save the people he cares about. and you really think that’s the only fun part? Then you obviously haven’t watched the whole thing. And also it’s not called plot hack if you payed attention and was smart you would find out that Law’s devil fruit powers allow him to change the human anatomy so in a way it was very possible to save by him and Jimbei. And also how is a endlessly expanding world where everyone has their own goals that seen extremely hard to achieve (even Ussops because he’s a coward), but their largest goal is to make Luffy pirate king a bad plot? and there’s a lot to the story that you have to pay a lot of attention to get it’s it’s made extremely well if you ask me.

  6. Generic shounen is generic.

  7. I HATE fansubs. X(
    They should translate EVERYTHING to english.
    Now about one piece, I agree with everything. Luffy doesn’t deserve his popularity. he can only stretch and that’s lame. I know he has some new technique I think, It’s about time.. One Piece just has way too many episodes to. The only anime I know that has more episodes than one piece is detective conan. I do understand with that show though, because it gets you thinking, and that anime isn’t as bad as the rest. It’s different. My main complaint about One Piece is that the story really is predictable. Anyone would guess that in the end, Luffy’s going to be a pirate king and his friends will end up achieving their goals. I was impressed with the fact that Ace actually dies. I can’t really complain about OP alot though. atleast it doesn’t suck as bad as Naruto and Bleach does.

    • there is actually more to one piece than freakin achieving their goal. for example the will of D, the phoneglyps, ancient weapons, ancient kingdom, void century and the people with the name D in it. It is all a mystery and will be revealed in the end. So it aint simple that they just achieve their goal. AND one piece is not actually a damned treasure. Im quite sure that oda aint that simple minded.

      • The problem is that yes there are these things to One Piece, just Oda never wants to get around to explaining anything. Just when you think he’s going to he just reveals another ‘mystery’ that he will leave hidden until the so called mythical ‘end’. The thing is, I could actually get into One PIece…maybe, if 2 things were different, 1. Luffy was a likable character and not a shrieking moron(the other crewmembers are interesting enough, especially Robin and the skeleton guy) 2. Oda actually had things progress as the story was told. I don’t care how many episodes it has, the more the better really, but he doesn’t have things resolve as they progress he just stacks more and more on and on. It gets tiresome to be led on for so long with so little pay off. At least Naruto and Bleach reveal mysteries, even if they just wait till later to double back or confuse things, at least it helps to keep people invested at the time.

        • Yeh naruto reaveal mysteries like hm lets say when we find out how Yodaime and Kushina die it was an epic and an good moment full of emotion and I almost cry the shit out of me .THAT BEING SAID i cry the shit out of me first time i saw it they reuse the same scene for 11 FWCKING TIMES FFS and thats done allot in the anime like obito death or or itachi was carring sasuke or or sasuke and naruto fingering .. it just destroys the magic that the prezent action give to anime whit bullshit about past i belive if all the fillers and the memories were taken out from anime from 500 episodes it will be reduce to 250….AND NOW THATS A SHITY ANIME ( that i watch and i read manga since i was 11 and now i am 18 so yeh) I also watch bleach/hunter x hunter/ death note/ soul eater/ SAO/ AOT/ etc etc etc etc ONE PIECE BY FAR IS THE BEST ANIME WHIT THE BEST PLOT OUT THERE only to thinck at all the details that will come whit this anime ending will make your mind explode.

          • Another wannabe pirate …..
            Just think of the plot of one piece for a second … during the Dressrosa arc “GIANT BABIES THAT ARE ADDICTED TO COCAINE” I could shit on the floor and the few words that could be read would produce a better plot than this … and you say the guy WORKS ALOT I know that naruto got its drawbacks but one piece is just *************************censored*************************

      • Ooh fuck stop repeating the same godammed thing all along one piece sucks it has a childish story which surly pleases some retarded wannabe pirates such as you infact Naruto is just better a nice plot deep and quaresmatic characters excellent soundtrack epic battles and doesn’t last for shit best things last short

      • thats the reason why i keep reading OP.

    • if it is too fucking predictable, then did you predict before that robin is one of the most needed person in one piece??, did you predict that the straw hats will receive a complete defeat in the sabaody?, and DID you FUCKING already know what happened to the void century and what really is one piece?

  8. u suck. spitting so much non sense. piss off douchebag

  9. Why there no “Why Bleach Sucks” page. Bleach sucks more any other anime I watch.

    • Fuck you man bleach is a a pretty good anime, yeah it does have its bad parts, in fact there are a lot, but its still a good show. i mean c’mon, your telling me you dont get excited when you here that beat and the ” if you wanna see some action” and then ichigo totally goes badass on somebody but you do like it when some guy who acts like a kid yet is supposed to be 17 blows on his thumb or stretches his arms.

      • Bleach Barely has any story, barely character development, one move(gestuga tenshou), and he has no goal. At least luffy has multiple kinds of attacks. Go watch some one piece amv on YouTube or something. Luffy can go badass sometimes. Your only talking about the main characters. There are huge amounts of badass characters in one piece.

        • I agree with what you are saying about OP, but Bleach’s got a LOT of character development and the story is good, even more during the first arc.

      • Heyyy why does everyone think that’s the extent of it? It’s really not :( there’s so much more if you look a little deeper

    • There is none because criticizing Bleach would actually make sense… But this whole page is obviously satire.. Do you really think this guy would spend so much time watching hundreds of episodes of anime if he hates all of it? Just look to how all his points is more or less the exact thing you’d except from someone who loves Transformers 3 to death… Yeah, this is a satire imitating the mainstream.

      • Lmao.

      • No this is not a satire
        I watch Naruto and I got hooked up at first with one piece but the plot is too damn stupid on the long run and makes me feel lke a mentally retarded guy with a kids personality when I watch it , if that’s not your case then you really got a problem

  10. I cant agree more…one pice is a huge one piece of dinosaur shit…over 13 years with a weak plot and ridiculous story line…stop comparing what japanese people like or buy or not …most of them are nuts and teeagers in japan buy lot of one piece manga because there is a war between one piece and naruto and bleach fans ….btw i watched 3 of these animes and read manga but i stopped they suck all and they are endless and exausting.sorry for my bad english

  11. One Piece sucks balls hard, they everytime say “The characters have a great design and everyone of them is important in the story”.

    The “nakamas” are pretty generic, and they all have stupid dreams, if I want to hear someone talking about dreams I better listen to Martin Luther King. And putting every character a important role in the story is really bad done beucase it forces the story, which is a really bad thing.

  12. 1) You’re a MORON. After the Grand Line the adventure and plot progression just got better. Not only that, but the arcs and characters became more developed.

    2) So what if it hasn’t ended? A lot of anime haven’t ended yet. Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Toriko, Gintama… the list goes on and on. One Piece is #1 in manga sales in Japan right now; it hasn’t ended because it’s FUCKING EPIC.

    3) LOLWUT? This isn’t even a good reason. You’re bitching about the attack names being in Japanese? Well the show is originally dubbed in JAPANESE you know. I feel like you just pulled this reason out of your ass because you couldn’t think of anything else.

    4) Another stupid reason again. This just emphasizes how important friendship is. How far do you think Luffy would’ve gotten without his crew? Probably killed before he even got to the Grand Line. Besides, it wouldn’t be very exciting if Luffy didn’t treat his crew like friends.

    5) Oh Lord…you haven’t seen Marine Ford or CP9 right? You’re making shit up now.

    6) So you’re complaining about his name and character? First off, Luffy has one of the most unique names among anime characters. Secondly, the reason he is such a likable characters is because of how he is. Simple minded and unpredictable. Ever wonder why so many main characters are like that? Goku from DBZ, Naruto, Gon from Hunter x Hunter, Natsu from fairy tail; they’re all like that because fans like such characters. Only a few such characters exist per anime.

    7) Luffy started off unknown. Because his father is something, does that make Luffy something? NO. He obviously has to work for it if he wants to get closer to his goal.

    8) Another ass pull. So you want Oda to just get rid of occuring themes? That’s their damn character, getting rid of that is a HUGE inconsistency with character development. You’re obviously not a thinker.

  13. two words FUCK YOU

  14. Totally agree with this. One Piece is, along with Bleach and Naruto, are simple Dragonball wanna-be’s and that is all they ever will be. Character wise Luffy is Goku, but waaaaaaaaaaaay dumber, and his whole crew are more or less modeled on the DBZ gang, won’t go into details but if you stop and look you can see it! The animation? I’ve seen mid 90′s budget hentai with better production values than this. The character design, for the villains in particular, are just……there is nothing that Oda can’t pull out of that bottomless hat of his that doesn’t shock me to my core.
    I think that after One Piece became mega popular Oda had a thought “Hey! Instead of telling a in depth story and improving it on all levels, why don’t I just milk the living hell out of it until people just get so bored with it they move on?”
    Seriously, did this show REALLY need to be over 500 episodes long? Just how many freaking distractions are there in the Grand Line?
    Its all about money people, that’s what anime has devolved too, never again will we see anime like Genocyber or M.D Geist or Urosukidoji and Akira. The anime I grew up with is forgotten and the crap that gets shown these days just keeps getting drunk down by brainless fanboys like cheap vodka. If you like it, fine, but don’t expect everyone to buy into the great lie that ‘One Piece is the greatest’.

    • Who cares if its all about money. As long as the author keeps on making his series entertaining and interesting and that is what Oda is doing. Also you are pulling crap out of your ass. You are saying bootleg ass reasons. If you have seen or read one piece, you should know what goes on in the series. You are just being biased.

      • i like you “person” i love your comments and how you sticking up for one piece b.c you understand the plot and the storyline.

    • Dragon Ball sucks balls compared to One Piece. Dragon Balls writing is pretty much shit and full of ass pulls and plot holes, especially the Buu arc holy shit was it stupid and badly written. One Piece beats Dragon Ball in pretty much every category by a long shot. Better world building, better story, it is more creative and the drama bits are top notch, Dragon Ball sucks and you only think its the best thing ever because of nostalgia.

  15. Uhhh, well lets just say its a good thing you dont make Manga’s.

    But i do sort of agree with you, there are some major problems with one piece but i dont think you really hit the right notes, aside from the it being too long. So i’ll do a small break down of what i think.

    Problem 1 – Story is too damn long, its plain and simple, going since 1999, and its 2013, Zoro is not the best swordsman, Luffy is not Pirate King, or even close to being, Sanji has not seen all blue, Luffy and Shanks have not yet met, I haven’t seen Nami charter any islands for a good while now so i’m not sure what her “goal” is meant to be, and with arcs taking up to 50+ episodes, i will not want to watch for an entire year, or read for an entire year, to get through one single arc, that’s retarded. I thought Naruto was long but this is stupid. If the Punk Hazzard arc is going to take till the end of the year to animate im just going to drop the show entirely.

    Problem 2 – Artwork, Dragon Ball Z that was created in the early 1990′s has better animation than this show, infact this shows animation is on par with Dragon Ball, now while i dont care so much about that, as i love Dragon Ball more than most other anime’s, It still bothers me that they cant at least get some decent art in there.

    Problem 3 – the biggest problem in my opinion, is the enemies, apart from Rob Lucci and Akainu, the other enemies are a real joke, in fact the enemies are like something out of a child’s fairy tail book, it totally takes away from the immersion of the story. When you have enemies such as a Giraffe, or a fat fishman guy, or a fishman guy with a stupid nose or a clown or some stupid clay guy that has a burning 3 on his head, its STUPID.

    Aside from these its a good anime, i wouldn’t say its worthy of all the praise it gets, Oda might to write plotholes, but when your enemies take 5 mins to write then then you cant go wrong with plot holes. Madara from Naruto is 10 times more badass than any enemy in the whole of one piece so far, if you think otherwise then you are younger than 15.

