Anime Sucks a review on popular shows


Anime Sucks

I wanted to do something unique for this blog.  I wanted to bash popular anime with my unique point of view.  I used to be a huge anime fan, but these days I’m a former angry anime fan, honestly anime sucks.

There’s one major flaw with anime that oddly enough is not addressed.  Basically 90%+ anime are based off manga that’s printed in weekly or monthly magazines.  The problem here is almost all anime end oddly (or a cliffhanger) or there are odd fillers in the main story.  The manga is also a spoiler for the anime, people who read the manga usually spoils it for the anime watching public as well.  So you are forced to read the manga to avoid spoilers and to catch up on the story, when you do that the anime sucks and doesn’t mean as much.

The style of anime these days has a very clean look.  There is no gritty element these days.  Everything is so sterile.  If you watch movies you notice the ever increasing presence of CG.  I feel this is happening to anime as well.  Anime sucks because the  animation looks wrong, too clean, you can tell a computer did it.

Another reason anime sucks, is the fan-service of the program.  Harem anime are overly saturated and the fan-service is ridiculous. Finding an anime you like these days is much more difficult.  The ratio from crap-good shows is increasing.  Out of hundred you’ll probably find ten of them that are of good quality.  The biggest problem is the manga connection to anime,  you are essentially dictated by the manga and if you go a different route the fans will ostracize you.

anime sucksI can’t count how many anime ends on a shitty ending or cliff hanger because of the manga crap.

I don’t know when my love starting to turn to hate, but it was a gradual process.  So now I’m here writing about why anime people love and I hate (or don’t like).  I never considered myself outside of the mainstream, but for some reason I am different.

I can’t understand the current anime culture, so I wanted to write about anime shows and why I think anime sucks.


Update 1: There are some really good comments below on why some people don’t like anime these days (like JJJ and Sootoo).  I think there is some confusion why I say anime sucks yet I watch alot of it.  My issue with anime is complicated to say the least and it’s difficult to analyze.  I made this blog to explain why my fandom is starting to die out.  In my comment I talk about a movie called The People Vs George Lucas.  In the film you would hear fans cry out why did you do this, why is this included etc….   Watching this movie I felt a connection to the disenfranchised fans of Star Wars.  If you watch this movie it would help you guys understand my point of view to current anime.  People also ask why I pick on the most popular anime like Naruto and Onepiece,  since those anime have been on the air so long I actually watched it when they first came out, so I really did love to watch them early on, but more and more problems with the shows kept happening.  There also isn’t a whole lot of criticism for these anime,.  If there are, it’s mostly vague statements and not a in-depth analysis on the anime.

I have watched a few new anime, like the 3rd Eva movie and Initial D fifth stage,  didn’t like them.  I just can’t seem to watch new anime lately, including  JoJo Bizarre Adventure TV (this should have come out 10 years ago).   I’m a huge fan of the JoJo Bizzare Adventure OAV series, but can’t seem to watch this one.  Perhaps because I”m getting older as well and anime is very different than 15-20 years ago, that could be a factor as well.

anime sucks

There are lots of comments on why I say anime sucks because that’s a stupid statement.  You can say Movies suck or TV sucks and you can find incredible movies and TV shows that are amazing and anime is should be similar.  I do agree on that point I’m being  too general in my statements, but I’m doing the best to give valid reasons why anime these days seems to get worse and the ratio between bad and good is growing and why my  connection to the general anime audience seems to be at opposite ends.

This blog was also created because I hardly see any arguments on the most popular anime shows, I”m watching Bleach, Naruto, Toradora  etc… and i’m wondering why aren’t people complaining about this plot point or a stupid character action or even a pointless death.  (Yea Neji is dead now).   I feel an anime series gets too much praise and hardly any criticism.


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  1. Your way of giving opinion is completely wrong! It’s not that anime and manga sucks! It’s just that some animes have childish plots and give no morals to the watchers…… But there are very good animes which give away the meaning of life……. You just might have misunderstood that…..

    • Funny that the first person to post an attempt at defending their anime while trying to sound mature with a double-standard would have a username in romanji. And what’s with all the ellipses? All Japanimation is trash to some degree; it’s breaking down the English language as we speak. It’s all a horribly mutilated rip-off from Disney. It’s an entire Freudian mess; the doctor would have a field day pointing it out if he were with us today. The fanbase is nothing but a bunch of pants-on-heads retards which shows just how “good” Japanimation can be. Japanimation carries a big “Caution: contents may lower IQ” sign.

      • You guys both sound like a couple of stupid nerds.

        -There is no wrong way to give an opinion.
        -Most anime has childish plots.
        -If you’re going to find the meaning of life somewhere, I can assure you it will not be in a fucking anime. The fact that you think it’s possible to find this in an anime implies that you probably think you’ve already found it in an anime, and this is probably why you don’t have any friends that aren’t from the computer.

        -No one’s called it “Japanimation” since 2002 and calling it that makes you sound like a douchebag.
        -Anime’s influence on the English language, good or bad, is utterly negligible. To attempt to blame it for any kind of breakdown of the English language is giving its cultural influence in the western hemisphere astronomically too much credit.
        -Anime hasn’t really derived any artistic influence from Disney since the 1970s. It’s kind of been doing its own thing since then.
        -I think that you should stop using the word “Freudian” when you’ve never actually studied any of Freud’s work beyond understanding the conventional definition of the word “Freudian.” I think also that you should consider that while Dr. Freud laid down the basic framework for modern psychoanalysis, most of the more…arcane elements of his research and conclusions are now considered obsolete, particularly with regard to his enormous overstatement of the role of sex in the human thought process. Sometimes a tentacle rape monster is just a tentacle rape monster.
        -Comparing anime fans to retards is offensive to retards and you should be ashamed of yourself for saying such an awful thing.

      • romanji.

      • Uh uh uh seems like somebody hasn’t watched cowboy bebop or baccano. I try to warn people about this. It’s a common mistake amongst the American populace. It’s just like I was saying last nite when I was FUCKING YOUR MOTHER!!!!! Sorry about that I tend to go off on a fit of rage. We should try to act like adults here…..however I am am curious how old are you that you still call it japanimation.

        • Cowboy Bebop is fucking terrible. ALL anime is insipid shit. Japanese writers have no fucking clue how to hold a story together for 15 seconds, the characters are annoying, vapid and ultimately devoid of any real personality, and in general the whole thing is a vehicle for the main character’s DARK AND TORTURED PAST or some fucking stupid power/trait/catchphrase he or she likes to suddenly remember they have at the end of the episode. This can be forgiveable, if the show has a good story. Anime does not. EVER. No exceptions.

