Apr 182012

Naruto Sucks annoying ideas and themes

Naruto is one of the most popular anime as of this writing.  The web is full of fan sites, YouTube videos, DVD’s available to buy and it’s currently airing on TV.  Naruto is a huge success, so why does it suck; well that’s why I’m writing this blog.  I want to do something different.  I want to critically explain why I think Naruto sucks.  So here goes.

1.  Rock Lee Saga.

Rock Lee is my favorite character in Naruto.  He barely exists in Naruto Shippudden, this character pretty much got the Fuck You from the author.  I honestly don’t understand the point of Rock Lee in Naruto.

The appeal of Lee is he works very hard.  He is a failure in life, but his hard work and dedication will show all who doubted him that he is an excellent ninja.  His dedication makes him look foolish and pathetic, but in the end he will win.  (YEAH TOO BAD HE DIDN’T, FUCK THIS ANIME).

Why did Lee lose to Gaara, what was the point of building him up like that and lose.  Was it to show Naruto that you can break the wall between Genius and Failure?  Was it to inspire the other failure fighters?  Nahh He just fucking lost for no reason.  To make matters worse he gets seriously injured and has to take a life and death surgery to recover.

When Naruto fought Neji why wasn’t Lee watching.  This was a defining moment in the anime where Naruto broke the wall between Genius and Failure and OF COURSE HINATA AND LEE DIDN”T SEE IT.  WHY????????????????????

In the end Lee lost because of

2. Village Leaf people are assholes and deserve to go to hell.

I find it strange Naruto was ostracized and shunned in this village.  I have to ask why?  What did he do?   It’s because they forced the nine-tails on an innocent baby and blamed him for the disaster of the nine-tails fox.  This is similar to blaming a family member of a criminal.  You can’t blame the son for his father’s deeds, they are not connected.

This village is so fucked up and stupid that they basically emotionally destroy this poor kid.  Of course Naruto can’t leave the village or they fucking hunt him and kill him. Naruto sucks monkey balls.

3.  Village Leaf is actually a dangerous cult.


Cult Definition:  A strong devotion or interest in a particular person, idea or thing with or without religious associations, or the people holding such an interest.

The Leaf trains their children to follow their warped sense of duty, schooling them to be assassins, thieves or soldiers.  You could argue the case that it is necessary since there is a war with the other ninja tribes like Sand and Sound.  Because Naruto was ridicule since he was a kid.  He actually can’t leave the village (because he is a valuable asset Nine-tail container), however other ninjas have no free will either, and they have to stay in the village.  Any Ninja who runs away is now a hunted man/woman.  Look up Bingo Book and see.

Pain also killed a lot of Ninja’s in leaf trying to get info no one would talk and he killed them.  The reason why no one talked it not because they want to save their friends and family, but because they are brainwashed by the Head of the Leafs Ninja’s to die like a dog.   You think the 3rd hokage was a good guy dying for the village fight Orochimaru, but no he’s a bad guy.  He allowed Hyuga family to go through Hyuga Main Family’s Jutsu causing Neji Hyuga to be a slave to the main family and branded him with a curse seal.  Yes the 3rd Hokage allows slavery as well.

Oh wait how about when Itachi slaughtered his whole clan (because of an impending Coup).  He stood by and let Danzo and the Elders order the slaughter, all the women and children too.  Hooray what a wonderful leader.

4.  Naruto has no Blood on his hand.

This is a weird one for me to explain.  Naruto is sort of like Vash the Stampede (Trigun) and Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin).  Basically Naruto is on a Buddha path to stop the hate and violence, the problem here is that he doesn’t know the suffering or torment of taking another life.  He almost killed Haku in an early mission, but the author of this crap cop out again and Kakashi ended up accidently killing him.  Yes Naruto at the age of 12 was trying to kill someone.

Later as Naruto grows in power he is now trying to save everyone.  God just kill me now.  How many anime characters are like this (becoming Jesus or the fucking Chosen one, god Naruto Sucks)?

If Naruto had blood on his hands and choose to fight his dark path (like Kenshin), then this anime would have been more interesting, now he’s just Jesus trying to stop the war.