    • Soooooo trueeee….. lol XD

    • you say you’re younger than 15 if you think enemies in one piece are more badass than madara it’s called an opionion and if you don’t respect the opinions of other people you are just an intollerant douchebag and sadly that doesn’tr have an age limitation…

      • Reply to …
        It’s not about having an age limitation it’s about you being too mentally retarded to understand that one piece is for dumb kids which are addicted to nose drilling, how could you even have a brain if all you watch day long is Franky saying SUPER .. Luffy who visits and island, bad guy causes shit, gets annoyed, beats the bad guy ,quits the island and gain some treasure or some other one piece treasure shit , rinse and repeat, now 600 + episodes over 18 years but it seems we are still on the same damn place ….
        And just to talk about Naruto better known worldwide , it’s videogame sales beat one piece by far , a consistent story ,moderated epic battles and totally badass characters .. But who in one piece can stand a chance against Madara, genjutsu( the sharingan damn he predicted your moves ever since you were even born), edo tensei, susanoo 20 feet tall that slashes mountains into pieces , takes on an army alone , and the next time takes on an army totally BLIND who in one piece can do that !!!!!! …Monkey D. Stupid who is damn elastic and is 17 and acts like he’s got 8 ,guys please for your own sake quit looking one piece it’s just makes you more retard

    • Well at least One piece does not have as much plotholes as in naruto. Cannot deny that. Yeah sure maadara is a baddass but, he has done nothing in this war except for defeating the kages(which we never saw). I call bull. Your fist reason, naruto Hasn’t become hokage yet either. It’s like he’s not even mature enough. Naruto storyline is also plain and simple. Your complaining about long arcs, so. You said you like dbz right, and in those episodes, on episode majority of the time “ahhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrggggg” power up. LoL.

  16. So,,, Why don’t YOU try to published your own ANIME??? Maybe someone will wrote ‘why YOUR anime sucks’…. LOL XD

  17. you people are nerds

  18. I love one piece. The characters have their own personalities. The main character is not supposed to be careful or very concentrated. I wouldn’t want my main character sitting in a corner contemplating about his or her life or thinking of of plan. The ridiculous habits are also what makes the anime one of the best. The battles to how can you not like them. For all you haters out there one piece naruto and bleach all are some of the best. Why do you think there so popular? (Also try fairy tail)

  19. Okay so i believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. So i wont judge you for not liking One Piece, but i will tell you my opinion on the things you listed.

    1. After they enter the Grand Line it only gets better, what did you not want the to go on crazy adventures so that they could go off an look for random treasure. No that would be stupid. Luffy cant just become the Pirate King. About the fights He shouldn’t be able to just go and kill every guy he meets, there needs to be some struggle or its just a completely one sided fight.

    2. Oda (The creator of One Piece) didn’t plan for it to go on for so long, he originally planned for it to go on for a couple years. Its not about Luffy being the Pirate King. Its about him and his crew mates chasing their dreams and going on adventures.

    3. I agree with you on this to an extent. The fansubbers who left some of the original Japanese words because the whole meaning couldn’t be completely translated is something that makes it harder for English speaking viewers to understand. But you can get over this if you see it enough. Most of the newer fansubs (yibis in particular) don’t do that so its not really a problem.

    4. Luffy considers his crew not only friends but somewhat of a second family. Nakama means friend or comrade. I don’t see how Luffy being a pirate captain and calling his crew nakama is anything like Yu-Gi-Ohs concept of the “hear of the cards”

    5. One Piece isn’t completely focused on fighting big enemies? Thats a bad thing? One Piece isnt meant to be a copy of Dragonball. Its more focused on adventures than on fighting one really strong guy.

    6. Okay so you don’t like an anime because you don’t like the character. That’s reasonable, But Its not a reason why One Piece would be a bad anime or Luffy would be a bad character.

    7. Luffy didn’t even know he had a Dad until the end of the fourth saga. And he never met Gol. D Roger, he was dead before Luffy was born. So its not like that influenced him to be a pirate, Shanks was the reason Luffy wanted to be a pirate. The fact that he has a small connection with him is coincidence or its how Oda decided he would take the story.

    8. There called running gags, every comedy(and most non-comedy) shows/movies have them. The fact that you don’t enjoy them or you don’t think they should be used as often doesn’t mean that its bad. I laugh almost every time Sanji freaks out over a cute girl, especially when its at a bad time.

    So yeah just because you think an Anime is bad doesn’t mean that it sucks at all. It just means you thought it sucked. This happens way to much, your giving half-assed reasons on why you don’t like something and saying these are the things that make it bad. If you had mentioned the art or maybe something about a plot hole. Then yeah i might have considered this to be reasonable.

    • He never killed anyone just stripped them of their dreams… but I love your points even though I feel sorta offended But i think you proved some points ^^

    • You just keep adding the words which just makes me to remember why one piece is such a piece of hot shit

  20. Well, maybe this is just me, but I don’t understand why something like this exists.
    I personally really like One Piece, but hey, I understand that there are plenty of people who don’t.
    I mean, everyone has their own opinion.
    At the same time, I don’t really like Bleach.
    But you don’t see me going around creating ‘I Hate Bleach’ websites, because I wouldn’t gain anything from that.
    So let me ask you nicely,
    What do you gain from this?

    I understand that perhaps you’re simply trying to state your mind and your opinion, but you must understand that there are a lot of people who like anime and One Piece, and they will give you nothing but hate because this is the internet.
    Half the time, people can’t be reasoned with on here.
    So I don’t understand what it is that benefits you from creating something displaying your level of hatred towards something.
    If you don’t like it, ignore it.
    Making a big fuss will get you nowhere.

    And this goes for the people who are trying to defend One Piece as well.
    I think it’s a great show, but not everyone likes it.
    So it you find a website like this that shoots down something you like, just ignore it.
    Because you won’t get anything from complaining and arguing.
    You could always move on to websites that actually talk about how GREAT something is, because I’m sure that at least one website is dedicated to the positive side of One Piece.

    • What he gains is that people comment and tell what they think… It’s called socializing over the internet about anime (just made that up)… However, some people do base their opinions on rather unpleasent ways, wich I believe to be annoying, and so do a lot of other people. If you’re thinking: ‘Why did he use such words as suck’, well here’s why… A lot of people use those words to look things up, and it’s common talk in the teen world. Anyway, most people just do such ‘fan wars’, because they are either way trolling (wich is simply a way of killing your bored time) or defending your anime, because your a firehead or have also, once again, simply nothing to do. There are also (some) people, who look anime up and bash it, because they hate it with a passion… Can’t actually really imagine someone doing this, but I know that if it’s true, it’s pretty no life…
      If you’re wondering: ‘Why would he be writing this…’, then I’ll give you the answer right away: it’s 23:29 PM and I’m bored to hell xD

  21. I think no1 should even give a fuck about anything u say

  22. You don’t even deserve to like One Piece

  23. everybody calm down.. why dont you leave them alone.. just enjoy your favorite anime.. just like that.. if you dont anime then dont watch that simple..

  24. I’ll be too busy getting bitches while you virgins wait for your show to end….haha

    • No one wants to sleep with an idiot. Sorry, you wont be getting any. Instead of making this website you should just let everyone like what they want and shut your ugly mouth. It pretty obvious you’re an idiot, why would you watch One Piece if you think it sucks so much? Just dig a hole somewhere and lay there so you wont make yourself an even bigger fool.

    • Hahahaha! That’s funny. You’re funny.

      You know what they say to those that like to brag about this thing. Your ego is a lot bigger than what you’ve actually got “there”. No worries, your ego might actually work for you… might …. lol!

  25. I’ll make one post on why I agree with this idiot, but his reasons for hating the show is idiotic.

    1) Luffy is a horrible main character. Like this guy said earlier–and this is the only thing I’ll agree to–Luffy is way too simple minded about becoming Pirate King. There’s no planning, he just does whatever he wants and it works. Sure it’s fictional, but that’s just sad.

    2) There’s no real sense of danger. The reason why Naruto is popular internationally is because of the sense of danger that you felt. Within the first 20 episodes of Naruto, Kakashi basically dies–when first watching the show, without knowing anything about jutsus, you feel like he died in your face–and Naruto’s crippled in fear. Later on in the show, Lee gets crippled, the third hokage dies, Jiraiya dies, Orochimaru dies, etc. In One Piece, the worst you see is Zoro vs Mihawk, and that’s around 40-60 (don’t remember ;p).

    I actually got excited in Luffy’s fight vs Cap’ Kuro, cause I thought he was finally going to get put in his place and have to use his damn brain for once, but yet again he turns out to be this invincible rubber idiot.

    3) The fight scenes are…FUCKING HORRIBLE!! How are you going to make someone wait 20-50 episodes for a fight scene, and have them last for 5 minutes. Plus they always focus around Luffy, who is the goofiest character in the show. I actually watched far into the show, only to see Zoro’s fights, which were also disappointing.

    4) The characters in the show are way too pompous and childish. Luffy’s literally a cocky brat who puts his friends in horrible situations. Nami’s a bitch. Sanji is probably the coolest character in the show…until he gets around women. Usopp is the only character I liked, but he’s waaayyy too cowardly. Zoro is probably the only character that could be taken out of OP and be put in any shounen anime, but he’s way too confident. Him getting put in his place by Mihawk was the most satisfying episode I’ve watched in the show.

    5) The show is way too predictable. Here’s what basically happens in OP: Luffy sets out to find someone/something, a set number of enemies get in his way and those enemies are split among Luffy’s crew to fight 1v1′s. Luffy always fights the leader (who always seems to have a fruit ability), Zoro/Sanji fight that leader’s righthand men. They win, Luffy gets what he came for, and they move on.

    If they would’ve allowed Luffy to fail at anytime in the show, it would’ve made it slightly less predictable and much more enjoyable to watch.

    Now…could someone please explain to me why this show is even in consideration as one of the best anime shows? I have to admit that it has a great story, but its story doesn’t even compare to HxH or FullMetal Alchemist. This show doesn’t even compete with Rurouni Kenshin.

    • Lol I have to take back what I said now, well some things. This show is actually really good. I couldn’t really see how well put together the story is, or how each character’s progression is extremely thought out. At the time of this comment, I was only slightly past their entry into Grand Line (Episode 70-something).

      My reason for hating this show before was the ignorance of the characters, lack of character progression, and the goofiness of the show. They truly believed that they were already better than everyone else, which pissed me off. The fact that they were winning the majority of their fights throughout the first 50 episodes aided that belief, which truly pissed me off as well. The battles were mostly horrible, but the beginning of this show was focused on conveying the power that the main characters possess, which is why its somewhat goofy. With as far as I’ve gotten, I can see that the first few fights are somewhat saying “See, we can take on Grand Line easily :D.”

      Mihawk was the writer’s way of saying “this is the true power of Grand Line,” but no reaction from Luffy at all. No “Holy Shit!” Which is why I still hate Luffy now.

      Zoro, realizing that he sucks ass now, starts training everyday, constantly searching for a reason as to why Mihawk is stronger than him.

      I could always see that Usopp probably gets much stronger, with his intellect, which is why I liked him. His fight against that merman guy was my favorite fight throughout all those episodes. Wanting to see how he progressed was the main reason I continued watching this show.

      His creation of the Clima pact weapon was my first sign that Nami was actually going to progress as well. I thought that it’d do the same that Naruto did, with their neglect of the other characters progression (Lee, Neji, Hinata, etc.).

      The fight was still extremely goofy, but its kind of showing that these guys don’t really know what they’re doing. I can see now that Luffy is strong solely because of his fruit ability, which made me realize that him meeting Smoker, and Crocodile was to explain that he has much to learn, even if he’s too ignorant to see it.

      If you guys want us to understand how good this show really is, then explain instead of insult. Calling us Narutards doesn’t change the fact that Naruto, Bleach and One Piece are all good shows. All of them are much worse than their rating implies though.

      • 10+ this

        we share the same opinios,luffy is way overrated,
        the one piece world has a grim dark vibe under it where you go deeper into the story,and the story gets really well done,making me want to see more and learn more but the whole goffy way of dealing with many of the worlds issues ,really dumbes down the show.the character prograssion is bad and so dose the dialuges.the animetion can be very weird sometimes.
        and a very big issue that always bothers me is how every adult character in the shown acts even dumber
        then the actual characters.the fishman’s are just phatetic.