          Basically you’re defending the Japanese equivalent of the stuff you don’t watch anymore because you’re no longer five years old. It’s like you’re arguing that Thundercats is a fucking modern day epic.

    • The writer of this article is entitled to their opinion as you are too. So don’t give them crap about it! Leave him alone!!! It’s his opinion, not yours!!! Don’t like it?? Well tough!!!

      • Right, so, if someone gives there opinion, nobody should be allowed to tell them why they’re wrong and why their opinion is stupid?

        So, if i said the Nazi’s were right, sex with 8 years olds should be legal, rape and murder is ok, would that be something you shouldn’t fight me on?

        Bitch, please. Gtfo.

        • you have to be the dumbest person to really compare an opinion on anime to opinions on the holocaust and pedophilia.. this is exactly why anime fans are the biggest retards on the face of the earth…

  2. As a girl, I love watching anime. I agree that anime is not good for young kids to watch. My favorite anime is Bleach. I don’t like some of the girls in anime because they are annoying, whiny, insecure little brats, but I do still love watching American TV shows. :)

    • I really don’t think anyone cares about your opinion, so please die or burn… thank you.

      • Lol it’s the Internet and everyone has opinions. You might not care about this person’s but that’s just you. Don’t speak for the rest of us. And before you bash me as some anime-loving weeaboo you should know that I think 90% of anime sucks. I just happen to think that your bitchiness sucks more…thank you.

      • Wow, wishing death on someone is REAL mature…..NOT!!! Grow up already you weeaboo!! I guess you don’t care about a human life do you??? Some anime fan you are!! If being a fan means to wish haters to die and/or burn, then you are too absorbed and too invested in anime/manga. Its time to separate fantasy from reality and live in the REAL WORLD more so you aren’t so fanatically obsessed with this crap!! If you can’t do that, then that is sad! Grow up!

      • LOL! You even made your name “IHateHunter: to reply to Hunter. LOL!

    • Your all fucking pissing me off. Stop this fighting and let everybody have their own opinion.

  3. ANIME SUCKS ANIME SuCKS!!!! As a stickman lover STICKMAN!is more powerful and more popular tthan anime and mangas!!Beat it!Anime great days are over!Now Other things like BF3 And Call Of Duty Plus non anime games have taken over

    • And more violence and murders take over the world. China and communism will rule the world. Then muslims will eventually rule the world in cold revenge and murder holocaust against Chinese. Douchebags will die violently. That will make my life complete. LOL

    • And your opinion matters…because? Personally, I love anime, maybe because it’s so bloody weird. And my response to this post? I give 0 fucks. And if someone bashes me for liking anime, guess what? I’ll give 0 fucks. What’s up with all this insulting over a thread, anyway? It’s not like any of it matters. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and if you’ve got a problem with mine…deal with it.

  4. All in all Anime just seems to suck entirely lately, and it’s not just the ones based on manga either. Anime as of now seems to be in a rut where it doesn’t wish to innovate or more forward. The companies just wish to milk the same boring premises over and over again or make a new anime series with a same story as last seasons anime just tweaked a little.

  5. I enjoy some anime. I do agree that some anime can be VERY weird, and I mean like Elfen Lied (Gory, incest, too much nudity) and Boku no Pico. And even popular shounen animes [Naruto, One piece, Bleach, Fairy tail, Code geass] have some REALLY weird moments. But I don’t think you can classify all anime as suckish. I agree with you, though, that anime can be fuckin’ weird. But I do enjoy some anime.

    • All anime/manga sucks period! No need to justify it.

    • Elfen lied is a masterpiece that questions the morality of man. It is art . As shown in the intro done beautifully iin the art style of famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. Accompanied by the Latin lillium. Sure it has nudity but that is often found in art.

      • I couldn’t get into Elfen Lied, like everyone else did. Lucy was just too cold blooded as a main character, after the torture of Nana I gave up on Lucy and didn’t give a crap about the anime. Also the anime does end abruptly and as usual you have to read the Manga to finish the series. Even the Manga ends weird for Kouta, I’m not too sure if he lived or died in the Manga as well.

        • Sadly, that’s how most things do play out/end these days, tragically. Shitty.

          I haven’t the slightest what comes after the anime but now that you’ve mentioned it I might have to read up on it, though I don’t enjoy reading manga.

          Still, I did rather enjoy EL and I don’t take a liking to much anime at all. VERY few. VERY.

  6. There are some things good about anime and some things that aren’t. For example, your lips are like cherries.

  7. I liked One Piece/Naruto/Ranma sucks, could you please do DBZ and Bleach sucks as well?

    • Dragon Ball Z I do kinda like. I know they have so much filler, but the battles were always great (always worth the wait). I kinda grew up with DBZ, I was watching it before it came to North America. I love the Dragon Ball Z movies 5-9 and 12-13.

      Bleach however I do plan to do a review on that. The problem with Bleach is that my criticism of it will be similar to Naruto. Too many episodes and fillers, one character I liked doesn’t have a great part. Manga goes on forever etc…

      One thing that really bugged me about Bleach was the fight between Ichigo vs Aizen. We waited forever for this fight and it was kind of anti-climatic. Also I honestly don’t know what Aizen motivation was?

      • “Also I honestly don’t know what Aizen motivation was?”
        He did what he did for no reason, kubo didn’t even bother to explain. I watched some chapter reviews on youtube and all the reviewers think he will return in “The Thousand-Year Blood War” as the main villain and we will find more about his “true” goals. I didn’t read this manga since Ichigo beat butterfly Aizen, that was like two years, but if the arc really ends and bleach is over I might read it this manga again.

        As for DBZ, when I was little I remember being a fan but now I watched the entire series a month ago and I still enjoyed a few fights in the Frieza/Cell saga but the Buu saga was awful, the only thing I liked were the speeches. I tried to watch GT for the first time but I rage quit when Goku turned in to a child.

      • For some one named “animesucks,” it sure seems like you watch a lot of anime and give a whole lot of fucks about anime and openly profess to liking animes.

      • Wow you suck!! You’re such a hypocrite!! Just look at your name “animesucks”. Where did you find a fuck to give about anime????

  8. Yeah I pretty much feel the same way about anime. I’m 29 now, and grew up in it since my older brother was into it. At 10 I took a stronger interest in drawing, and of course was greatly inspired by much of the anime I had been seeing, as it was all so much more fascinating and beautiful to me, than stuff I saw in American comics, animation, and video games. A lot of it was also pretty mature, and I was pretty mature for a kid. I even learned Japanese when I was 14/15- to be able to read a lot of the games I was buying from Japan.