 5.  Chunin Exams are like the Hunger games.

These Chunin exams are sick.  What twisted fuck invested this shit?  All the children have to go in the forest and attack each other to get a corresponding scroll.  There are no rules here you can team up or just slaughter the fuck out of everyone.  Anyone watching this doesn’t see the problem here. 

These kids are brainwashed by their cult leader and volunteer to do this.  At least with Hunger games it was a lottery and no one wanted to do this.  Basically Gaara goes on a killing spree during the games, guy is a fucking psycho.

After the forest nightmare, now you fight the remaining contestants who are alive in a one-on-one duel (of course the leaf characters don’t die).

In this duel we see Shino Aburame vs Zaku Abumi.  In the end Zaku arms are blown off.  This fourteen year old poverty stricken orphan loses his arms and then is killed by Orochimaru,

Remember this anime is for kids, Naruto Sucks.


6.  Neji was right.

The point of Naruto in the beginning anyway was his struggle to be acknowledged and respected in the village.   There is a divide between drop-out and genius.  What made Lee a compelling character was he had no powers and through hard-work he tried to bridge the gap.  Naruto use to be similar.

Neji argument was everything was pre-destined.  Neji was born a slave, and whatever he did wouldn’t change that.   Lee was a failure and whatever happened that wouldn’t change.   Naruto had a similar fate to Lee and since he was a failure he could not change that.  His destiny was set.  When Naruto defeated Neji it was a defining moment in the series.  The failure won, the wall was broken or so we thought.

Naruto father is Minato Namikaze and his mother is Uzumaki Kushina.   Basically Minato is a super ninja with incredible power and was a Hokage.  Uzamaki Kushina had special chakara and was one of the strongest women in the village.  Technically Naruto had the best genes possible so the Nature vs. Nurture argument doesn’t work here.  He was born gifted he just happened to be a late bloomer.

So NEJI WAS FUCKING RIGHT.  Making that great moment when Naruto defeated Neji pointless and stupid, because eventually Naruto’s destiny is to become Hokage, it was pre-ordained. Naruto Sucks.


7.  Nagato resurrected everyone.

I was so happy when the corpses were piling on in the village Leaf because of Pain’s attack.  Finally some Karmic justice, but Nooooo!

Through the power of love Naruto convinces Nagato to believe in him.  Nagato then resurrects everyone from his own fucking attack.  He had a right to revenge when Danzo killed Pain in front of him.  Of course Jesus Naruto comes in and convinces Nagato the error of his ways.  God gag me.  Bullshit Naruto Sucks.


8. Miscellaneous shit

I have a few more reasons, but I’m tired and I’m not going into more detail.  Itachi reason to kill the Uchiha clan is stupid.  Sakura sucks and I can’t believe she is a main character. Naruto says dattebayo after every fucking sentence.  Fillers galore in this fucking anime.

Kakashi finishes off Kakuzu (who is an unarmed and helpless prisoner) and Kisame Hoshigaki is forced to kill himself because the noble Leaf is extracting information from his mind, a form of torture I argue.  This behavior is unacceptable in any society including times of war.

Finally this fucking anime goes on and on and on.  I’ll probably be an old man with no teeth after this fucking anime is done.

These are my reasons why Naruto Sucks.

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  1. Hey there. I agree with you… sometimes. You’re right to doubt and all.. But hey, man. It’s other world. There, all the “war” and stuff are normal. Including “Kids vs Kids”. Sparta does that. U’re an asswhole to tell something about that .-. .
    And that talk with Nagato? It was the best part of the mangá.
    Itachi’s reason? Man, he just did the best for his country .-. . He’s just another “Good Soldier”. Konoha sucks, that right. Konoha looks just like EUA.
    About Naruto having no blood on his hand.. Well, that’s cool. I don’t remember ANY anime that the main character does that. Even Dragon Ball, Goku killed them all.
    Anime is for making kids mature, to gown they up for the real world. What’s the point in hiding the real stuff?
    But that part of “Neji was right”. I could kiss you KKKK. All that thing about “hard work” was bullshit.
    But thank you, i had a nice time reading your blog