      • Well, I still don’t know exactly how far you’ve gotten, but I’ll just type as if you have watched it all.
        It should be said that I don’t watch One Piece, I read the manga. From time to time, I watch the most awesome moments/fights of the anime on Youtube.

        I don’t think it’s on par with the Full Metal Alchemist anime, though. But that anime is a special one.
        I think One Piece is ALOT better than Naruto and Bleach, but then again, that’s just my opinion.
        I read all 3 mangas, and at this point, both the writers of Naruto and Bleach seem to have their heads up their own asses. I won’t go into detail explaining why, unless you’d like that.

        I agree with SOME of the things you’ve said. I love One Piece, I think it’s a great manga. Long, perhaps, but I don’t mind reading for another 13 years. One Piece isn’t without it’s faults though.

        I can see why you, and other people, would hate Luffy for being a generic anime character. But isn’t that just because we have waay to many of those characters? I feel like it started with DBZ.
        Goku was a dumb litle kid, who loved food and just rushed into things. When I think about it, Goku doesn’t really evolve much as a character. He just grows up. Luffy is also like that. But we haven’t seen the same time span in One Piece as we have in DBZ. From the start of the One Piece manga to now, the story has only moved around 3 years, maybe 4, I think. Where as DBZ has spanned over 40 years.
        Naruto is the same, as well. Still stupid, rushes into things and loves food. And then they have an over abundance of other animes with the same main characters.
        I like some characters more than others. Zoro is the best character so far. Everytime he seems to fail, he gets back up and trains like a bitch to get stronger, lifting heavy ass weights.
        You don’t see Luffy doing that, but that’s one of the beauties of One Piece: Imagination.

        Just because Luffy has a devil fruit, doesn’t mean he won’t have to train, but if you can think of new ways to use a devil fruit, your strength could increase many times over. But Sanji, though.. He just fucking cooks all day. Never does ANYTHING else. And some how he always has a new strong attack for a new strong enemy? And his fucking nosebleeding, don’t even get me started on how much I hate that stupid cliché shit.

        If there is a main character I don’t like, it’s Nami.. She just seems to bitch all the fucking time. She seemed like she was pretty fucking important in the start, and of course she still is, because of her navigating skills. But we don’t see her drawing her fucking charts? Wasn’t that her dream and whole reason for going with Luffy in the first place? But almost every crew member untill now, has an important role in furthering Luffy’s adventures (Except for Brook.. YET).

        I like Robin alot as well. She wants to figure out the history of the world, and she serves as a character that deepens one’s relationship with the One Piece world, as she uncovers secrets and mysteries of key characters from the past.

        Now I think Oda is doing a marvellous job with the story. It gets SO intense sometimes, even when it’s just an entire chapter of explaining, instead of fighting.

        One of the only problems I have with One Piece, though it’s a big problem, is that people rarely die, which makes the stakes seem so much lower. In One Piece, people can just sleep and eat, and they get better over night. It takes away some of the seriousness of the fights, if they just get better afterwards, even after several fucking stab wounds.

        Where Oda really shines though, is his creativity. Almost every single character he creates has a unique sense over them. So much fucking detail. Even the goofy characters. And the world of One Piece is so immersive and so fucking vast and wide, that you wish you could explore it all yourself. Which is one of the best parts of the show: the fucking adventures.

        What you mentioned about the predictability of the show is also kind of true. But then again, almost all manga and anime follow a routine or something like that. Find new place, meet new enemies, kill/defeat new enemies, learn something new, that type of stuff. But in the meantime, alot of shit happens around the world of One Piece. A new character is introduced, and then a thousand questions are raised.

        In summary, I think One Piece is an awesome series, it isn’t my favorite manga, but I will keep reading/ watching it, even if it finishes when I’m 50.

  26. I don’t like anime, or stuff like that, but… Rather than complaining of someone else’s achievement, why dont you guys create your own? If you can complain, that you have the ability to create a better one. maybe you could sell 40 or 50 million copies?
    Sorry, i only get D in my english test.

  27. I’ve never watched or read One Piece.

    Now I want to.

  28. ur problem.
    The storyline of One Piece is epic,
    Monkey D. Luffy is the best,
    One Piece has many histories to unravel,
    this is a show where you love each and every fuckin’ it the bad guyz too :p

    There is no story in Naruto(though I admit Itachi is the best guy)..It’s just gay and fag.
    The stupid boring war is still running and even God doesn’t know when it will end.

    Sasuke is Gay,
    Naruto is Fag,
    and Luffy is the best :’(

  29. I don’t care which one is best, one piece makes me laugh, cry, watch previous episodes to catch plot twists, just like naruto. They entertain me. Bleach I havn’t started yet so I won’t say anything. I don’t see why “rival anime gangs” have to bash eachother. If you don’t like it, don’t comment and don’t watch it. But don’t have a narrow mind and stick to one. Anime is a product, you are the customer, NOT the salesman.

    Sanji nose bleeds ftw

  30. One Piece was always an adventure series. I don’t see how you noticed that now. The fights in the Grand Line were a lot better than the ones in East Blue. (Strawhats vs CP9, Strawhats vs Oars and Moria, 10 vs 100,000, Strawhats vs Baroque Work, Strawhats vs Kuma/Pacifista etc..)

    We’re past halfway now and it’s been conformed that one piece exists when Whitebeard died. Strawhats got stronger, we know what haki is, we met one of Roger’s crew members, we found out what Poseidon was and a ton of other noteworthy stuff has happened.

    Japanese anime, Japanese attacks. Also people like knowing the Japanese names for attacks.


    Luffy’s character is pretty funny and laid back. You don’t feel tense when the crew are sailing. Luffy does know when to be serious like in Water 7. Luffy vs Usopp. When they were rescuing Nami. Very serious when he rescued Ace. When Usopp got beaten up by the Franky Family. Luffy told everyone to run away and split up at Saboady Archipelago since he knew they were in trouble. These are just a few examples.

    Luffy was a nobody who built himself up to be strong pirate. We found out about Dragon when Luffy’s bounty was at 300,000,000 beli (the other strawhats had bounties too). By the time we found that out he wasn’t a nobody.

    Zoro and Sanji gags are light hearted. It would be serious for no reason and it’s funny. The going merry thing was very sad. As soon as they rescued Robin they lost something important, their ship…

  31. one piece is cool one episode i liked when brook and his crewmates singing binks sake while each of them is dying one by one was very sad.And the gags are still funny till now especially the Marimo And dartbrow be honest with you im also impatient in the long arcs but i waited for the interesting final battle.and every after major battle i watch the next episode to see the strawhat crew goofing around again.Just like a normal group of friends.After hardships they manage to goof around and have fun like a family.:)naruto is also good but i got tired of the dark negative atmosphere it has especially bleach where its all about being cool and look like a badass.which is i think a bit boring by now.Id rather watch a goofy character that can make me laugh rather than a badass character’s frowning face.

  32. Sorry, seeing this article I guess the TS is quite a negative person..
    Why don’t you try to love it?

    This is your reasons why one piece sucks:

    1) Once they made it to the Grand-line it started sucking.

    IMO, this is when the story worth watching, the beginning of fucking awesome adventure which full with dreams and so many fucking awesome quotes..

    2) One piece doesn’t fucking end.

    It doesn’t fucking end because the plot is great and flowing greater over time.
    What a deep story.. I think ODA is a genius..

    3) Fansubbers didn’t help the series.

    I don’t find anything wrong with the translation.

    4) That fucking nakama thing.

    What’s wrong with this? One piece is the best adventure and friendship story i ever read..
    Why you hate it? Don’t you have friend? sorry for that. Just be my nakama! Sounds fucking cool eh?

    5) Less great battles after the grand line.

    IMO one piece is for older age group people to fully enjoy the story, maybe above 15.
    The battles is not that bad, but i prefer the story, that’s why i follow it.

    6) Luffy isn’t a great character.

    You did say Luffy is way too simple minded especially about being Pirate King? That’s what make him a great character..
    He has great will power, ambition, and loyal to his friends.. Even the enemies love him.. He can make friends just with anyone and make them their ally.. Not just beat them up like shit.. That’s why he is a great character.
    Luffy is an idiot? he don’t realize trouble because he is fearless and too positive.. And that’s idiot character makes him funny and loveable.

    7) Luffy Father is Monkey D Dragon.

    So what? No comment

    8) Misc stuff

    Sanji loves woman? Just like Jiraiya in naruto, Roshi in dragonball etc.. But Sanji are not a total pervert at all, he loves woman and respect them.. So chivalrous..

    Sanji and Zoro are always fighting?
    You got it wrong, they did fight but somehow they respect each other.. And it is a joke fight though not a serious fight..

    That’s all..
    If you have time to complain..
    I suggest you to read it once again with an open mind..


  34. The art style. God. I wanted to try this one out, but the art is just way too bad.
    All of these shows have their flaws:
    Bleach left many story holes…many characters show up, & simply disappear.
    Also, for some reason people only get stabbed in shoulder lol.
    Still great despite it’s problems because there’s lots of action & really cool characters. Great artwork.
    Naruto has way too many fillers. This really didn’t bother me till the 3rd ninja war arc. Why? Because of the fucking flashbacks. Despite this, I love it. Interesting main story, badass villains, Naruto continues to show flashes of brilliance despite his stupidity. Great artwork.
    Naruto is my favorite, although I used to HATE Naruto, but that’s before I watched it. That’s why I’m trying to give One Piece a shot. I just don’t think I can get past the shit artwork and how childish this anime seems. Naruto and Bleach had elements that seemed interesting to me…One Piece just…doesn’t. Gonna try and put up with 10 episodes though. Wish me luck!

    • Uhmm read the Manga? The art there ist great! …Dont judge, when u just know the Anime. ODA MADE THE MANGA, not the Anime.

      • His personal opinion. Leave it at that.

        There many who like the art style and are very inspired by it. I, for example, like the art style of both the anime and manga of One Piece. I think it is very refreshing and is not incidentally ‘just’ trying to looking pretty like most majority of mangas or animes out there. I mean, didn’t I say there are a lot of OP fans inspired by the art? Just look up all the fanarts, particularly the realistic fanarts of OP. Because each of the characters have got such unique traits and design features, its so easy for many artists to translate them onto their own fan art piece.

        Bleach is another manga that looks cool in my opinion but is far harder to re-imagine or translate into… say something realistic pieces because of the none-characteristic features. Btw, I did not say it couldn’t be done, there are good samples out there. Hmm… this is hard to explain here without getting technical so I’m just going to say, try looking at it from an artistic point of view or trying making your own fanart.

        Speaking of likes: I despise Bleach. It’s the first anime we saw when our family moved to this new place, and as I’m sentimental, it should be that I should like it but I don’t. I loved it originally, and as I said the art style for Bleach is cool. To this day I still think the art is pretty unique. But Kibo, in my opinion, messed up on his characterisation of Ichigo and he’s still stereotyping some of the supporting characters. I feel sad that I feel that I should give up on Bleach but story-wise and progression… for me… didn’t add up or flow well. So I stopped watching Bleach.
        Oh well, Kibo Tite is still young. Btw, I didn’t find out till later just how young Shingeki no Kyojin’s mangaka is. Good on him!

        At least One Piece there is a clear progression of each characters. In fact, Luffy originally use to get his handed back to him and he used to run away from gigantic creatures etc. Even Nami, Uso and Chopper upgrades. In fact, personally, I think Uso has one of the best character development of the show (even if he isn’t my favourite character).

        Oh yeah, I just remembered as I typed this. I disregarded One Piece originally for the same reason you did. I hated the art style. But after seeing a number of animes in between Uni, socialising and work, I came to a point where I thought a lot of the characters looked the same even if it looked cool or pretty. So, in a way, hunger for something different, I once again sought out One Piece and this time I was more receptive. Like I said, I love the art style. Mah… well as an artist, regardless of how old I get (I’m still young btw), watching cartoons or anime will always be a passion.