    One of my biggest inspirations, was Satoshi Urushihara. I was so into his work, because I also loved the game Langrisser. At around age 18-24, I wasn’t interested much at all in the new stuff coming out, and wasn’t pleased with many of the remakes- starting with Bubblegum Crisis lol. Naruto was like the last thing I remember paying attention to for a bit, but lost interest. I quickly lost interest in Bleach, and didn’t like the character designs much at all.

    Started seeing more of the overly cute shit, too many androgynous guys, same old same old. I remember my friend gave me Growlanser, and I just didn’t care to play it, was so tired of seeing that stuff. I even changed my art, totally did not want it looking anime-ish anymore. I began becoming more inspired by Shinkiro’s work, which I was too young to appreciate when I was younger lol. I wanted my work to be more realistic, not too realistic to where it looked boring though. I also began slightly modeling my characters after fighters, actors/actresses, musicians, models. I’d tweak things about, the characters definitely turned out looking far more unique than my earlier designs, some people are able to pick up who they were modeled after, most of the time they can’t, as some characters were modeled after 2 or 3 different people, and one male character was modeled after a tattooed gay porn star. I had walked in on my friend watching it, (she’s a perv but cool), I thought he looked cool and interesting, and his look fit with the character’s personality. No cute shit, big eyes, or doll noses.

    I still dig the classic old school anime, like just last week watched one of my favorites- Cowboy Bebop. I do when I find the time want to check out Berserk remake, looks pretty good, and I heard they followed the manga. Ranma 1/2, and Dragon Ball Z, are definitely classics, grew up with those. LOL I had to add my little rant after the other day. My friend showed me Fate Stay Night, and I cringed… More so when she showed me a yaoi she drew of two characters in my graphic novels. They were kind of feminine looking, which was painful to see, because they are both pretty manly looking, but worse because they are brothers -_-

  9. I would have to disagree with you on that one. There are still a massive turnout of educated and well produced anime every season. If you have seen the greatness of shows such as Fate/Zero,and Madoka Magica, then you have reached the more recent anime series.

    Fate/Zero is a rather gritty anime where seven magus masters accompanied by seven servants, whom of which are legendary heroes of legends, fight for the Holy Grail: an object which can grant any which of the possessor. What made this series amazing were the characters. Kiritsugu is a mercenary hired by other magi to win the holy grail for them, though in reality he wishes his own dreams to come true. His general cynical nature accompanied with his general wish for salvation make him an interesting and complex character to watch. He would do anything to gain the grail. Any underhanded tricks he can come up with would be acceptable, tricking many of the masters in this war, as opposed to his servant, whom of which is the king of knights King Aurthur. The evolution of Kiritsugu was an interesting process, and I would have to say that if their is a single word to describe Fate/Zero is that is it ‘Mature’

    Madoka Magica is another anime which came out in recent times. It follows a young girl named Madoka, whom of which had led a rather normal life, given a choice to become a magical girl by a strange creature which calls out to her one day. The main focus of the story is the decision to become a magic girl being quite the difficult one. You get one free wish, but you are forced until your death to fight witches. With many twists and turns along with likable characters, I would have to say Madoka is one of the best anime I have seen in some time now, and has arguably one of the best endings of all anime. However, it is chock full of symbolism, so unless you are paying attention to the show you my not completely understand the show.

  10. When I was a kid I was pretty much surrounded by Anime with the morning television shows and what-not, and for the first portion of my juvenile life I was influenced by Anime a lot in my art, this brought me to shun everything realistic in the first stages of my pursuits in art (like a lot of young budding artists do these days). I used to draw a lot of Naruto, and Digimon stuff, I have no idea why I did it… In fact when I look back on it I think: ‘How stupid was I’. When I hit the age of 15 I revered a popular anime artist on the web who drew a lot of fetishist stuff, like Lolicon- at first I was disgusted. But, I further on and I shamelessly attempted to recite the same sick art he did because being at that age, I thought it would make me ‘improve’ a lot faster. Luckily at the age of 16, I got sense and found an amazing artist who’s art was great, and one thing she did was that she didn’t do Anime. She was influenced by the great artists, such as Leyendecker, Alphonse Mucha, and Norman Rockwell, and this really opened my eyes to the direction I was taking art-wise.

    I decided to research her a lot and found on her blog that she shunned Anime, but for good reasons. Anime is a disease in the artworld, too many children think that drawing/tracing anime and using the ‘pet’ style will deem them a professional ‘artist’ and I was apart of this cliche. I avoided realism, and abhorred anything that had to do with the word ‘artist’, I thought myself to be a cartoonist of sorts, NOW, I see realism is the standpoint for everything good that is drawn. Sure some will argue that it’s all in good fun, and they just do it for ‘fun’, I don’t believe this is so… many crude ‘artists’ are trying to sell their wares, as well as display their art online, and this takes some form of confidence towards their skills. Settling into a specific style is indeed detrimental to one’s growth as an artist, and if you do feel that you want to land yourself in occupation of art it is of absolute importance that you should learn about the foundations in art. No on is going to hire someone that only knows how to draw in one specific style, in fact they won’t even look at you twice if they know that you rely on your ‘pet’ style to deliver rather then your knowledge in anatomy, form, shape ect. Children, when drawing Anime rely ONLY on the drawing style for the initial aesthetics rather then the the anatomy in the art itself. This brings on the use of big heads, huge dinner plate eyes, non existent noses, plastic/prosthetic barbie looking limbs, and the young portrayal of character’s looking essentially youthful are ‘oversexed’. So when you ask a child who is a self-proclaimed artist to draw you something other than ‘animu’, be expectant to say ‘But all your drawings look like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Fruit baskets, Blah-blah-blah’. Then after that, steer them in the right direction.

    So through this long plethora of text, I simply agree with the blog poster that Anime does indeed suck. Don’t get me wrong, there are good animes… and I know good animes, such as ‘Spirited away’, but 99.9% of the rest of anime is just regurgitated plot-lines, poor voice acting, terrible-TERRIBLE animation, and just plain immaturity. The men are androgynous, the women look like they’re 13 with breast implants, and anywhere on the internet you go you have some teenage girl raving over a character until their loins set on fire. Now at the age of 18, I simply wanted to divulge this information for any budding artists, For god sakes, just read a book or something! That is much more beneficial then this filth. In the end you will realize that Anime is initially a phase, and with maturity you will realize at a point in your life ‘what the hell was I doing’?