    • in no way does anime help people mature LOL are you serious right now

      • xD… u know everything makes u go mature, cus getting mature is a result of every experience, so if u see anime/cartoons or whatever, it makes u more mature even if we are talking about southpark or something like that,,, plus anime have a point cus it does really teaches, and make u think about some of the moral laws in the world…

        • Anime only teaches fans how to butcher the japanese language. I can learn more from watching Dora the explorer. You’ve got to be trolling if you believe watching cartoons/anime and especially south park makes people mature. -___-

          • Yeah, to be dumb with Dora the explorer. That’s the main point of that stupid cartoon, to make kids be stupid. Never again letting my children watch that non-sense pile of bs. They are not in the age to watch any anime from Japan, yet. Those are way better. For instance, One Piece: how much you should value the people who surround you in your everyday life and how much they mean to you. Accept them because they all have their unique qualities. Bleach: you should protect them no matter what. Naruto: never let your loved ones go, and if you do so, go to the end of the world to bring them back.

            Is as ‘kiddin?’ said, “xD… u know everything makes u go mature, cus getting mature is a result of every experience, … plus anime have a point cus it does really teaches, and make u think about some of the moral laws in the world…” if you believe otherwise, then what is the porpuse of books? Movies? everything is to illustrate, in an abstract or direct form, of experiences and ideas.

            Clearly the popularity of the japanese language bothers you somehow.

            OT: Ever since the declaration of war in Naruto Shippuden the anime/manga is going downhill on quality. All the points that the author suggests here is just silly and inmature.

          • Totally agree with ellocomeloso there.

            For this blog’s author:

            You’re really dumb for comparing anime with a real life situation. Of course no one would agree to child violence in the real world, but what makes it wrong for a world that has no problem with it to exist in anime? The Hunger Games movie/novels had a real life setting, so comparing it with an anime originally aimed at teenagers is clearly stupid. Also, taking into consideration what you said,

            Each anime has its own different world. World of pirates, world of ninjas, world of government control, world of shinigami, world of magicians, world of whatever… etc.

            It’s not a fucking slice of life anime.

            I’m not that much of a Naruto fan, in fact I’ve started to dislike it lately, but the points you’re addressing here are simply stupid, most of them at least.

          • Am I the only one? A: Anime wasnt intended for kids, late teens or mature audiences mostly. and B: I feel like I was the only one who’s favorite character is Gaara, and wanted him to kick lee’s ass? I mean I got a lot of respect for lee especially during his days of the cheering section xD

            As a note: I have no idea why they put anime on kids channels, like, in nearly the first episode, a guy, takes A GIANT FREAKIN SHURIKEN TO THE SPINE.

            ~Curedo Of The Snow

            Also, yeah, the ‘~Curedo Of The Snow’ part was necessary.

          • Anime is weird Japanese bullshit is for faggots

  2. As much as I love Naruto (as an action show, I like watching the dubs when I’m working) and am actually quite a big anime fan…yes. I really am going to have to agree with you here. Naruto sucks and is actually slightly inappropriate for children. These people are 12 years old and they are killing one another. That just isn’t right. I thought the Hunger Games was kind of disgusting, to be honest. But I suppose in its context it was okay.

    Also, you are completely right about the whole cult thing. I had never thought about it before but yes, this is definitely what is happening here. I think in the right context (i.e. in a HISTORICAL context, like the Feudal Era in Japan/Medieval England) this could have worked though because it would have been historically accurate. However, I have seen the use of (very crappy) computers in Naruto so I’m assuming that they also have TV and stuff, making it the equivalent of the 1970s or so. By that stage of technological advancement, society should have left the clans and feudal lords era behind. They could have still had clans, but it would have been more convincing if they had just made them the equivalent of noble families in England (so they have some old rivalries and old fashioned customs but are otherwise up to date).

    Here’s something I think you should put in here though. The kunoichi in Naruto are seriously lame. I swear, the whole show is about guys. Sakura has had ONE decent battle in the whole series and she is the main female character for God’s sake!!! None of the other female characters really even get a look in. Hinata vs Pain was ridiculously bad. She really had a chance to kick some ass there. Mei and Tsunade only get a slot because they’re Kage and have ridiculously big boobs.