  35. Anime is dumb as shit, it’s no wonder Japan has one of the highest suicidal rates in the world when they have to deal with shit like Anime being everywhere.

    • And then people like you who hate anime so much they have the time to rant about it. How about YOU commit suicide. You seem to have nothing better to do.

    • Relating the quality of a certain anime to suicidal rates…Darn, man! That’s some really nice logic and a whole lot of respect you’ve got there!

      • Troll. Do not fuel the fire.

        Clearly got an education all right. How he managed that connection or relevance to each other but ignored other social factors only he would know as he clearly is a genius.

  36. retards..all retards here!

  37. ANIME IS THE BESTT!!!!!!!!

  38. One Piece sucks. 2) One piece doesn’t fucking end.
    This is the main reason and should had been number 1. Now I heard that Oda was sick, imagine how many fans would be so butthurt if he was to die & his anime/manga was not finished. END THIS SHIT ALREADY!!

  39. If u r truly fan, u will follow the anime until the end and not getting bored of it. Of course after grand line, luffy beat so badly bcause before they went to grand line mny ppl say grand line like pirates grave. And more theres so many enemy that so power plus luffy just 16 years. What u expect from 16 years boy to be greatest ever?

  40. Yeah, you’re just another person who hates one piece for no reason. You’re being biased. The length of a series does not calculate the quality of a show. Case closed is longer and still on going. I don’t see people hating on that series. Why only one piece? Your first so called”reason” is not even a reason. That’s a statement that your suppose to give reasons to. Also those are the hardcore fans.

    • yup lol i like detective conan. even thou there are alot of fillers.. until it does an episode on the black organization.. i love one piece more b.c of the plot/storyline

  41. Really? This has to be the dumbest reasons for not liking something I’ve ever heard…I don’t know why I even bothered to read the rest after the first three reasons. It takes to many episodes to get interesting you say? At least OP isn’t plagued with fillers like the “plot-hole filled” Bleach or the “flashback king” Naruto. You’re way too close-minded man…

  42. Uhmm yeah. Why do you waste your time with it, if you hate it so much?
    This reasons are only stupid. While i was reading it, i felt like u …. u just cant accept, that One Piece isnt like u wish to ^^ xD

  43. while watching the show I realized the main reason I didn’t like it was luffy. He was just the most fucking retarded person in the world. Everyone already knows how the anime will end luffy will be pirate king and it’s just ridiculous that he would ever be the leader of anything.

    • Being the pirate king doesn’t mean he’s the leader of pirates…nor is Luffy the type of character who will go around ordering people around just because he has the title of pirate king. Being the pirate king means that he owns the treasure known as One Piece and that he and his crew can sail the seas in complete peace and freedom.

    • Goku was a literal idiot but he knew how to handle business

  44. Every one piece episode would be 8 minutes long if they cut out the still frame with emotion sound track in the background .My god I feel like Im watching speed racer 90% of the time. 2 minute close up of luffy’s face laugh track cut to 2 minute close up o zorro grinding his teeth. It rather puke in a hat and sit on it then watch this ish.

  45. anime hating fags

  46. Hi im an average anime fan 25 yrs. old as of 2013 a registered professional with a masters degree and i have watched mostly naruto since i was 3rd year high-school till today but the whole anime series and recently started watching op on what happened to that anime w/o surprise the main protagonist is still reckless I understand that a protagonist must have starting point from what I read in this site its already 2013 and yet:

    no love interest,
    no emotional maturity,
    never thought a more attainable goal,
    its comedy wise for certain age group,
    the word sacrifice does not exist (be real we are human beings),
    the world of op is when compared planet size is close to well..white dwarf star and that’s just an estimation,
    no real progression like squatters moving from on rubble to another,
    the author is human and aging if he dies the story is finished with biggest cliffhanger of all time,
    and lastly why in the hell are you people defending this for what profit or just runaway from reality forever seriously.

    When im 70+ op is still talking about Luffy meeting his father for the first time in which he has no interest in this case to all fans old and new options hold no ground when common sense and rational thinking to let this anime to go this long even after my death this i the message i would like to give……

    _I_ (^_^) _I_ – fuck you for defending this anime to and to all new this anime watch it at leisure this anime deserves no admiration whatsoever please understand concept of there is an end to everything.

    • really? You’re right when you say that there isn’t a love interest yet, but there are plenty of anime shows without a love interest so it’s not that big of a deal.

      You say there’s no emotional maturity? You apparently haven’t watched the war of the best at Marineford.

      You say Luffy’s too reckless? Yes that’s just who Luffy is, it’s been stated many times throughout the show…and that’s why he has his crew to help him.

      You say there’s no sacrifice? Once again you apparently haven’t watched enough of this show…

      There’s no point in even disputing the other ridiculous things you said. You just seem like an angry, biased Naruto fan who goes around saying “fuck you” to people you don’t even know, just because they can see something in an anime that YOU clearly can not.

    • Oh and by the way if you really were as matureand successful as you say you are you wouldn’t have the time nor reason for ranting about an anime therefore you are a child who knows about as much as a fly… a dead fly. Like I said before the only weekness between both of these anime are they both lack the ability to continue with the story plot. But I like that one piece won’t end on me in a long time. Shows lije dragon ball z moved with the story so quickly you would wish it worked like one piece. Oh well

    • okay i’m 21.. and i do love one piece and anime but if you knew manga/anime you should know this is a shounen anime/ manga… heres a link

  47. I too am not a fan I really tried to stick with it but I love character developement in a good story and this didn’t really have either. Also the names the complete goofiness its more for kids to old for pokemon/yugioh but maybe to young to enjoy shippuden. It’s like the McDonalds of anime though its been around so long most have tried this under average burger. But hey im on the side that doesn’t think dbz is the holy grail of animes.

  48. You guys are totally biased, first of all if your gonna talk about 20 episodes where nothing happens look at naruto first because naruto stays with the same SAVE SAUSKE SAVE SAUSKE storyline for two years and you don’t even get to 20 episodes because 17 out of 20 of those episodes are fucking fillers, and about big battles as soon as luffy crosses the grand libe he has a huge battle so what the fuck are you talking about. And also would you rather naruto and one piece have like 3 episodes because you seem to have a problen with a show continuing play. And about the whole persona thing I like both naruto and one piece but both creaters admitted to getting a majority of there ideas from dragonball more naruto than one piece I might add. And evin in the last year of naruto there still pushing out the same fucking storyline. I’m gonna save you honey… hell naruto pretty much is gay he’s kissed sauske too. And one more thing if you think its lame that luffy puffs up while saying gomu gomu look at naruto. This dumbass says dattlebyo which means: NOTHING so in englishthey hust changed it to him saying believe it after every fucking sentence. Not only that but he spams handheld kamehameha’s… actually now he can throw a fucking hadoken. Horaay narubitch.

  49. What I don’t get is, Why are all of you acting like children, both One Piece, Bleach and Naruto&Shippuuden, has their charms and what not.

    A lot of people LOVES these 3 animes. Do you really think these 3 would be aired worldwide, If they sucked? I respect that people has their opinions of certain things..But, there Is no need to BS others about liking It or not. Do you really think the Authors of these 3 series would want their fans to; “Go into war with other people, just because their series are better than the rest in their opinion?..” If you think that way, Its nothing more than a fail biased story you imagine yourself. And its nothing more than “Pointless Hating on the Internet.”

    Why can’t all of you just admit the truth, All 3 series are GREAT Animes/Mangas..And all 3 deserve the fame and fortune their Authors have given them. We should all know and respect that.

    Personally, In my childhood..I have watched..well Hundreds even THOUSANDS of Animes, same with Mangas, I’ve read so many that I cant even count them all up, because It would take as much time as you people waste your time spreading hate because everyone else dosent think like YOU want to..

    Naruto, the first few Episodes of Naruto was splendid..It was so good I told myself several times; “Gawd I wanna be a Ninja, I wanna be able to do that, JEEZ THATS SO AWESOMEE!!”,, That epic BATTLE with Gaara VS Rock Lee, it made me go all Bananas, literally. xD

    Shippuuden Is also very great, It had Its flaws, but hey, Later on in the Manga, even tho I thought It could’ve gone a liiiiittle bit faster, they made a final summary and are now facing the end of the series..

    One Piece, the first memories I had with One Piece was with the manga, I didnt start watching the Anime til about 1.5 years after me spending money to buy the Manga books, I was totally…into It, I couldn’t get enough of It, It was all so meaningful to me, the story made me laugh so much, It made me cry so much, It made me hate, it made me love the characters. It still does up to this day..When I started watching the anime. To be honest, I think Luffy’s voice actor is the PEFECT definition of someone that can sound, so serious and BADASS; but at the same time so childish and ..immature! : P Luffy Is just like Goku in many ways, and who can hate on Goku? Anyone who hates on Dragon Ball basically hates on any shonen of today! : P

    I admit Eichiro Oda has made the story recently a bit..well not boring but a bit repeative, but everybody that has been following One Piece through the years, KNOWS that Eichiro Oda is a GENIUS! He is someone who can make “Doubt, hate and boredom…Into EPICNESS and feelings you get and you just want more and more til you literally go CRAZY!”

    Bleach, the starter episodes of Bleach when It just got out, I thought; “Heck..this anime is fine, but will it really become a mainstream Manga/Anime..? ..I mean Its good..but please..I need more, I need something..extraordinary, that shines and stands out from the crowd of similar Animes and Mangs,” Because hey, Anime and Manga lovers out there, how many series haven’t we seen with “Shinigamis – Deathgods” or a guy with a sword that cuts demons up. : P

    But heck, I continued watching and I got more into the story, My favorite character is for sure Zaraki Kenpachi, his badassery and epicly awesome awesomeness KNOWS NO BOUNDS! He’s kinda like Shirohige/Whitebeard from One Piece In many ways, and dont hate me for saying that! They are both BADASS in different ways, but they are still having this special feeling about them, Never giving up, somewhat infinite amount of power that can shook the world. x’D

    And something I love about all these 3 great series, is the SOUNDTRACK! Japanese Music has the power to describe feelings and emotions, It has the power to CHANGE the mood, COMPLETELY!

    I have BOUGHT, EVERY,DAMN,SOUNDTRACK. From these 3 series. Because they are ALL so SPECIAL and GODDAMN EPIC!

    I mean, come on..I cannot stop the “Hate” on the Internet, even tho In most cases I wish I could, really..

    All of you here, Perhaps not all of you have watched One Piece, Bleach or Naruto. So those who havent seriously been looking through all 3, I cannot somehow approve of youspreading; Hate and Bullshiet to the other series..

    Each one of these GREAT series, indeed..Has a different STORY and PLOT. Different CHARACTERS and even personalities. Because heck, otherwise It would be the same Series? *Shrugs*

    It Is true what most people say up there;

    You cannot compare One Piece, whom has such a DEEP and BEAUTIFUL Story, Its indeed, The “Goal” of One Piece to find the treasure. But each and every of the Main character in the Mugiwara Kaizoku has a different DREAM. And all of those Dreams and goals, also characters, Has a connection to another character that has an connection to another character, It all just goes on like that like an eternally big Spider web. And Its SURELY To have you “Webbed into it.” and I hope it will, because One Piece is simply a too beautiful story to skip..For me, I hope One Piece will go on..and go on for eternity, when It ends..It will be kind of for me like when a very great artist or singer you love, respect..passes away. It will be as a part of me, from not only my childhood but also my life will just END. As if someone dear to me dies..

    Call me a geek or a addicted weirdo, whatever you want. I dont really mind that :P I am addicted and somewhat a Otaku when it comes to this. :D

    Lets continue..

    Naruto Is also a very beautiful story, Naruto’s eternal will of NEVER GIVING UP, and always striving for “His way of the Ninja” so to speak. Its a very beautiful plot and a lot of people who reads Naruto gets caught up in that, they learn from it, Which was one of the main reasons to what Mangas used to be meant for, Many authors wanted to teach the readers, to understand the importance of Family, Friends, “Nakama”, Love. If you dont want to understand that, and be Forever Alone, that is fine, I dont judge. But dont then come and BS the people who believe.