  11. I used to watch anime myself, but eventually i got extremely annoyed with it’s fanbase. For me, that’s the number one reason why anime sucks. For example… You can’t go to any anime site or google images without seeing faggot fiction parings like Naruto x Sasuke. Which is VERY unlikely to happen by the way, actually the right word would be ‘impossible.’ And not to forget how crazy and retarded the fans get when they hear a person say,”I hate anime.” They are just Japanese cartoons, so I don’t see what the big deal is! No one has to like the same things you anti social otaku perverts like. The world would be a boring & awful place to live in.

    @Hunter in case you didn’t know, In Japan, everything from Shonen Jump is aimed at kids. I assume you’re just one of those annoying fangirls. Sure sounds like it.. Oh not only JUMP but Pokemon and lots of other anime shows like that are for kids.

    • I use to go on animenfo and write fan reviews, but the moderators wouldn’t take honest criticism about their favorite shows. I eventually lost interest in the fanbase of that site too.

      • Yeah.. Most anime websites are like that, i used to go on myanimelist it’s really terrible there. There was this argument in the forums that I got myself into about why people watch hentai I told them,”people only watch it to masturbate.” and most are antisocials that can’t find a GF/BF. The truth really seemed to have hurt some of them. I know I was harsh, but I just had to write that. XD I also wrote reviews people didn’t appreciate. I admit this, the only anime i’ll watch nowadays is Death Note. And that’s only because of L, he’s such a fantastic character and he’s too good to be an anime character. But those morons freaking killed him off.
        Oh yeah.. Did i ever mention that i love this site? Keep it up.

    • I’m amused with the fact that you having a dislike torwards homosexuals, and what they like to right about. If they want a pairing of SasukexNaruto, let it happen. They want HinataxIno? Whatever.

      You want to make a website about bashing anime, knowing that you’re going to recieve lots of hate? Good for you! You have no right to critisize what these people want, or like.

      I mean, god, GTFO.

    • Besides, you’re bashing people for taking anime as a big deal…

      You’re making a big deal about other people making it a big deal. DAFAQ IS WRONG WITH YOU.’

      (I don’t watch much anime, either, so don’t go attacking me about being an anime fag. I have as much right to throw out my opinion as you do.)

      ( -__-) So there…

  12. Oh, you should do “Black Butler sucks” Because that anime really does suck horribly in my opinion.

  13. I Think the DB Series is the only good popular anime series. The whole series, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and even Dragon Ball GT was respectable compared to the anime ranted on here.

    Also, I’d like to see either FullMetal Alchemist or FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood next. Or both.

  14. The problem with manga/anime or comics and animation movies in general is, that it still stucks in this cliché, that it´d be for children or teenagers only (while japanese animation or comics are actually still way more mature compared to their Western competitors though). This can be found in the way how people have prejudices against it, but also in the way what kind of stuff sells really well.

    The general mainstream anime or manga are mostly just stuff for children, teenager, or quite immature adults. I won´t try to deny this. However, if you look at anime from Hayao Miyazaki, for example, even though they are mainly aimed at a rather younger audience, you can´t deny that they are very well made and not bad for children at all. They are so good, that even adults still can enjoy them. Same goes for a lot of other anime too.

    If you think, that anime and manga suck so bad, then I think, this just must be the case, because either you haven´t gained enough knowledge about it yet, or you just don´t have an eye for the really good stuff out there. Like I said, it´s hard for anime and manga artists to really do what they want, if the market for a more mature audience is just not there, plus it´s Sturgeon’s Law, that ninety percent of everything is crap. However, if you really look closer, you can see that there are a lot of awesome movies, series, manga for everyone.

    I don´t really like to give examples, and also don´t feel the need to excuse me here for anything, but if you think, that anime like for example, Cowboy Bebop, Arjuna, Blood The Last Vampire, anything by Katsuhiro Otomo, Mamoru Oshii, or Satoshi Kon, etc, etc… if you think that this is crap, then you obviously don´t know what you are talking about.

    Same goes manga too of course. I agree, I´m also not a big fan of the recent “top-mangaka” (while I still think that many of them still make really good stories for a rather younger audience though), but if you think that people like, for exmaple, Katsuhiro Otomo, Hiroaki Samura, Junji Ito, Suehiro Maruo, Kenji Tsuruta, Shintaro Kago, Takehiko Inoue, Ryoichi Ikegami, Tsutomu Nihei, Koutarou Ookoshi, Usamaru Furuya, etc, etc,… if you really think, that they only produce crap, then you must be a person of an extremely dense type.

    And there are hundrets of such ‘Seinen’ or ‘Josei’ mangaka out there. They are just not as popular as ‘Shounen’ or ‘Shoujou’ mangaka. However, this is still no reason for people like you to bash something, which they obviously don´t even have no idea about, you know?

    • Yeah i can see where you’re coming from.. basically anime fans these days just eat up anything anime industry gives them

      and Yes the majority of popular anime is shonen which is cliched as well

      as far as the ‘artistic’ flaws are concerned its more linked towards the fanbase in Japan they like pointy edged faces and overly big eyes even though i like code geass the pointy face still turns me off…

      and i also think that Anime shouldn’t really continue to copy the art style in manga Since the art style over the years is just saturated and generic

      they use the most easiest and most generic art styles which is easy to draw..

      I Would really recommend you take a look at ‘Word masterpiece theater anime’ as they are based on Western literature and have a really good art style

      SADLY SADLY This never made to US even though ironically this is most ‘Western’ anime you can find

    • No you idiot!!!!! Anime fucking sucks period!!! I see your opinion on good “animation” is MOSTLY based on anime! You don’t know jack shot about what good animation is!! There’s waaaaaaay better animation in the U.S. and from miscellaneous filmmakers from around the world (excluding anime). An example of a good international animated film is “A Cat In Paris”. While the character designs are just “okay” for me(I’m not a big fan of the style used), the way everything was animated was so beautifully well executed! Other examples of good animation are Tom and Jerry, anything by Disney(especially the older films like Snow White, Cinderella, etc), films by Laika like Coraline and Paranorman, and there are countless others. Anime just sucks because the tv shows are on deadlines all the time!! This means that they will lose time to go back and polish anything that’s moving too stiffly and/or not smooth enough. It’s common for them to cut corners with animating leaving them to not be the best they can be. Many of the shots are also just poorly framed and executed. The designs of the characters are extremely weak as well. Anywho, I suggest you watch more animations OUTSIDE of the anime realm to get a better sense of what is good and bad. Going to an animation festival would be a great idea too! A lot of talent comes from these :)!! Have a nice day.