    Also romance. Or lack of it. If the show’s going to have no romance in…don’t troll about having it! All this NaruHina NaruSaku etc etc…Jesus. If there’s no romance in a show…then there needs to be LITERALLY no romance. No crushes and silly stuff like that. Tbh Naruto could have done with a romantic plotline. But there’s no time to put one in now. I just hope it ends with no pairings and he doesn’t just put random people together at the last minute. I hate it when there’s romance without a proper storyline to it!

    I swear, if I ever write a manga/do an anime…the main character will be a kick ass girl. Who loves perverted boy jokes and doesn’t punch boys through walls for virtually no reason. Also one who doesn’t angst after some boy for 10000000 years (HINT SAKURA HINT) and keep trying to get with them even though they are obviously either gay or completely asexual. Or even worse…



    • Actually your right, that is a big point I missed in Naruto. The Romance in this anime is pretty cliche and unnecessary. I could have gone into more detail on why Sakura is really a bad character as well. Similar to Lee, Hinata had a chance to shine in the battle against Pain as well, but that didn’t happen.

      Sakura’s crush on the Emo Sasuke has been done to death in other anime as well.

    • Actually, the The kunoichi in Naruto suck because Kishimoto doesn’t really understand women.

      He said it himself… he sometimes has to ask one of his female colleagues about what a certain female character should behave like, and if what he has prepared for her in the story is “logical”.


  3. im truly agree with u……….to me naruto is suck .. he dont have pure and good heart when he trying to kill haku…..wtf with main charater…………its really ruin whole story ….

    • It was the hatred release who attack Haku because Naruto had no choice…the seal of the nine tailes had been slightly release and the hatred is caused when naruto taught Haku killed sasuke which is his former best friend

  4. 1. Rock Lee HAD to lose but still get a chance to prove he could hold his own… If not hed be too broken to be left in the series without him dying, hes still a genin after all, and gaara is a jinchuriki… Having the Shukaku inside him gives him abnormal healing ability and stamina even if all his bones are broken. They let Lee hurt him that much so that he didnt seem like a useless character in the series.
    In shippuden he fights a lot, but the series focuses more on Might Guy now since he didnt get to fight that much before, giving Lee the job of a support ninja that work’s on Guy’s team (like hes supposed to) and hes not so strong anymore since he cant abuse the gates again for obvious reasons.

    “Not being a main character jutsu?” and Gaara is?

    2. The demon fox inside Naruto killed most people, he isnt ostracized, the fox inside him is. And people in the series know that if Naruto’s subconscious isnt strong enough the demon fox could burst out any second. Why not stay away from him? he IS technically possesed. And leaving one innocent baby to leave miserably is better than letting the Demon Fox destroy the whole village INCLUDING the baby himself. And they would hunt and kill him if he left because hes a living weapon, if hes captured by a village that already has a Tailed Beast theyd have two and could wage war wich would result in the equivalent of a World War.

    3.Every village does that, even in real life… That is training, just like the army, just like school just like society… Youre not supposed to think for yourself.

    And 3rd Hokage didnt “allow” the branch family was perfectly ok with serving as “slaves” it was on their own free will, exactly like Knights would serve kings and peasants would serve nobles.

    The 3rd Hokage didnt know anything about what Danzo was doing, and the Uchiha clan was planning on starting a civil war and wouldnt stop even when they were offered the same benefits they wold have after winning the war. <– They were proud assholes.

    4. He has killed a lot of people, but refrains on doing so when he can avoid it.

    "If Naruto had blood on his hands and choose to fight his dark path (like Kenshin), then this anime would have been more interesting, now he’s just Jesus trying to stop the war. "

    That is the writer's choice, Wannabe Messiah characters are so overdone! we should have another guy going to the dark side that would be COMPLETELY ORIGINAL!!!

    5. Gaara likes killing, so? its his job

    They volunteered, at their own risk, its not sick if they wanted it to happen, no one forced anyone.