    You would be nothing more than a fool then, a pitiful fool at that..

    So, I really hope that this message will be read and hopefully people will understand and learn..that All of these 3 animes and mangas..Deserve the fame they have. They are LOVED; WORLDWIDE; No matter if YOU and YOU and YOU dislikes it or not. : P

    Haters gonna hate, but please. Dont hate on things that shouldnt be hated on! : P


    • You are great at being the mediator and looking at things then justifying all sides, And I agree with a lot of things. Its stupid to hate when it just wastes your time and Just enjoy anime and manga, don’t start BSing because you don’t particularly like one of them.

    • Something being good or not depends on the development: not the person’s actual opinion (but they can still think its good). For example, if a story is nearly covered in flaws, its bad in terms of development, meaning that its actually bad, and that may be the case with naruto, one piece, and bleach. And a lot of people like me don’t see the whole, “epicness” in one piece: to us it just seems repetitive. And from the flaws I’ve seen in one piece, its not exactly, “great”. But hey, maybe I’m not a really good criticer, and it has its good points for it to be great.

      • The same could be said about Naruto or any long running series really.

        I am not going to bash anything (the thing about the fansubbers in the original post being the only thing that touched a nerve with me). Personally, I can see where people are saying that One Peace got repetitive. But at the same time I do not agree with it.

        As with most Shonen Jump stipulation, as it is a boys’ magazine/ comic book, the format will always be that during each overarching arc it will end with a big fight. Lately, Luffy will be taken out of the chapters or episodes and it will be his crew who will face up first to opponents. But that’s quite normal of any Shonen Jump publication or Shonen anime.

        So in this regards, I am going to assume that this is not why it is repetitive.

        If it is because of the bosses. Then this is where it needs to be elaborated as personally I think each antagonist that the Straw Hats faced off are all unique in their own ways (got to admit that currently where I am with One Piece, the fillers and the movies do not just quite cut the same way that the canon does. In simpler terms, does not do justice. In fact, this is where I find the repetitiveness or feeling of it occurring).

        There’s also the ‘over-powered’ or ‘power/ ability’ typical of any Shonen work. When One Piece starts off, even though it might seem the opposite to some, Luffy is not even ‘op’ level. He just has some badass skills that looked op. As the series progressed, readers or viewers come to realise, as he gets faced off with even tougher opponents, just how much ‘growing’ he needs to do to be on the same level as those i.e. Kizaru or Akainu.

        So in this regards, from what I am able to deduce, One Piece flows well as each arc does what it is required to do; with the only repetitiveness coming from the general formula of shonen manga/ anime= situation + fight.

        Sticking with the aforementioned animes (particularly as they are currently prime popular), I do not know much about current Shippuden. I haven’t watched it lately, which has got nothing to do with the anime but more something personal stuff happening in my life. So I will end that there. In time, when I find the time too, I will pick it up as I remember enjoying it.

        As for Bleach though, as much as I like Kibo Tite’s artistic skills (his character designs and line flow is cool – I’m an artist btw), I just did not like how the story and characterisation eventually shaped out. For me, I think Bleach is a prime example of what repetitiveness is. Or, if not, there is always DBZ haha! But everyone likes, including me.
        Anyways, off-topic with DBZ there, back to Bleach. Personally, I think Kibo Tite did not have a proper hold of his characters that when it got translated into the anime it came out all wrong and a bit confusing. For example, when I first watched it (I loved it to initially) I was in awe at how badass and powerful Ichigo is but as the story/ anime progressed it was not easy to ignore that they were trying to down play his OP-ness (over-power). Not sure if this is apparent or even happens in the manga but in the anime…. after a while I just had to give the show up.

        Repetition is bound to happen particularly to a very long running serialisation/ anime. Have you ever seen Inuyasha, that was epic-repetitiveness yet people watched it not because of the repetition but the endearment between Inuyasha and Kagome, etc.

        If repetition is your biggest slight, watch something that is 11 episodes, 25/ 26 episodes or even 45 or 75 episodes.

        Watch Bebop or Champloo if you like episodic, or in my own terms, meandering stories/ plot.

        P.s. the quirky and craziness and overall feel good factor of One Piece is one of the reasons why I love it. It’s very suiting as the main theme of the series is Luffy venturing to the seas to become Pirate King as he believes this gives him the most freedom. It’s only expected that the series plays out this quirkiness in a very ‘free’ manner.

  50. If one piece sucks that much then why is it so that every year it sells the highest no. Of manga. Only in 2012 it sold over 37000000 huh. Just ans. Me? U mother fuckers u sister fuckers u damn assholes

  51. I can’t believe people are still arguing about this. One Piece is a great series; get over it.

  52. you gays are gay and stupid one piece is the best show ive ever seen besides shin chan I love this show and one day I will have the intier series and I will not sell them or get rid of them until I die and that is a promis

  53. McDonald’s sells the most burgers but isn’t the best burger place. One piece is still more on the pokemon side of anime no matter what you say its the most mature anime for little kids the pirate king vs pokemaster both such deep story’s yadda yadda. You can tell its for the immatutr cuz everyone supporting it has nothing intelligent to add to th3 conversation besides you guys are gay mufuckas or saying you guys are just hating or wait till you get 150 shows into it then it starts getting good. fIf you want to prove your point how great it is give some epic fights or scenes that are much watches instead of cussing and giving no intelligent responses. For example on bleach I liked ichi vs grimmjow on shippuden I enjoyed the 8tails vs sasuke deep and sad was the pervy sage pain arc. Give some things i can YouTube like that maybe you can change minds about one pieceemon.;)

  54. Get over it and stop arguing over some cartoon/anime/animation/manga bullshit. Grow the fuck up you people. Geez

    • The reason why people argue over this stuff is when someone is angry at how overrated something is, they criticize it and fans get annoyed at their arguement, leading to kind of a debate.

  55. There’s way too many people here going full retard. Never go full retard.

  56. When I started One Piece I didn’t like it very much I only watched it when I was really bored but after I got further into it I really started to like it, some of the arcs are pretty boring like skypeia or thriller bark but in the end it’s a good anime. I did like naruto more until they got to the time skip then the show just became shit so now One Piece is probably my favorite on going anime right now.

  57. One Piece=Great show on occasion, fuck weeaboos who make fans look bad, and fuck this site

    • The pasting is slow, the arcs have little impact on the overall story, introducing random characters that barely make an appearance later on, it takes forever for chopper, nami, and ussop to get good development (including luffy, sanji, and zoro), the fact that the straw hats fight enemies based on their own fighting rank is stupid, it hasn’t answered some important questions yet (what the one piece is, etc), the other main characters don’t make much appearances, a lot of the random villains are so ridiculous its hard to take them seriously, no one really ever dies, and your telling me with all these flaws the show is great? I keep hearing its “much more than going to an island”, then why: are the introduced characters forgotten later on. Why is it always luffy fighting the main bad guy. why is the pasting slow. why is it following a formula thats probably the same. And your honestly saying with all these flaws the show is great?

  58. Its all a matter of opinion I guess. Some people don’t like the animation/art style, some people don’t like the story at certain points or not at all, Some people think its too predictable, yet some people our on the edge of their seats, and some people like the sub or dub and some don’t. Its all a matter of opinion, Its his/ her opinion and yours is yours. Stuff like this only gets people who love one piece worked up so don’t click on the link, if it makes you angry, just ignore it and continue to enjoy one piece or just continue to enjoy Bleach, Naruto and whatever you like to watch. Its a total drag seeing people argue over what they prefer because they may never change and it just is a vicious cycle, starting over and over, why can’t we all have our opinions and keep them to ourselves then move on, complaining on a webpage isn’t going to make one piece any better or make some people change their mind plus its just boring to see and its such a drag, maybe send a letter to the author or something so he could take your opinion into consideration. Plus it may deter people from anime all together.
    Sorry for the long post but arguments seriously tick me off, because they are such a drag to read and listen to.
    I have my opinions but chose not to share them because that would only aggravate the pointless situation anyway.

    • I’ve read and watched tons of anime and manga, I’m an Otaku, a really big otaku. I have come across stuff I didn’t like but I didn’t go on the internet and BS or argue about it to other people, I love some anime but I don’t choose to argue with haters, its all a waste of time. If you have an opinion then, make it valid and say why its good or not good, look at both sides and be at peace with each other. Its still a bloody drag to see people argue over an animated series, waste your time doing something productive or enjoy anime you like.
      Bloody hell, some people need to get a grip, liking things and disliking things is in our nature so, nobody can stop how you may feel, but please to all people who are saying, Its amazing or Its crap get a grip, and suck it up because the world is filled with disappointments.

  59. you say that it sucks but u watch too much episodes man!! common! are u kidding me???? if it sucks u should’nt watch it! xD

  60. 1-Of course luffy get’s his ass kicked because he encounters characters that are way stronger then him, that’s the point oda didn’t want to give him fucking godly power’s so that he couldn’t be deafeted he wanted to make luffy to grow stronger with which battle and adventure not like naruto that his waaaaaay superpowered and ichigo, has he encounters greater enimies of course he is going to get his ass wooped.
    2-Of course it’s long anime raftel his on the fucking other side of the fucking world did you want him to just go there in 2 episodes.???
    3-.The batel things really less greater bettels, so you want a guy to fight with out beeing a challenge to him or the other comrades, that’s fucking stupid luffy doesn’t have the strenght to fucking beat everyone and getting dameged in a fight and overcome your oponent gives a greater fight scene then just fucking destroyng your oponente.
    4-The nakama thing is a metaphor for always protect and cherish your friends, unless you are a fucking forever alone who doesn’t have any friends to protect you would think that it’s a great drive for someone to achieve their dreams.
    5-He doesn’t have any fucking connection to the Pirate King, Gol.D.Roger his the pirate king not Dragon.
    6-Luffy’s stupidity his clearly overrated if you fucking watched all the fucking episodes you would see that he is a great character and really his name is ood naruto(fucking ramen ingrediente) ichigo(strawberrie) really luffy is fucking weird dude you have some fucking problems.

    So to me your fucking points are all fucking bad explained. I bet you didn’t even watched it because your history and fighting and bonding are all fucking wrong dude if you wanted to badmouth na anime at least do some research

    (sorry for bad spelling)

    • 2. Well, overall nothing is really being said about the one piece, making it feel like a plot device.
      3. Sadly some of the fights take forever, and its annoying to constantly see the main character getting their butt kicked 90% of the time. I mean, can’t there be some enemies where the characters are close to being equal with? Plus, its kinda stupid for only the protagonist to fight the main bad guys.
      4. Agreed.6. Then how come Luffy hasn’t shown any sign of actual development other than realizing he’s fighting stronger enemies.

      And your criticizing the maker of this web too much. People who are angry at how overrated something is (at least to them or if its true), they have the urge to write on the internet why they think it sucks.

      • Are you fucking stupid? You complain about typical tropes of the battle shounen genre, tropes that every anime or manga of this genre has.

  61. One piece relly touches me some times, but honestly that’s not why I’m commenting. I’m commenting here today because every day when i go to school and here anime is lame, or why would you like that weird shit. well as I was reading through these comments all I could see was fighting, and name calling. For all you otakus out there. I just have one question. If there are so many people who wil put you down for liking anime then why do we all have to fight about what anime is the best, or what sucks, or what ever. I’m not saying we should all be best friends, but can’t we at least learn to tolerate one another. So that we may leave peace fully as fans of anime and non fans alike . Because honestly all this fighting is making me sick. Come on people lets act a little mature here.