      • Wow you’re such an immature person…

        there is something called “taste” you know ? and disney stuff is mostly princesses and fairytail bullcrap.. whereas i want MORE than that ‘

        you’re such an animation whore -_- go suck on that animation then.. i prefer story variety and different types of characters and anime has just that

        I also love how you cuss me and in the end say “Have a nice day” yeah you sure have ADHD my friend

        Bottomline “Anime doesn’t suck” yes it is over-saturated and crappy today but older anime has way much more variety for you in all departments

        let it be ARTISTIC Anime
        let it be Musically beautiful anime
        let it be Breathtaking anime
        let it be full of action and blood

        It has it all you just have to “Search” for it

      • “jack shot”? You mean “squat”?

        But seriosly, not to be any ol’ Grammer Nazi, you’re an ass. Please leave. ( ._.)

      • Yes Tom and jerry TOTALLY has better animation than attack on Titan

  15. Anime is like most things in that alot of it sucks, but the exceptions show what anime can truly be at it’s greatest, which is a unique form of art. Anime is not without flaws, excessive amounts of fan service, predictable story lines, immaturity, etc, plague the modern anime universe, but the flaws are far out numbered by the pros. Good anime is able to tell a compelling story with deep, relate able characters that isn’t chained down by american standards of how mature the content of “cartoons” should really be. Good anime can have all the depth of good literature, all the impact of a good movie, the life span of a good TV series, plus the social relevance and ability to nurture creative thinking of the whole lot put together. Some anime is crap the same way some TV, movies, books, video games, etc, are crap. And just like the way Jersey shore doesn’t ruin all television with it’s shityness, a bad anime does not ruin anime as a whole either. If you wanna see an example of cartoons that have no plot, no deeper meaning, no mature content, no character building, and no ability to speak with audiences other then children, you should be looking at the simple minded garbage that is most american cartoons. Lastly, saying that anime is bad because its based on manga normally is stupid, the problem comes in only when in order to make money they push out a product that totally fails to capture the quality of the manga is was based on, but sells for it’s name recognition.

  16. “There’s waaaaaaay better animation in the U.S. and from miscellaneous filmmakers from around the world (excluding anime)”
    Mwaaahahaha!! lolz your so funny ^^ It’s like two religions going head to head and the wiser group can’t take enough stupidity and moved on lol.
    I will say this, styles of animations are different and if you think one is better then the other your just stupid because art is art lol, some like soft strokes some like sharp.

    As for story lines and… I’ll say this once!! It is better in the actual language then translated into English!!

    1st the voice is all wrong!! (if you seen the American version of the anime CardCaptures You will say american ver sucks! big-time!)

    2nd English is a simple language! (the only time you have in depth English is old English or over use of a thesaurus!)

    3rd When translated to English … It is not funny or interesting! (but then again it’s maybe Americans, when they translate and do voices, they do it bad on purposely since they think their animation is way better) p.s Stuck up!
    Thus lets cartoon nurds have something to battle for XD other then Dungeons and Dragons… ect lolz!

    For those who Commented and have only seen Eng Dubb Anime…. one thing to say,” =_= no wonder! ”

    And those who like the American animations (westerners) “well of course!! Your fence was closed ages ago”

    As you may pick up, I am on the Maga/Anime side ^^ Too much useless killing in Cartoons these days =_= story line has a lot of useless stuff in it I wanna scratch out my eyes -_-
    As for Anime it is getting more and more beautiful with great story lines that make you think. Un like cartoons which is the same for ages now…. =_= and if its unpredictable, it will not leave you thinking for to long, like anime.

    But again people like different things ^^ People with live should never waste their lives making a hate page on facebook. Or for the extremes XD a Website/blog lolz!!!!

    If don’t like the anime, read the Manga, if you don’t like Manga, read or watch something else lolz simple!
    If you don’t wanna spoil the anime… Don’t read the Manga to get ahead!
    People who watch the Animes wanna see what it looks like animated or rather watch then read.
    If you Animate the Manga in a American way, you will loose the Manga writers drawing style.
    As for cliff hangers, well that’s that! Just cry about it. and watch something else lolz ^^
    As for clean look. Well depends on styles of Manga/Animes, Just look at the carttons like justice league and stuff… They have clean looks, the movies as well lol, you always can tell cartoons are computer animated XD ahaha funny ;)

    yea thats all ^^

    • “But again people like different things ^^ People with live should never waste their lives making a hate page on facebook. Or for the extremes XD a Website/blog lolz!!!!”

      Wow!! You’re such a hypocrite!! If you don’t like comments about people disliking anime/manga, simply don’t reply. Don’t waste your time! Keep your hate and butthurt opinions to yourself simple! lolbue weeaboo!! lol!! kthxbye

  17. i hate anime also but my sister loves it and shes a true anime lover but she wouldnt theraten anyone for hating anime like what the hell is your guys problems anime is not even real so why say that to a person and first of all the only way to find this site if you look up anime sucks so all you haters of haters if you dont have the nerve to handle what people say about hating anime dont look it up then

  18. You hate anime? That’s cool. I don’t mind it.

    I just wanted to adress a few things with your argument.

    Manga getting an anime is not a flaw at all. You’re just whining about the FANBASE spoiling the story, which is ridiculously easy to avoid by not reading every single goddamn comment.

    “You can clearly tell a computer did it”
    No, you can’t, anime is made out of A LOT of handrawn images. The only thing the computer does is scroll through them really fast. Which is what, surprise surprise, anime has always done.

    Valid complaint, I’m not going to deny it. Except for your last statement, no one actually gives a shit about what you’re watching.

    Hey, this one movie had a shitty ending, that means all movies suck right?

    Anyway, that’s all I got.

  19. You guys need to chill out of this mess if you are actually smart you would pay more attention to the phrase “in my opinion” you should really say tht b4 you give ur opinion because I also enjoy anime. There are some animes tht I havent seen but I dont give hate to. Honeslty people who are threatining people tht if they like anime they are fags and should burn, u guys should chillax. Jus find ur group of peps who are in it to win it in anime and dont pay attention to others because itll bring out a huge altercation. U can hate me if u want, but I dnt care because I no not to let others opinion blind me from their faggoty ways. Hope I could at least be of help…

  20. What about angel beats?! it’s amazing and doesn’t have all that lovesick shoujo crap. It’s also popular and I don’t see anyone bashing on it. You obviously haven’t seen any other types of anime such as green green, Beelzebub, etc.