    A lot of leaf characters die, but the main cast is pretty strong so they survived. And even if thats not good enough justification, in MOST ANIME the main cast survives! they cant suddenly die and have the series end.

    Zaku was an asshole, he had that coming. And it was CENSORED kids didnt have to see any arms fall off.

    6. Being a Genius in the sense Neji was talking about has NOTHING to do with genes. And even so, Naruto wasnt using anything that broken by that time. His only extraordinary ability apart from the Nine-Tails wich he didnt use was his Inhuman stamina (His own, not Bijuu chakra) and that is his own, he didnt get that from anyone.

    7. Nagato wasnt randomly convinced of some weird shitty idea Naruto came up with, they had the same ideals but Nagato was just tired of fighting in what people call "the nice way".

    8. Itachi understood that the Uchiha clan were a bunch of assholes and he didnt kill them, he only killed his parents who asked him to.

    In times of war everything is acceptable, that it is released to the public is another matter entirely, probably cause of childish minds (like the one who wrote the Naruto Sucks rant in the first place)

    9. "Finally this fucking anime goes on and on and on. I’ll probably be an old man with no teeth after this fucking anime is done."

    STOP WATCHING IT, or are you being forced to watch it completely by an "EVIL LEAF CULT"?

    • The only comment here worth reading…

      • I agree with you too besides Nagato had a grudge on Hanzo(for killing yahiko) and the leaf(for killing his parents) not Danzo,Itachi was force to slaughter the uchiha clan with Obito AKA Tobi because danzo said that the uchiha clan proposed treat to the leaf.At first he didn’t want that to happen but danzo said it will end up the same but if Itachi proceed to the mission Sasuke will be safe, the only thing that is important to Itachi is his brother and his village

    • Omigosh, I love you. I was about to say basically what you just said here. Looks like you took care of it for me.
      It is obvious the person that wrote this has a one way mind, and doesn’t look deep enough into the anime. Which no one should have to.. But at least it’s an anime that gets you thinking. And that’s why it was so popular.
      And why is he complaining about filler? He doesn’t HAVE TO watch them. Fillers were placed there so the manga-ka could have more time to write more chapters. It’s not like the fillers are really that relevant. And if you are judging an anime, the last thing you should be judging it on is the filler.
      One thing has always bothered me about this show though is.. Kakashi trained under Naruto’s father, but they didn’t make any reference to that in the first few episodes? It would be cool if we saw what Kakashi’s thoughts were on that subject.. Kind of how Jiraiya told Naruto he looked just like the fourth..
      And another thing.. Why did they find it nessary to hide Naruto’s parents from Naruto? Even Minato was surprised no one had told him.

      Improvements this anime could have made? I thought this anime would be a lot better if they looked more into how isolation as a child can really mess you up when you are older. But for some reason, Naruto seems fine. Very open with people and stuff. But I guess that’s Naruto for yah. Sai was affected more than Naruto.. >.> Sometimes I even forget Naruto had a tough childhood. It would be cool if they explained his living situation better as well..I also wish that they showed Naruto’s training with Jiraiya and not filler, and Naruto didn’t learn jutsu so fast. :c

    • the uchiha clan was planning the coup because they were treated as lepers and vilified? so whats the lesson, never mind if you are treated as nothing, u should just accept it. sure, go get me my slippers sonny, as a narutard, u dont have the right to make statements. ur a proud asshole who needs to be put in ur place. great writing to the author by the way, the blog piece of why naruto sucks is riveting!!

    • Actually Kids are reading the Naruto Manga. I was at my public library recently and saw a huge collection of Naruto manga.

  5. I’m a Naruto hater but why tell the others the reasons why Naruto suck instead of mocking the anime quietly to yourself rather than making the Naruto fans angry and start flaming on everywhere.

    Different people different tastes in anime.

  6. If you hated it so much why did you watch so many episodes?

  7. I don’t get the first part. Naruto sucks because your favorito character is not very used?

    And Naruto killed that sand village that took the form of Itachi with a Rasen Shuriken. So he has blood on his hand.