  62. I watched part of the first season. I cant seem to get in to it. The story,the series and its charachters come off way to childish for me to even watch any further. I see One Piece as a show for elementary school based children. I let my own kids watch it. I prefer anime like Hellsing, Claymore, and Ghost in The Shell. Something violent yet with a good purpose and a good story. I can’t stand stupid humor. I dont like action comedy to where its so stupid,dull,and immature and childish is that it makes it NOT FUNNY and a waste of time. I didn’t even buy One Piece, I burned it off a friend. Crap like that is a waste of money just like a lot of media. Copyright Laws are just a pitiful excuse to where people waste their hard earned money on shit like this. Good thing DVD-R/ DVD+R are so cheap. Take a computer with burning freeware and decription freeware and you get alot of free stuff and you cant get caught as long as you dont go out on the street trying to sell it or on the internet. I REFUSE to pay for shit.

  63. OP anime sucks and it’s true but well…

    Just go read the manga(book) from chapter 1 and enjoy A TOTALLY F*CKING DIFFERENT STORY!!!

    luffy vs kurio
    zoro vs mihawk
    sanji vs Gin
    It was painful to watch those first fight animated. Good things ruined. I nearly stopped watching because of this.
    But when I READ the manga(book) I felt suspens, pressure, satisfaction and comedy at the same time. And this what I liked.
    Great art, style, badass poses, blood splashes everywhere, that’s what you get. You feel the pain when someone get hurt(not like in anime)

    I can’t stand how bad it is animated even thought Luffy’s voice (and voice acting in general) is awesome.

  64. Your reasons for why One piece sucks seems to be based on personnel opinion, and the fact that it never ends. If Sanji’s personality changed whenever seeing a girl, i’d probably take away part of the show’s magic, I mean its downright hilarious. And sadly, this show is one of the big 3, the animes that’ll probably never end

  65. i used 2 watch this anime a lot.. i actually stopped watching after they get 2 the mermaid place & i rly regret not quitting watching it many episodes b4. i mean op is just stupid & sumtimes they just add stupid situations tht r meant to b funny but actually arent. like chopper screaming a lot saying dumb stuff, fillers in the war where tht stupid clown getting the spotlight (rly rly stupid) & sanji nosebleed episode n the mermaids place.. it just made the whole anime look more stupid than it already is.. oh and the battles are so boring. everytime they are about 2 fight, they just start talking & thn the episode ends thn exchange a few hits & the “filler” begins.. seriously, this anime isnt worth watching. at least, bleach and naruto have more awesome battles, soundtracks, do ot waste time trying 2 add dumb stuff like retarded jokes(arent funny) & they make u wanna watch the next episode because u know u will see something worth 2 spend time in. i likedl one piss but it rly is a let down after so many chances given 2 stop watching it. ps. i should have quit watching the show in enels ark.

  66. Goddamnit one piece sucks. Luffy’s a retard with a horrible name, and I cringe whenever someone says they like this show. My one hope in the future is that if aliens find this piece of shit after we’re all dead they don’t condemn the entire race for this failure, and do the galaxy a favor by hurling the episodes into the sun.

  67. Its kinda weird that you guys are arguing about something so pointless. I completely agree that this manga is too long of a story to just pick up and get the jist of it. But this article seems a lot more biased than your naruto one (that had many agreeable points). Regardless of whether i like this series or not (or y’all hating it), i hope you realize that this is the number one manga sold in the world. Trumping over bleach, naruto combined. So its obviously doing something right. Unless this whole article meant to rile up and troll fans (if its the case- good job as you’ve succeeded).With every mainstreem and popular thing- Theres always a hater

  68. Go one piece ur the best! Anyway I don’t think we should care about people who hate the anime since we know its the best

  69. One Piece is one of the best animes I’ve ever seen. Sure, One Piece have long plots and childish characters and all, but would you find a character that always think before acting, and there are so many parts in One Piece that I cried, just so you know, I’m a girl, yes am a fan of One Piece, if you have a problem then…deal with it. And what’s wrong with me being twelve and watching One Piece? Anyways back to topic. Have you guys ever tried it until the end? I highly doubt it. All the twists and turns are what makes OP interesting, no it’s what makes a story you call interesting. My opinion is that OP is better than Naruto, it just seemed it’s getting yaoi like, and in the begining I thought he liked Sakura. And Bleach is just blech, Sure the story is badass, but I’m not a huge fan of fighting and all. And what’d up with Dragon Ball? The characters just look like that they overdosed steroids, and they all look worse than Naruto. If you hate OP that much, why bother reading/watching and waiting for Oda to produrce new episodes if you know that the final product won’t be good? These are just my opinions tar I had expressed for only five minutes. And sorry if you are a Naruto/Bleach fan, it’s just that I got bored of it, and you know you can always watch other animes~ Like Magi, Noragami, Fairytail, Free, and just google others like god dammit why bother to keep on saying bad things about OP when YOU can’t even produce something better. Who’s a true OP fan? ==> Me<==
    my favorite character. Is Chopper if you can't tell <3

    • Good for you, same here actually. Girl, twelve years old… Yeah. Anyway, I love the interesting, different, creative ways of One Piece. I love the length, I would hate for it to end too soon. :)
      If you don’t wanna watch it, don’t watch it. (I would think that’s obvious…)

  70. Damn, look at all these nerds. Y’all taking this way too seriously.

    • *sigh*
      I would yell at you, But I don’t really care about you, I don’t know you and I’m not a stalker, in fact I don’t actually really feel like commenting but I will. I just wanna ask you all something.

      What defines a ‘nerd’…? I mean, does liking anime make you a nerd? But then, what about ‘America’s’ animation? Would my little sister who likes Disney princesses be considered a nerd? -_-”
      Like, what the hell? I mean, does it really matter anyway? I like anime, so what? Does that make me an idiot? No, it doesn’t. Does that make me weird? Not really. Just different. And if difference is a bad thing, then I’m a flying chicken-pig with wings. Toddles!

  71. luffy is a good character.. and theres a reason why its still ongoing and whats the point of posting this? i love one piece. and his nakama are his friends that he holds dear… if you watched the whole thing you would understand. if you dont like it. dont watch it.. its not like anyone forcing you. There are more people that care about this anime/manga than you do.

  72. I actually laughed reading this. All of your points are biased; how the fuck is Luffy actually losing make it a bad anime? At least it’s not the same as Naruto, where that faggot gets a random power-up whenever he’s about to lose. One Piece having so many episodes only emphasizes how much thought Oda’s put into it – besides, the more episodes a series has, the more fun to the readers/watchers. Another thing I’d like to note is that you’ve practically ignored everything that’s happened in those 600 episodes, which is kinda funny. I laughed at your fourth reason as well – a guy being attached to a group of people he basically lives, fights together, eats and laughs with makes no sense? Your reasons are quite repetitive as well, considering your second and fifth reasons are pretty much the same thing. Luffy not being such a great character right off the bat just leaves more room for character development, which clearly is present in the series.
    Your No. 7 reason makes no sense; Monkey D. Dragon has absolutely nothing to do with Gol D. Roger, other than the D. in both characters’ names, which is also present in Luffy’s name. Zoro and Sanji always fighting and not getting along well even when fighting dangerous opponents together makes total sense, btw.
    All in all, I hope to have encouraged anyone reading this to actually watch the series and not be discouraged by your shitty arguement.

  73. Well I would like to start by saying I have watched all three shows, out of the three one piece lacks character maturity after all age wise luffy is older than Naruto but behaves like an eight year old, it’s not bad to have comedy but they over do it, if you want a show for adults go for Naruto it has its flaws but it has suspense you never know what the writer is thinking, it has a lesson to teach most of the times and the character has purpose.

  74. Aaaaah I get it. This whole page is made by a troll who actually did not watch anything and just wants to make people rage. lol so epic! XD

  75. Let me end this naruto is way better and bleach is way better then op one piece is immature asf they never get series and bleach and naruto episodes u see ichigo and naruto train sayin tht ichigo and naruto get random power ups shows u dnt pay attention to bleach or naruto when the thing i hate about one piece is its villians they look either childish old and crusty or they dnt even look badass at all in bleach and naruto they had awesome badass villians like aizen madara or ulquiorra was my favirote but wat i hate bout one piece are there fights its like luffy is to overpowered most of the time for no reason all he when he fought lucci i thought lucci deserved to win because he hit luffy with a fireball finger bulllits and his ultime atrack two times and 1 more time while luffy was coughin up blood but luffy somehow won wven though he took more damage than his oppenent but wat i hate is how luffy does the same attack and he gives a different name i mean its rhe same attack jst movin his hands at different speeds there graphics are shitty compared to naruto and bleach and i got more to say but ill stop here to say ass for u bitches tht call has somethin to say about dnt get butt hurt jst cause i think my favirote anime is better and anybody tht has somethin to say to me dnt say nothin about over the internet dnt cause u a little bitch who cant face the facts tht one piece lile all anime have flaws and for all u one piece fans why are u on a page tht for plle who think one piece isnt a good shows but anyways yea i dnt think one piece is the best anime because it makes pirates look gay and last time i check pirates arent good guys nor do they eat magic fruit so yea

  76. i don’t see th epoint of this arguement, the writer is an idiot to one piece fans, everyone else is just jumping in, without understanding one piece. i scanned through the forst few comments and i was unimpressed as to the reason why this is even a don’t like it, don’t watch it. i would think you could have thought of that at 10. i personally love one piece, luffy is awesome, zoro is cool, senji and zoro fighting is funny and i’m sorry, that you live in a word, where patience is against your religion. i woul dhate for you to leave even 50 years ago, when you have to millk your own cow. all i can do, is smh in disappointment to how this is stated, as if it is fact. becasue it’s not even lose to being fact. like they said if it was fact, one piece would have been cancelled. and one more thing, this is a japanese anime, it’s already smarter then you.

  77. Okay I’m going to take my time to address some of your complaints. Starting with the end “misc Stuff.” Although these things may annoy some many fans enjoy and it contributes largely to its popularity. One piece is known for its humor and those moments help develop and connect viewers/readers to the characters and become attached to them.

    People complain that one piece is slow and long well that’s how it’s supposed to be! The journey to pirate king isn’t supposed to be easy Oda intends for it to be long. Not only does Luffy have to be strong enough but he needs that reputation and bounty to back it up. Additionally when people say it moves slow I face palm. Be grateful! The reason why it moves slowly is due to the rich details of the plots and the many characters. And honestly the writer is an idiot he complains about the subtitles that has nothing to fucking do with Oda and the franchise as a whole. That is a separate issue and topic.

    While looking at the writer’s complains …the subtitles, and luffy’s father-dragon it seems like a poor pathetic excuse to pick at the faults of one piece. If you were really going to attack one piece attack its plot and writing not these trivial pieces of shit. The other criticisms being luffy is not a good character, the nakama, and it started sucking after the grand line are all fucking opinions. How can you convince other people that something sucks with only the justification of a mere opinion? Pathetic. I sincerely hope that One piece fanboys attack you because you haven’t just attacked their beloved anime/manga but did a pretty shitty job. If you don’t like it that’s fine, but if you want to convince people that it is shit you can’t just state your opinions those are meaningless and obviously will differ from from person to person.

    PS you have attacked pop manga like Naruto and op but haven’t attacked Bleach wtf is up with that. Althought i love it Bleach is far more flawed it seems unfair (writer is a bleach fanboy?)

  78. Honestly, I’m not a fan of One Piece. I started watching it & Naruto at the same time when I was like 12. One Piece just couldn’t connect to me like Naruto. Maybe its b/c of me relating to their age & their journey at maturity……yeah, that’s probably it. Anyways I just felt like the show was just too goofy for me & I thought this when I was a preteen. The pacing was too slow & Naruto had more stuff happening. I NEVER watched fillers & refuse to now. Its such a waste. Anyways I understand where this guy is coming from with how the show is set up but one thing you should never complain about is repetition in an anime b/c unless they’re short, EVERY anime has some element that’s repetitive. Their repetitive ideas and/or plot manifestations are what makes each 1 unique….well the good animes anyways. At the end of the day, everybody has their own taste when it comes to animes & manga, so we’ll all have different opinions & shouldn’t bash a show just b/c u can no longer find interest in it.