  21. Yes, I’m still an anime/manga fan but somehow I agree with you 90%, especially with this line: “Basically 90%+ anime are based off manga that’s printed in weekly or monthly magazines. The problem here is almost all anime end oddly (or a cliffhanger) or there are odd fillers in the main story.”

    P.S: Pls. don’t mind my English :)

  22. Whatever. Still if you like the story and blah… Find a damn serial or a cartoon to watch. It’s better than that graphics in the anime that I PERSONALLY find disgusting. Don’t mean to be a hater but this is my point of view. And fans are just annoying (like any other addicted fans)

  23. mi opinion of why anime sucks that is envolving in crazyness all people for example my cousins.’oh you see pokemon. oh yes it is so cool. oh right anime are the best thing in the world. yess i like him he is so beautiful’ in the school a “boy” talk only about the fucking shit of hatsune miku. i dont know what is that but it sucks. someone says hi and he says hi in japanese… he think he is japanese! he is crazy everything he talk is japanese the school is dirty with japanese simbols and anime coments.another thing why anime sucks is because it is very apart of reality. everything is fantasy, pokemon, naruto, dragonball, yughio. my friend… well he was my friend everything he draw is anime. every fucking draw. i told him. “hey anime sucks” and then he just cry. my cousins say “i want to live in japan, there is no criminality like here” what else??? yakuza, mafia, drug dealers” they want to live their country for japan or maybe i need to say animeee!!!. that are few reasons because WHY ANIME SUCKSSS!!!!!

  24. john you are very apart of reality. first, anime is no new kind of characters or something like that, is just the same fucking crap but with new episodes.2. most of the anime are the same, the same kind of fucking animation i like more about american cartoons, stick man, walking dead comics, pretty good stuff, not like the same crap of the same kind of animation ANIME REALLY SUCKS. for those who gave their opinions my respect

    • I believe you’re ONLY talking about the budget run of the mill crappy TV anime which is like everywhere not the high quality studio ghibli type anime or the art house anime which tries new things and they’re on par with Disney&other 2d animation giants.

      Its a shame that Anime industry is the way it is right now but there are some really great anime out there,yes they’re hard to find but they’re there..

  25. So much faggotry in this blog!
    Yeah 90% of anime sucks, as do 90% of tv shows, Hollywood movies, literature, etc. It’s called mass entertainment. And boy are masses stupid (case and point: this blog and comments).
    Also, yeah otaku anime dominate part of the industry, guess why: they’re cheap to produce and otakus spend tons of buck on shitty merchandise.
    That said, there are plenty good anime for everyone, including childreen, teens, adults (more scarcely) and even otaku get some decent (watchable and funny) stuff now and again.
    As for blaming the manga, it’s not the creator’s fault that anime studios rush into producing the anime version before the story is even halfway through. Blame greed not the manga for the shitty cliff-hanger endings.

    Now go watch Shingeki no Kyojin and shut the fuck up!

  26. Anime is shit. ..Japanese people make some of the weirdest and dumbest shit ever.

  27. To everyone who likes anime, and is upset that some people hate it, I just need to say… Please get over it. It’s just an opinion, and it shouldn’t affect what you like. And if you like anime, why did you search ‘anime sucks’ in the first place?

    To everyone who is hating on anime, you should know that at least some of the fanbase is relatively competent and not anti-social rejects. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to just toss around the word weaboo, and call everyone who defends anime one. If they were a weaboo, they would probably never ever type the words ‘anime sucks’.

  28. just shut the fuck up! who cares about what you say anyway? your opinions doesn’t change anything. i LOVE anime and nothing will change my opinion. same goes for people who don’t like anime. this is not something you should be fighting’s all just about personal opinion and everyone should mind their own business -_-

  29. He just gives his opinion… Just because you disagree with him doesn’t mean you could tell him childish things like “shut up!”. I love anime but he did have SOME things that i agreed about anime…

  30. Hi,

    English isn’t my native language so there might just be some errors in my writing I’m only 16 years old but I hope they will minor mistakes. If you happen to come across any feel free to correct me.

    I just gave a quick look to all the posts on this website and I must say, no wonder that you think all anime sucks. If you can’t see past those ‘popular’ anime you won’t find any good anime. I have seen over 70 anime and I am aware that I am an addict just passing time. However while being that I came past scenes I will remember the rest of my life.

    Also anime is the same as a cartoon, it’s just how people call cartoon that come from japan but in Japan are those American cartoons which some of you seem to like so much more also called anime. You are just stating that one side of the coin is worse then the other. That isn’t something wrong I just personally disagree with the way you bring it but that shouldn’t be any of your concern.

    Another thing which I remember someone saying was if you are an anime why do you search on ”anime sucks” well I actually searched on ”popular anime sucks” to see if I could find people who agree with me on that point. I don’t like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach etc. either simply because they’re to childish or simpleminded in my opinion. I absolutely cannot watch them. But I find some of the less popular anime like Twelve Kingdoms and Crest of Stars absolutely genius. It’s just like TV shows there are lots of them you just have the find the ones that you like.

    Well that was about it, if any of you so called ‘Animehaters’ decides to give it another try I advise to look for some older ones you might just have to get used to the drawing for a bit but most of the time the old anime are the best.

  31. yes. fan service kills anime. the more fan service the worse it is. made for yack-offs that will never see real boobs or panties. imagine if Akira had fan service, Remember when anime was for adults, i do, unfortunately its made for school girls and little boys who have never seen real panties or boobs, you know the kind of idiot who probably never will!!!!

  32. As a former anime fan, I agree that anime sucks. But I don’t think your reasons reach the heart of it. Anime sucks because Japan has lost touch with reality. Lost its soul. It’s hit the cap of civilization and is imploding like Rome did so long ago. It has solved all of life’s problems, so it cannot tell any meaningful stories about the hardships of life. So it tells stories about sh*t that nobody can relate to. The same is happening to us, but it seems like Japan is at the peak. (At least I hope it’s the peak.)

    On top of that, most anime is based on too-simple ideas. Ideas that make a good single sentence, sometimes even a paragraph… but a whole show? Completely unnecessary in most cases. Anime creators would do a lot better, in my opinion, to make shows that string together a series of moments that are entertaining, funny, or meaningful in smaller ways. Then the audience could just be happy watching the show, and eventually they would become attached to it and create their own personal meaning for it.