  8. I love you dude! I seriously do… you just made my day!

    This page should be shared everywhere…

    I am a Naruto fan, but you are totally right!.

    It blows my mind that we kindda already know about these contradictions/immoral/irrational stuff in this anime, even if perhaps on a subconscious level, yet we allow the cool fighting scenes or the “emotional” lines make us brush them under the carpet and totally forget about them.

    This anime is sick on so many levels (when you decide to use your mind and logical analysis). Kudos for the great details listed here!


  9. I really agree with all of them especially 5 and 6. I’ll never understand why alot of people like the show when they’ve got loads of characters but the only ones used are Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, Kaskashi, Sakura, Sasuke, Yamamoto& Sai (a little) and Shikamaru. We don’t know anything about Kiba, Temari, Kankurno, and MANY other characters. To top it all off NONE of the characters are fully developed yet. And how many episodes are there? And did I ever mention Naruto has the absolute WORST fanbase out there? I’m sure alot of people here can agree with me on that.:)

  10. Your rant is invalid because you whine about your favorite character not getting screen time, hate to tell you but he got his own damned spin off manga and anime….so stop already.

    With that said kids are portrayed in almost every manga/anime alive.

    You have to understand that in some cultures back in the days becoming an adult was much earlier than what we think of today.
    There are countries out that that look the other way on child prostitution, still live under a dictatorship and ect ect.

    Let me ask you this, if you had a bunch of friends or family that were close to you would you take a bullet or push them out of the way of a moving vehicle or would you simply stand by and watch?

    • your right and also it has the reason why Naruto is the name of the anime…It’s because the main character is Naruto so If you want rock lee so much then watch Naruto SD since you like cartoons too like Dora

  11. hate this
    website much! ahahaha

  12. 1. naruto is greedy, he only wants to be hocage for “respect”
    2. The main female is a slutty bitch

    • u r a gay fag with no life congraguations no one likes u what no life literly calls themself hater that says it all right there fuke you bitch ass nijja at least watch it before u hate it dumbass

    • 1. Yes, that was Naruto’s original goal. Ever heard of character development? Later he wants to be Hokage for peace.
      2. Again, character development. Sakura isn’t so bad later on.
      3. ???

    • You are stupid . Naruto is the best anime in the world !!!!!!!!!

  13. Dude what is your problem? if you don’t want to read this anime then don’t. Nobody is pushing you to read. Your quiet an embarassment you know.. So what if this anime sucks, so what if this anime isn’t supposed to be what it is? What would it be you? People who read manga, especially Naruto are on their right mind to read. Its their prerogative and certainly they know what they are doing. If you really got a problem with that because the character you like don’t have much of a show, then why don’t you write them directly? because what you are doing is certainly pathetic. Your just full of barks. or maybe you are just jealous..

  14. yep naruto sucks big dokey dick!

  15. See name.

  16. hahaha.. this naruto sucks.. naruto struggle so many times to be powerful, but he cannot compete the villains.. villains just sucks too, acquiring so many skill and ‘unspoken power?’, they still cannot dominate the ninja world? what they are waiting for? stalling till the good side get enough power and battle??? come on… bah, and another thing,,, this anime speaks more than fight.. as they resemble jungle rules @ the ones who most powerful rulez.. why wasting time to say about justice, emotional feelings etc etc.. just fight okay, this anime is unbalance its storyline…

    • Dumb. There are reasons why they wait.
      Orochimaru is a villan yes.. World domination? He couldn’t even take down Konoha.
      Again with Pain.
      Akatsuki had to wait 3 years. They make there return in Shippuden.
      Invalid argument by an uneducated hater.

  17. Why are there some naruto fans here?

    • I would say the same thing with “Why is there a website about hating anime?”

      It’s kinda sad, really…

      • i love a lot of friends and its always nice too meet neji but i don’t care about others and stuff i just want too hang out love hinata.

  18. The morality of the manga is irrelevant, you can make great stories out of immoral or scandalous ones.
    The point 6 and 7 are the main problems with Naruto, and it reflects a very sloppy writing team.
    Not only it is not coherent, using deus ex machina (almost literally) is proof of very poor writing.
    I was actually happy when Gaara was revived, because it implied a sacrifice from Granny, and it was fair. I was worried about Naruto becoming like Dragon Ball with people living eternally or reviving at wish… And that worry was realized when Pain revived the whole town. WTF. Dead people must stay dead, period.