  79. All 4 animes are shit mate so shut the fuck up you dumb nerds

  80. Totally fucking agree man, this series suck so much shit I don’t even know how to describe it. Every arc is so fucking long with so many retarded nonsense crap filling in between. One Piece to me is a fucking god damn formula, I don’t see how people kept saying its so fresh and every arc is unpredictable. Like come on, if you have a fucking brain or whatsoever, One Piece would be like a fucking cliched as fuck shit. I can tell what the fuck is gonna go on in one arc just by knowing some background and people involved. Its always fucking getting beat up the first time encountering the boss and his/her henchmen. And then they take like fucking 10 episodes to recover, and then they meet the boss and his/her henchmen again. This time they definitely gonna win, but the fights will take like fucking 30 god damn episodes. And its always the same, each of them fight one of the henchman and luffy fights the boss. the thing that irritates me the most is Luffy’s fucking main character shield. Its so fucking crazy, its invinsible. Luffy wins battle not by fighting, but by the nakama spirit type of sht, I’m so tired of this crap. You can be very persistent and have a lot of will power. But that won’t make you stronger in terms of power and physical strength, but for some god damn fucking reason, Luffy wins because of his consciousness. Like get the fuck off please, its so fucking annoying I want to kill the fucking mangaka. How do you get so fucking beat up that you can’t even get up, and then you get up with utter willpower and give the boss one punch and the boss fucking dies just like that. Explain this SHIT LIKE PLEASE. This anime has no fkn logic, like none. The characters especially Luffy, are fucking retarded. I don’t understand how does luffy survive in the fucking marineford arc since they made it look so fucking dangerous. This is another one of the reasons why I hate One Piece so much, their powers makes no fucking sense. The author always make the situation and the boss so fucking dangerous, make them look so fucking strong and Luffy would still be able to beat them as a rooky. Like serious-fucking-ly. Luffy during the Alabastan arc wasn’t even a rooky he, he was a total fucking noob and he’s facing one of the fucking shibukai. How on earth was he EVER able to defeat croc? Like does the author have any fucking logic? And the funniest thing is Luffy can’t defeat other Shibukais during the fucking marineford arc, what the fuck is going on in this anime? Luffy can beat one of them when he was a fucking noob, but in the later arcs he can’t? Like what the fuck man, go take some fucking logic class before you make a fucking story. I mean if this only happened in minor sense like beating someone who is like only a little bit stronger than them then I can imagine. But shibukai? That’s like pirates recognized by the government, and Luffy was able to win. Is he that much of a genius? Like fucking seriously, this anime makes no sense to me. The author just makes anyone god he wants anytime and then he down grades them later, like what fuck man? And the funniest thing is, no one see these non sense and ironies, like what the fuck? Are you guys all fucking retarded or something? Even if you have adrenaline pump you can’t possibly beat someone who is like 20levels above you, not with like fucking hacks.

  81. Wow. Just, wow. Seriously guys? People? I normally don’t comment on stuff like this, but this caught my attention. Don’t get me wrong, it caught my attention in a BAD way. Look. I like One Piece, but other people don’t, and I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine with is when people who post stuff like this, and insult the people who try to defend there likes. I mean, some of you who replied to this, I can tell have never even watched it. Seriously? Give it a chance first… And to those of you who are just Haters, I just wanna say one thing. Eat a cupcake. Haven’t you heard of this saying?
    “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” I would think you had learned that in preschool? I hate when people post stuff like this, I mean come on! Don’t get me wrong, we have free speech in this country, but that doent mean that you should lower people’s self esteem by saying cruel things, like insulting Oda. I like how One Piece is long. That just builds the suspense, right? Plus, when you do get a bit of action, it just makes it better. If you don’t like that or aren’t patient enough to watch it, then just don’t watch it. You don’t have to force yourselves, but don’t, please, go around insulting hard working people. I’m not gonna come back to this sight, so don’t even bother replying to this haters. I wound be around to listen. To those of you who agree, hats off to you.



    1. Literally the opposite. I barely could get myself to watch the series up until the Arlong Park Arc, but almost the entire Grand Line saga had me hooked.

    2. Personally, I like that it takes this long. The series is more about the adventure than the destination, and I COULD’VE respected your opinion on disliking that, but then you said “Wow 13 fucking years and not much is happening.” Are you fucking retarded? They have fucking done SO MUCH I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you half of their journey for my life. They’re PROGRESSING. They’re CONSTANTLY getting closer to the One Piece. The One Piece is said to be at the end of the Grand Line, they’ve gone from the East Blue, to the Grand Line, and into the New World. They’ve been doing nothing BUT progressing.

    3. …I just…this is a new level of stupid, even for you. One Piece as a series is bad, because FANS, people who don’t even make the actually thing, SUBBED IT BADLY? I just…can’t even. The closest thing I can relate to this would be this:
    I watch the Walking Dead.
    I discover some OC Fan-made Walking Dead characters online
    I dislike the Fan-made characters and decide that the series is bad because of them.

    4. “it’s like Yugi-oh heart of the cards concept” Yeah, you know, except for that it’s literally not in any way. How is wanting to get stronger to protect your friends the same as “I believe in my cards so therefore I win the duel” at ALL? “This is like a fucking cult thing again.” Yes, having friends and not wanting them dead is EXACTLY like a cult. “Basically Luffy has some weird idea or attachment to this crew.” Yep, totally weird that he doesn’t want people he’s emotionally close to that have traveled with him for a VERY long time to die. I mean, why does he care if his friends who have saved his life many times over die?

    5. First off, this is the same point as your first point. Secondly, REALLY? Luffy vs Kuro was fucking TERRIBLE. Sure, it was fun to see Luffy win, but the fact that his moves were “Pussyfoot Maneuver” and “Out of the Bag attack” just made the whole thing pretty damn lame.

    6. This is more of a personal opinion, and I can respect you kinda dislike his personality. However, I can’t respect that you try to say the entire series is bad simply because you personally dislike 1 character in it.

    7. “It feels tainted that he has some connection to the previous Pirate King.” …Did you even watch One Piece? Not only is Dragon not the Pirate King, HE’S NOT EVEN A FUCKING PIRATE. “He is the World Government’s greatest enemy and is the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world.” That’s simply untrue. He’s high up on their list, but not anywhere near the top.

    8. This is the first time I’ve ever agreed with you. Unfortunately though, it just seems that Animes love to shove these annoying things in for no real reason.

  83. WTF has happened to you guys!!!!Talking shit about one piece like this.
    “Naruto is better than one piece”only in a frigging dream can naruto outrace one-piece. The character development in naruto is so shitty.naruto and sasuke are the only two fucktards the anime concentrates upon(plus sometimes kakashi and obito).And after all this you would expect these two to be awesome characters.But they turn out to be dickheads. Sasuke is an extremely confused idiot who doesn’t know what he is going to end up doing next.Naruto just keeps on getting stronger and stronger with no reasonable explanation. In the manga these guys defeat the “Mother of Ninja” …How fucked up is that? How do they gain so much strength in so less time?Plus all the awesome characters are only from Konoha including naruto sasuke kakashi madara hashirama.It’s like people from everywhere else are a different inferior species compared to these guys.K i got to admit that naruto was awesome.But the recent shit they have cooked in manga is horrible.
    One piece on the other hand has excellent story,character development and those ‘feels’.I agree that these fights aren’t as awesome and logical as naruto fights but still an anime doesn’t only consist of fights

  84. I really like one piece but it gets old for some people quickly I’m in dressora maybe its because I watch it bits at a time? I don’t know lol


  86. dropped Naruto after 10 eps cuz it’s shit but there will be boring bit’s in it too where no fighting happens. 1)The alabaster arc after they enter the grand line is probably the best one, differently the funniest. 2) Naruto has more episodes than one piece if you put the two together. 3)Fannsubbers have nothing to do with the anime quality and i can read both in the time given anyway. 4)The nakama thing is kinda weird but it’s not as bad as he makes it sound. 5)There may be less battles but there all better. 6)Luffy is a hilarious character and his simplemindedness is unique and epic. 7)I couldn’t care less that his father is dragon. It barely influences the story and just makes more people scared of him. 8)Every anime has a pervert, the only time sanji was too annoying in this was was on mermaid island when it got ridiculous. Zoro and sanji fighting is a great part of the story.

  87. I spent most of my last week reading One Piece and really enjoyed it, but once I hit the end of Crcodoile I felt pretty let down and started searching for some criticism of the series, found this bait article and comment section pretty entertaining so thanks for that. After reading about 200 chapters in a very short amount of time the problems with the series are obvious and the article’s creator touches on them a bit, although most of his points are vague and emblematic of his unwarranted hatred.

    Here are the main things that annoyed me up to the end of the Crocodile arc:

    1) Villains that don’t die. Okay, no one dies in the Straw Hat crew, I’m fine with that. I’d be more than okay with it, but fine, I get it. But after 100 chapters building up a villain like Crocodile, why would Luffy not kill this guy who just attempted to murder a million innocent civilians? This guy clearly is able to escape any kind of prison you put him in, I don’t care if the walls are lined with the fruit-neutralizing minerals or whatever. He is far too dangerous to let live. I’m willing to accept random side characters won’t die, but if even a main arc villain just keeps living forever after he’s “defeated” it really weakens the story and demotivates me from continuing for the very long haul of the series.

    2) “Dreams.” This is baby tier storytelling. I didn’t mind it at first but later on it gets very annoying how the protagonists go on about their “dreams” which will obviously never be fulfilled, especially when you know the series goes on for 800 chapters. Also whenever the characters get a nonsensical power boost in a fight without any explanation. I’m not asking for amazing fights, I just want a logical conclusion. I don’t even care if it’s an ass pull like the Nami vs. Double Finger one, anything better than “and then they realized they REALLY wanted to win and they won.” Crocodile’s arc is a good example of this: Nami, Usopp/Chopper and Sanji figure out their opponents’ weaknesses or figure out a new strategy to win. Zoro gets flashback powers and is able to cut through steel just because he had an epiphany. Luffy defeats Crocodile by punching him really hard. Give me something clever here, anything will do. If you’re going for the JoJo style fights with an “ora” ending, then at least kill the villain. It would at least put a nice dot on the end of a saga instead of infinitely dragging everything out.

    3) Speaking of flashbacks, there are far too many of these in the manga. Originally, it wasn’t possible really because there was nothing to flash back to, but by the end of Crocodile half the panels are flashbacks with darkened panels to chapters we’ve already read. This is totally unnecessary if you have a thinking brain and remember what has already happened. Every volume opens by retelling the overarching story, it’s redundant to also have to explain every little thing as to why a character is feeling a certain way. It’s also really unimaginative, Oda really can’t think of a way to convey that a character is thinking about a certain old character, he thinks his audience is so dumb they need to see the exact same panel again just to make sure? I think it’s pure laziness, filling up an already absurdly long manga with previous strips.

    4) Protagonists vary from tolerable to awful. I like Usopp, Nami and Chopper, but Luffy, Zoro and Sanji just suck dick. I know this is subjective. Luffy is a moronic character and while this can be charming, other times it can get very grating when he’s actively harming his friends and putting others at risk (see: point 1). Zoro is really generic, and I personally hate Mihawk and his edginess. Every reason or “dream” Zoro has for being in this series is pathetic, more so than Luffy wanting to be the pirate king. Being “the best swordsman in the world” is pretty weak. Sanji is simply annoying as the archetypal character obsessed with women. His “power” is the absolute worst. Kicks, seriously? He is kicking giant animals and super villains to death. This is a retarded character who exists purely to add a +1 to the villain’s team that can split off and fight someone like this, like Mr. 2. If Mr. 2 didn’t go up against someone desperate for sex and who could only kick people he’d be screwed, and the character would basically cease to exist for this very reason.