    That would be nice. :(

    • Wow that’s really good. I’ll add that to my home page on my next update. You guys should watch the movie the People Vs George Lucas a lot of angry Star wars fans give opinions on why George Lucas sucks and it is quite similar to my current stance on anime.

  33. For me it was always about pace. It seemed to me that anime was always dubbed in the same non lip syncing fashion as any of the Asian Martial Arts films from the 60′s and 70′s (Kung Fu or Chop Saki). The voices are usually flat or just plain too fast when delivering dialogue. I have to imagine the voice actors have not watched a run through of the film and are not watching the film while they are dubbing. And they sure as hell are NOT playing off each other so there is no energy.

    To be fair I have not seriously watched anime since the mid 90′s. I can see where the demand for anime would have diluted the market for it. So this could be a situation of too much of a good thing. Sort of a loving your pet to death kind of thing (Just what I always wanted. My own little bunny rabbit. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him). A bit like JJJ alludes to in the post above.

    I have seen “The People v George Lucas”. You gotta admit, Lucas fixes sh*t that ain’t broke. Enough tweaking already.

  34. dude… have you ever heard something called attack on titan? until you’ve given it a try, dont lump in the good animes with the the rest.

  35. anime sucks no doubt,but so dose cartoons,i only ever liked those adult old still ongoing cartoons like family guy and the simpsons,but all in all anime by itself 90% is pure that i think about it i watched alot of anime when i was young and liked it,but looking back i remember they were the most stupid things ever created.
    quick question pacific rim vs avangelion?
    which is better

  36. You know what? It makes no sense for an “used to be a huge anime fan” to say “anime sucks”. Shouldn’t it be “nowadays anime sucks”? What about the past anime titles that made you an anime fan? They were good but sucks now? You said like you hated ALL the anime indiscriminately. Still I agree that the ratio from crap-good shows is increasing, but hey, 10% is higher than I thought lol. Oh and I agree with all your ” sucks” articles too. There are a lot better ones.

  37. So basically, you hate anime now, just because you got spoiled and a lot of animes suck?

    A lot of american tv shows/movies suck as well, doesnt mean that american tv shows/movies suck in general.
    Also, you said that the ‘crap-good ratio’ was increasing, (which i do agree with) meaning that you consider some anime good so it doesnt really make sense to say that all anime suck in the same article..

  38. Well the guy who wrote this blog is just as stupid as he says anime is. You are only reviewing the main stream shows, like bleach and Naruto. You want gritty, yet beautiful animation and a sophisticated plot? Check out Shin Sekai Yori or Puella magi madoka magica (give it a few episodes to get the ball rolling, it’s not as happy as it looks). Or you could stop bitching about how the art quality is good now and get with the times, computer do everything now, live with it. Check out fate/zero or steins;gate while you are at it.

  39. like i said some-one has too much time on their hands.

  40. Have you seen fullmetal alchemist, or baccano. Baccano it’s about 15 episodes Long. It’s about a mafia turf war on the the streets of New York , but at the same time it’s about a trans continental train heading from Chicago that’s being high jacked by a terrorist group called the lamere’s, a sadistic hit man named ladd Russo, and a group of thugs lead by jacuzzi splot. But it’s also about a little girls searching for her douch bag brother Dallas , two thieves named Isaac and Miria ( funniest people ever), and Gustave saint germain and carol who are just trying to navigate through this confusing plot. There’s amazing voice acting, superb animation, and the most awesome sound track. Often compared to cowboy bebop and pulp fiction this 1930′s thrill ride is guaranteed with no filler, clichés, simple stories. Hell this doesn’t even have a manga. I relly hope you give it a try. Please…….why are you still here GO WATCH IT NOW!


  42. Some animes suck but there are good animes too, ones with morals and values.Ones like No.6 and Telepathy Shojo Ran. Dont say anything like anime sucks because u havent seen every anime and plus u get a lot of mean replies from anime lovers. Well… everybody has their own opinon.

  43. I’m so glad I found this blog… I needed a place to rant about all the shitty animes that are popular right now. I’m only on my phone at the moment though, so I’ll come back soon and leave a nice wall of text. And by nice, I mean aggressive, mean-spirited a probably a little bit racist.

  44. Finally a site where the author is able to argue with those die hard mainstream anime fans who are too blind sighted to even see anything wrong with the anime or manga. Thank-you :)

    I want to ask are you ever going to do Bleach or no?

    • I was close to doing Bleach, had my points written down, but life gets in the way. Traffic also dropped very drastically because Google took me off the search results. So this site is slowing down rapidly. I wanted to do Bleach, Inu-Yasha, Toradora and maybe a few more. I never had big plans for this site, I just needed to vent some points and my frustration on anime. I maybe did 50% of what I wanted to do.

      • Go do something worthwhile with yourlife rather than wastingyour time trying to destroy other peoples fun. Who does anime hurt? What is the point of your crusade against fun? Get into politics if u wanna be mad about something tat matters. Right now your just an angry worthless killjoy.

      • Just so you know not all anime is crap. Psycho Pass is probably a favourite because it doesn’t drag on and on and ON!I agree I really dislike Naruto and I dislike Dragonball. But not every anime is crap. Just saying

  45. I don’t understand why this stuff has gotten so popular, especially amongst people with interest in technology.
    I think it has to do with people wanting to be special, while nowadays you’re just being an average person when you say you like this kinda stuff.
    And when I say stuff, I’m talking about all those japanese cartoons such as dragonball z that are just way too slow for my quickly bored mind.
    I do enjoy movies on hbo, so I’m not trying to say I’m special for not liking it, I really don’t understand why it is so popular and I was hoping to find some answers here because talking with “anime fans” has never been productive.

    • Why would you spend so much time and energy trying to destroy the fun of others? You must be a horriable person in real life who will definitely die alone. When u do remember that you drove everyone away with your hate filled personality.

  46. The writer of this article is brain damaged. Only a moron would lump an entire genre into one childish statement. Especially a genre they have obviously only seen one or 2 shows in. Let me put this onto simpler terms so that the idiot who wrote the article can understand. “All comedy sucks” if i said this people would ask “do u mean romance comedy? Cheesy comedy? slapstick? Intellectual? Clips? Comic strips?” And if i said “all comedy” i would be dismissed as an angry moron… So how do you think the rest of the world views you, writer of the BS above? Thats right… Your just an angry moron who wasted their time writing a trash piece about something they know nothing at all about… Do the world a favor and die of your anger induced ulcers already. Angry morons like u just make the world a crappy place to live in because you spend your life trying to destroy the fun and enjoyment of others. Your just sick hate filled garbage.