    Then the last sloppiness out of sloppiness is madara being Tobi. All The narutards wishing to be Tobi was just idiotic, and yet that ended up becoming the actual canon. Absolutely unbelievable. We have YET ANOTHER friend going all the way to pure evil just because of an unintended accident by kakashi? Really? What the fuck, are all these characters have the emotional intelligence of a 8 years old. Can’t they bring a new character with a more interesting motive?
    I am sick of it. Sick.

  19. I can’t believe a fellow rock lee fan could say this the only thing I agree with u on is rock lee got fucked but everything u say is fucked up and fuck you and rock lee is stronger than naruto even is bijuu mode so fuck you pussy ass punk ass bitch ass nijja Bro if you play on ps3 add me my profile name is ImRockLee me and my clan ImNarutoUzumaki ImSasukeUchiha and ImMinatoNamikaze are always lookin to take down our imposters

  20. I can’t believe a fellow rock lee fan would say this fuck you Bro if you play on ps3 add me my profile name is ImRockLee me and my clan ImNarutoUzumaki ImSasukeUchiha and ImMinatoNamikaze are always lookin to take down our imposters

  21. I lol’ed at Lee getting his ass kicked by Gaara.

    The amputation part is so true. XD

    Nagato should’ve just let them all stay dead.

  22. Naruto is the best anime ever! Fuck Bleach and One Piece and all the other anime, and the guy who made this ‘vlog’ sucks!!!

  23. It’s all pretty much true! In fact these are all things I LOVE about this anime. Real shit happens. Slavery and murder and shit. The HOKAGE is actually a giant dick who is obeyed and revered because he is the strongest and has the “law” on his side. I love it.
    As for the Leaf resurrection, I was happy for this. We already had the death of Jiraiya, and further back Asuma died.
    Only a few more main deaths besides them, but we know how anime goes when it comes to Death…if you see someone die, that doesn’t really mean they’re dead.

  24. LOL I peed my pants while reading this. It’s just an anime dude. It’s not and it can’t be real. Relax. Why do u even bother writing all this. I mean u sound like a retard by taking just a cartoon so seriously. LOL Still laughing so hard by your seriousness.

    • P.S. I’m a Naruto fan. I just wanted to see what problem u have with this anime. Plus, this is a cartoon for older kids so the violence is normal.

  25. This is exactly what i thought. Man i used to love naruto but now its like Bro have you watched naruto and I’m like who that blonde S.O.B who has a hero complex yeah but now i don’t. Everyone has their own taste but seriously there should be more anime like death note showing The real corruption…….

  26. But of course Jesus Naruto comes hahahahahahaha

  27. I have to TOTALLY AGREE with you on the Naruto heritage part.
    That was a huge plot hole Kishi made. Shows Neji was right after all 0-0
    But about the rest of them, I have to say that they are NECESSARY in order to create
    a meaningful, creative, interesting plot line.
    Naruto is located in a dystopian society, with people who are dishonest, cruel, heartless, and cunning.
    You see, all of these is needed because every story NEEDS A CONFLICT, you know?
    It has to be a main character, Naruto’s goal, to gain victory over the dystopian society and cruel people.
    That would make the story to be a lot more meaningful than a story in which Naruto lives in a peaceful world
    with nothing to defeat.
    For example, you can’t say that a dystopia novel like “1984″ sucks because the characters and the society in the book are all heartless and cruel. “1984″ is a whole masterpiece by itself, as it criticizes those characters and the society by showing how the main character struggles with them. Same goes for Naruto, I think (I can’t really say that “Naruto” = “1984,” but still, they are a little similar..)