    5) Tone. When the story is good the story is very good, but when it veers into the emotional it can get awful. Oda can mix up serious and comical in a way that completely sucks the energy out of a scene. As the series goes on it focuses more on the feelings of some of the most pointless characters, for far too long. This is long enough without spending half a chapter looking at one character’s face as they recall strips in flashbacks already seen in the previous volume, start to cry, or shout a generic catchphrase. At other times, the characters don’t act in realistic ways. Yes, it’s fantasy, but that doesn’t mean the characters shouldn’t act human. This may be something to do with the translation I’m reading, but the best example I can think of this is Luffy saying “I’m going to kick his ass” after being told about Crocodile. He keeps saying this, even after he hears about Crocodile being a murderer and attempting genocide. But then he gets fucking philosophical in the first fight with him all of a sudden. The melodrama can ruin an entire scene, and when it’s being built up for 100s of chapters, or years in real time, it’s painful when all excitement is sucked out of the scene by unfortunate dialogue.

    Good to vent.

  88. One Piece really, really sucks. What a piece of shit anime, history line, characters and everything.

    How can it be a so successful anime?

  89. Personally, I don’t like one piece. Animes have some odd ass shit usually, but I feel like this one goes out of its way to be wacky. There are alot of strange characters that look weird as hell and have even weirder, over the top personalities/traits, for example, the giant from robins childhood, wft, you know what I’m talking about. Also, there seems to be someone screaming constantly at the top of their lungs every episode, or some one getting unrealisticly emotional over minor issues or personal problems. The screaming really annoys me and makes me embarrassed for the show. Animes also need to drop the whole screaming the name of your five or more worded attack name, not just this show. I guess simply put, I just see alot of it unnecessary and extremely childish, but then again, I’ve got to remember that its a kids show. Sorry guys, hate me if you want, I don’t blame you.

  90. I came across this site only because I was wondering if I was the only one who thought One Piece was trash. Guess what, Naruto and Bleach are trash too. These fan boys and fan girls just have to admit their biased or on a nostalgia high. If you want a recommendation on Battle Shounen genre, I will direct you to Hunter X Hunter (2011). With that said, this is my opinion. Lets all get off the internet now and do something productive.

    • Bleach is the best of the bunch since the fights were actually enjoyable.

      Watching one piece is like watching american pie in front of your grandparents.

  91. One piece is getting worst and worst by day, in terms of animation and storyline. Before it was adventurous and exciting, now its all about huge boobs and pretty much one scene of a character standing takes like 1/4 of the episode… i’ve noticed how the Quality of anime dropped, it is less detailed and too clean which makes it very cheap looking and it seems like Oda and his crew has gotten lazy in putting effort of making one piece since it has gotten popular apparently.

  92. Saying that One Piece is good simply because it has been going for so long and has a steady base of watchers is like saying “Shit is good, 100 billion flies cannot be wrong”.

    The story might be interesting to a extent but the anime as it is currently is horrible.

    There is a difference between not rushing and going at a snails pace.

    The constant and random crying of almost every non-villain character does not serve as amusement but as a annoyance. The crying is constant for no good reasons either.

    The main character is dull, just dull – goofy factor is long gone.

    The only actually interesting characters in the whole series are a couple of villains.

  93. Saying that One Piece is good simply because it has been going for so long and has a steady base of watchers is like saying “Shit is good, 100 billion flies cannot be wrong”.

  94. Ooh fuck stop repeating the same godammed thing all along one piece sucks it has a childish story which surly pleases some retarded wannabe pirates such as you infact Naruto is just better a nice plot deep and quaresmatic characters excellent soundtrack epic battles and doesn’t last for shit best things last short

    • I guess by your logic I wanna be a meth cook, a pirate and a ninja because I like breaking bad, OP, and Naruto…what are you like 10?

  95. You no good motherfucker. You should be ashamed saying these things about the king of Anime. You have obviously never seen all of the current One Piece episodes because if you did, you would realize that these pathetic reasons to hate one piece are not valid. More importantly, how the f*ck can u say that there are no great battles after the grand line?!?!?!?! Are you stupid or something? You need to watch the whole anime at least before judging it you p*ssy ass b*tch

  96. I am sorry guys I will admit one piece has great storyline but anyone and i mean ANYONE who thinks one piece have better fight are idiots. One Piece fights= 1.Luffy screaming “GATTLING PUNCHES” and dude gets slammed in face for 10 minutes straight.2 Zoro has all these amazing techniques yet you never see them he just disappears BAM enemy is sliced up one piece fights are complete utter shit i don’t understand how you find it fun watching those fights. Nothing to the fights when luffy learns a new technique it basically just means his punches are faster and stronger WOW SO ORIGINAL!!

  97. One Piece is an excellent anime, and I don’t need to explain why. I feel sorry for those who don’t have the attention span to stick with it, because it is a very long series. Im also sorry for all the biased people who could not get interested in the plot and characters because they are biased and still have their heads up the asses of Naruto, dbz, and bleach etc. ( all of which I’m also a big fan of.) The bottom line is this One Piece is a highly successfull series, there’s no denying that fact. It is one of the highest grossing series of all time and there are millions of fans out there who LOVE it. That being said, for any successful series, music, person, etc, there is always going to be a crowd full of haters who will talk shit and feebly attempt to balance out all of the love with pointless, unfounded, ignorant, hatred. Go home haters, and keep all that hate to yourself, it’s not like you’re changing anyone’s mind.

  98. Holy shit. One Piece fans are stupid.

    Here is your general argument of why One Piece is the god of all animes.

    * It gets good. You just have to sit through 500 episodes x about 25 minutes = 12,5000 minutes = 208 hours which is rounded up to 9 days. 9 DAYS. It takes 9 days for an anime to get good?

    “You haven’t seen enough of the anime. You’ve only seen 100 episodes” Then how come short 13-30 episode animes i.e Angel Beats, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Charlotte, Fate Zero, Code Geass, No game no life, have had arguably more impact in a short amount of time than One Piece did in 50 episodes?

    “Naruto is only about a story of a kid who becomes a village leader. He’s chasing after his boyfriend” Naruto has had more shit happen to him to develop his character than anything Luffy has faced. Naruto barely has any of Maslow’s theory of needs and yet still reaches self actualization. Oh wait 90% of you actually have zero education in psychology.

    “You need to shut up. You are biased” Let me grab a few quotes from idiots on this forum.

    “One Piece is an excellent anime, and I don’t need to explain why” Yes you fucking do. This entire portion is opinion

    “You have obviously never seen all of the current One Piece episodes because if you did, you would realize that these pathetic reasons to hate one piece are not valid” None of his reasons are pathetic. Every anime is going to have flaws and opinions. It shouldn’t take 9 days of watching one series for it to get good.

    The biggest retard in this entire post. 10 times. 10 fucking times.

    “Are you fucking shitting me? Really? Seriously? If you think that one piece copied fairy tail than I’ve got a few words for you, you ever heard of gildarts?!? He’s extremely close to being the double of shanks, all those animes… They came after one piece I respect Oda he changed names for characters because of Naruto, and he wanted to prevent any confusion”

    Just because an anime came after one piece, that clearly doesn’t mean they copied any elements or all elements from the story. Let me blow you away with one fact. Angel Beats came after One Piece. Does any characters have any relation to luffy minus personality factors and similar scenarios? NO. They do not. Gildarts = Shanks. Not even close. Let me pull you down to the very bottom of fact. Gildarts lost his organs to a dragon. Shanks lost one arm to a giant shark. Gildart’s doesn’t care for responsibility and leaves Fairy Tail to travel. He is also a lone wolf. Shanks is the captain of a pirate crew. He stays close to his crew and doesn’t think for a second of abandoning him. Gildarts uses magic, which magic can do nearly anything. Shanks has 0 explanation of how he is so strong despite having no special powers other than haki, swordskill, etc. Shanks does not have an offspring. Gildarts has a daughter. How did Oda change character names so much? CP9? Shanks? Blackbeard? Nami? Sanji? Whitebeard? Crocodile? Ace? Naruto. Sasuke. Neji. Hinata. Bolt. Shikamaru. There is hardly any pattern flow to prove that. You need to go back to school. Opinion isn’t fact.

  99. Your first reason is invalid. Have you’ve seen those badass fights like luffy vs lucci? Or even luffy vs enel?
    “Luffy has a weird connection with his crew”. That is SO messed up. In the One Piece Strong World movie, he was SOOOO furious just to get Nami back.You’re just a retarded arrogant kid.

    • You didn’t make any good argument against his post. He even said that luffy vs enel was good, had you read it without throwing a tantrum, you’d know. And it wasn’t even his “first reason”, it was reason number 5. His point about the weird connection is that they’re far too attached to each other and that the whole “nakama” idea is pushed down the viewers throat like a big black cock is being pushed down some newbie inmates throat.

      You kind of read the article but your reading comprehension is so godawfully poor that your answer to it basically makes fun of yourself.

  100. Call what u want to called in the end the is one thing true all these anime are good i watch them all. But the reality do you what it is …..None are made in the USA or elsewhere all these anime’s creators are Japanese,,,,, So very smart and inspirational people give me at least one anime or cartoon series made in the USA or elsewhere that has so much passion love and ect NAME ME ONE SERIES ………………..

  101. It greatly disturbs me that the majority of anime/manga fans fall to these kinds of lows, squabbling over which anime is ‘better than Naruto because of so and so’ or that ‘One Piece sucks because of my opinion.’ We all wonder why society views us as childish brats who will never grow up? We lament the fact that no one takes us seriously? That’s because all they have to do is look up one google search, scroll to the comments and prove their point. The bigger question is why we don’t realize it sooner.
    Ask yourselves why you started reading/watching the anime/manga in the first place. What about it had you hooked? Why did you love it? You felt that magic, right? That feeling that you found something you could enjoy all to yourself and it didn’t matter what other people thought and you could just completely and utterly LOVE something. It’s great to love something. It feels fantastic. And if you haven’t found something to love, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be anime or manga, find something you love and just LOVE IT.
    So why, with your inane love of your passion, why would you put down someone else’s love just because you don’t agree with them? ‘Because you think it sucks’ isn’t a valid reason. In fact, there’s not really a good reason at all for putting someone down for loving the things they love. You like Bleach? That’s great. Naruto has gotten you through hard times? I’m glad you’ve found something you love. You find One Piece fascinating like I do? I’d love to discuss theory with you. Just because you didn’t feel the magic they felt reading/watching it for the first time doesn’t mean that others don’t find more enjoyment in it. Let them love. Allow YOURSELF to love the fact that other people love something different. Don’t like Bleach? Keep it to yourself and move on. Didn’t care for One Piece? Keep it to yourself and move on. Naruto’s story didn’t leave you wanting more? Keep it to yourself and move on.
    Can you imagine what the world would be like if people could only love ONE thing? The world we live in would truly be a boring place. Different things give us diversity. And sure, if something seems bad to you, that just makes the good things seem so much more enjoyable to us. Balance must persist.
    Whatever happened to INTELLIGENT DEBATE, where you didn’t have to call someone a ‘retard’ or some other derogatory term because it makes you feel better? Has our species really descended this far? It’s at times like these that my faith in humanity is spurned…
    This is probably due to a lack of respect in people in the last few and the upcoming generations (Mine included). It appalls me to think that this is what I have to look forward to in the future. If the people commenting now are what the world will be like in ten years, I fear for my life and the lives of those who speak against others in respectful and organized ways. It seems insults have become the only mode of communication.
    I am here to offer another viewpoint in this ‘debate,’ if you can even call it that. I will not argue for or against anime, whether they be One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, or some other smaller, lesser known ones. The anime does not matter. The manga does not matter. What matters HERE and in EVERY sense, is YOU.
    Have we ever bothered to think that maybe, just maybe, the FANS are the problem. Perhaps WE are the ones at fault. Perhaps nothing is wrong with the stories themselves and the narrow-mindedness of the readers and the arrogance, greed, ego, and the desire to come out as better than everybody and everything else, has trumped our original intentions behind watching/reading the stories to begin with.
    Is it really the anime/manga that ‘suck?’ Or is it you and me?

    • That’s a lot to take man. It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. I use to love anime, but there are very very fundamental flaws I’m trying to explain. I can’t see the case of not criticizing something because someone else might love it.

  102. The reason i think One piece Sucks it the art work is utter trash.

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