  47. Anime sucks these day cause it all the same. I’s the same boring harem shows with the same kind of loser main characters, flat note violent girls and massive fan service. Interspaced in this mess is the advertisement shows like Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon who only excist to sell tie in merchandise to Little kids.

  48. Why do you hate anime?
    What does anime do to you ?
    Is it something bad.
    Animes are made for us to enjoy it. It entertains us. It helps us learning lessons even though the characters are not real and this lessons are life related. It helps us learn new language by just reading or watching it. I am saying this because I’m not just offend on this website but also I love anime. I cant imagine life without it. I’m sure many Otakus out there are with me. This site is so ridiculous. Please I know that for you anime sucks but for us we love anime. so PLEASE RESPECT US SO THAT WE CAN RESPECT YOU!

  49. Have you watched Monster by Naoki Urasawa? Every anime could suck but that one

  50. I Agree with the author,todays anime sounds like a teenager sucker made by adobe flashplayer…kodomo charachter desings sucks SO much…anime industry todays ARE DEAD…

    • True , but just b/c the anime is dying doesn’t mean you can discriminate the fact that is still here. B/c there’s still good anime that we use to watch out there.

  51. Has anyone tried crunchyroll. It’s an legitimate website and app, i use it all the time when im ready to watch some anime. Right now i’m currently am watching REBORN, next ill start bleach, one piece and Naruto after i finish the series. Just putting advice out there, at least try it. I mean I’m a new anime watcher i started when i was little but stop and now i’m back at it again.

  52. MOtherfukserzzzz stahp bein dumbazzes and respct otherz oponions ya fcktards. Oh and fuck anime, its al abut hentaizzzzzzzzz

  53. Not ALL the anime sucks , but to tell the truth most and most and most and most of them are TRASH , espicially nowadays Animes they all about harem and hentai . They are just crap , also that never ending Anime such as one piece and naruto I really get tired of them and to make it worse all those thitty fillers here and there , the low quality of the episodes edition ,etc. But in the other hand there are really masterpiece like : FMAB , steins gate , rurouni kenshin , berserk , fate zero , psycho pass , kuroko’s basket , death not ( the first part only ) if we mention short animes . Dragon ball was legend (exept for the fillers of cours) it didn’t bother me although it is long . maybe because it’s finished . Also gintama a long one , that parody all d**k jokes anime it’s really halirous exept for some sucking boring episodes . I think you get bored of anime because you don’t find some thing like 80th and 90th anime when only good ones were making

    • I watched Kenshin a long time ago. Even these days it holds up very very well. I only recommend the Shi-Shi-O arc of that series. The fillers in Kenshin were not that good. Berserk was great, however it is still unfinished in the manga form (give up the dream for a new anime season of Berserk). Basically the author is sick so Berserk is on most likely on a permanent hiatus. That’s one of my huge problem with anime. Since most series are based on books it tough we see a finished product. That’s why I do love Cowboy Bebop because it’s not based on a manga.

  54. sorry ! My bad English

  55. Stupid ass nerds. Suck nuts.

  56. Um, what is the point of this post? Where’s the tag that reads “Inuyasha sucks”? Anyways, animes don’t completely suck. Betcha haven’t watched Karas. Sure, there are some animes that may be complete waste of time (Naruto and Bleach come to mind). But they don’t suck. Else, why would you and I have watched the first few seasons of those in the first place?


    Seriously though why is everyone being so damn argumentative with each other I mean the guy didn’t say every anime sucks he just said a lot of them do and that’s true in my experience as well I mean no offense but to those of you defending ever single anime show like its the only thing that give your life purpose have you even watched alot lot of the new shows I mean you say “Anime is awesome because Baccano and Cowboy bebop are awesome!” but nobody said they suck we said some anime suck just like every genre there are good and bad great and poopoo
    Breaking bad and Fred

    And to those of you saying all anime is shit you haven’t watched any good anime before just because most of it is shit dose not mean its all shit in fact I with personally promise you all that if you put on tour boots and rubber gloves…scratch that if you put on your Hazmat suit and dig through the shit, well then you might just find a diamond and when a diamond is surrounded by shit it looks all the more beautiful

    speaking of diamonds in the shit will an anime nerd please help me find one I am bored and tired of its always sunny(to stupid) and True detective(to smart) and want to watch an anime show that doesn’t suck.

  58. ‘Unique point of view’, my ass.

    Get bent, loser.

  59. I see where your going with the whole clean thing and yes I understand that and absolutely hate it. Like has anyone seen unbreakable machine doll. Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing anime but its far too clean. The fan service is a pain but lets face it- in a harem anime where the male is takes the lead guys don’t really complain and in-fact they really shouldn’t. The ratio between crap and good anime isn’t wide; its your ideals about good and crap anime.

    Your point on manga is understandable in-fact the Naruto anime got ruined for me due to social media.


  60. Oh so you hate anime? Join the club we’ve got jackets.

  61. most media tries to hard, but when we love something we’ll try our best to defend it…though, we can’t let our emotions blind us. some animes’ are decent some american shows are decent, but those huge eyes and boobs bother me…yet family guy pisses me off. nothings perfect. you name-callers hide behind your screens…dogging people…it’s saddening. anime’s detail can be quite beautiful, but the fans can be so obsessive. now a days, even south park uses computers, it’s laziness… the excuse is that it’s just the times, but it’s still just an excuse. that’s how most american cartoons are now, cg…ehh…some anime fans do think anime is better than american, and they wanna move to japan. that’s crazy…it’s like wanting to go to texas because you love king of the hill. (beavis and butthead is funnier) anime=cartoons like rockNroll=theblues

  62. hehe ”believe it”,naruto said…hehe
    also…”raadaa raadaa”, schnitzel said
    and ”don’t judge my tastes”, i said that..

  63. so who’ll win? the kid with their anime drawings in their folder or the kid with a pic of cartman in their folder? they’ve both lost their way…hehe maybe the anime kid will throw paper ninja stars as the other kid will call the anime kid a ”fuckin jew”. and here i am…wishing that john k could make more ren&stimpy and that they didnt cut the buu saga from dbz kai…hehe fuckin nick…

  64. I do agree that every post-2000s’ anime suck, though.

  65. You all have to stop your obsession with anime, you’re stopping human evolution by obsessing over this stuff that comes from an inferior country called Japan.

  66. Is this blog dead? Because I’d love to see more of this. I could add a thousand more reasons why One Piece sucks.

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