  28. You’re absolutely right. I stopped watching Naruto Shippuden after they killed all the Akatsuki (Hidan and Kakuzu are my favorites). So cool characters they were…

  29. Naruto is perfect ! It’s the only anime i watch and i love it !!! And SASUKE is awesome ! He should be the main character !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. look I lost interest when Nagato revived the Konoha villagers (THAT WAS THE SHITTISH PART OF THE SHOW) and Naruto talks rambles on about hokage and Jiraiya then suddenly he mentions about a book Jiraiya wrote about the character being in the story was N-A-R-U-T-O DUN DAN DAAA

    but i give many respects to Masashi Kishimoto for make a manga the biggest hit in years plus don’t know if this is bad but the manga is still continuing so kudos

  31. I just can’t even express how ignorant you are…Like seriously, you’re so wrong it hurts my gut.

    1. The reason Rock Lee lost the Gaara is so fucking simply. Gaara was stronger. Rock Lee had no way of defeating him, and therefore he lost. You can’t just magically make Rock Lee win ‘just cause’. Not only that, Rock Lee losing was a good thing for the plot. It allowed us to learn more about Lee, Gaara, and Guy. We saw the true determination of Lee, that he won’t give up just because he lost and would risk his life just for a 50% chance to fight again.

    2. They aren’t like “Ugh, THIS kid, fuck you!” They’re fucking afraid of him you dipshit. Would you want your kids going near a kid possessed with what is nearly the equivalent of Satan?

    3. You’re literally saying “What, this anime has a STORY? How STUPID!” The fact that they live in such a harsh world is the entire POINT on Naruto, every character is taken to extremes just to survive. This is literally the equivalent of me watching Trigun, then saying “This Anime is terrible because they’re on a Desert Planet!”

    4. It’s like you’re arguing against yourself here. First you basically say “I can’t believe they would have him try to kill someone!” then you say “WHY WON’T HE KILL ANYONE?” Make up your mind dude

    5. Yet again, you’re literally saying “I can’t BELIEVE this Anime dares to have a STORY!” guess what, a lot darker shit than the Chunin exams happen IN REAL LIFE. Slavery, Rape, Murder, Cannibalism, these things happen EVERY DAY. Stop complaining every time a series gets a little dark. Not only that, earlier you were complaining that the series is bad because Naruto is a saint, and now you complain when it gets a little dark? Are you Bipolar, cause you seem to go back and forth between whether you want the series to be dark or think it’s too dark. Once again, make up your mind dude.

    6 & 7: Skipped because I’m not that far in the series yet.

  32. Your comment would make sense if Naruto was for kids. However it is a anime. Animes are not for kids, they are a hobby for all ages, depending on what anime you read. There sure are animes for kids, but the big majority of them is not. I know you are stuck in your old-fashioned “If it’s animated it’s a cartoon for kids” but that is wrong. If you don’t believe me, feel free to watch Soul Eater, Evangelion, Elfenlied, or if you are daring try Attack on Titan. I wouldn’t let a kid watch even one of these, but they are still good. And Naruto is a really great Anime, especially in shippuuden. Linking your whole hate on a single character not having much screentime shows who the real kid here is.

    But what to expect here? A bunch of ancient stuck-up idiots talking about things they don’t understand… it’s like politics here. Just less harmfull because, thank god, nobody cares for your opinion.

  33. Why are you guys wasting your time bashing anime? Don’t you have anything better to do with your lives? And are you seriously gonna sit there and say “anime sucks” when you don’t even watch anime? All your doing is bashing Americanized weaboofied anime shows on tv and shit. then claiming you’ve seen it all. and the shit your bitching about is to be expected. HELLO!! ITS SHOUNEN JUMP. WTF R U EXPECTING. This is like watching a few cartoons or movies and then saying that cartoon or movies suck. There are A LOT of anime out there and you probably havnt found your cup of tea yet. But your bound to find a few. I just don’t get the point of this site.

  34. you asshole dont say that stuff about anime.anime is awesome.

  35. Idiot

  36. first of all naruto does kill people, actually several if you are talking about the anime
    second of all you are only hunted when you defect
    and i dont see whats wrong with chunin exams being hunter games

  37. You all complain that naruto is going on too long but what about one piece? One piece has been around since 1997 and naruto came around 2002 so why do people want naruto 2 end but not one piece

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